January 18, 2019

Sports Rap via KFAY Now Online

Back in August, the Sports Rap radio show began streaming on the Internet. Unfortunately, the third-party web site hosting the show required an completely useless software add-in to be installed in order to listen online.

Now after years of waiting, the station where the show originates, KFAY-AM in Fayetteville, has finally begun broadcasting their programming online. Sports Rap with Chuck Barrett comes on every weeknight at 5:00 p.m. CT.


  1. Mondier23 says:

    I hope Mustain and his mommy are happy. I’m glad he is gone. Anyone that selfish does not deserve to be a Razorback. So all you Springdale boys that want to cry, go cry somewhere else. Damien can go drop balss at USC where he will probably never see the field. Mitch and his mommy can go anywhere else but here. I live in Idaho now and I’m still sick of hearing about all the Sprindale darlings. Our whole D-Line was from Little Rock and never attempted to mutiny. Titty-babies will always be titty-babies. Good-bye and Good riddance!!!! Mitch should have cried earlier so Kodi Burns would’ve come to the Hill.

  2. i think one of the reasons for gus leaving is that real winners recognize winners and gus didn’t recognize any real winners that he was working for i. e. the head coach and the a. d. he knew he he surrounded by only part time winners. this is what arkansas football has been and will always be close every five or six years but no championship! sorry people we should be used to it by now its been this way for over forty years.