April 22, 2018

Nope, Not Worth It

A bit of the press today regarding McFadden’s kick boxing adventures.

Bob Holt reports on The Palace parking lot and its lengthy history of trouble. Sounds like quite the spot to hang out. Wally Hall gives us his view of the ‘one little fight.’ Nate Allen pitches in with almost nothing interesting to say about the incident while Terry Wood begins a joke of an article with ‘injuries are a part of football.’

Houston Dale is ‘disappointed that he (McFadden) won’t be able to join us for the start of fall camp’ and says that ‘our first priority is to help him with his recovery.’

The sportswriters took a pass on the real issue. McFadden was in a place he had no business being; apparently with some other team members in tow (per Wally); where security guards ‘tried and tried’ to get him to leave; and, of course, where the underage individual ‘was never inside the club.’

I know we are a long way from Bear Bryant suspending Joe Namath for the remainder of the season for confessing to taking a drink at a frat party.┬áBut Houston Dale’s Hogs apparently are free to ‘club’ in season and out of season with impunity.

Discipline is required to win championships. If the ‘stars’ don’t have it, how can you expect it of the ‘regular guys?’ Put that at the top the priority list.

McFadden is supposedly telling people he’ll be ready for the first game. I suspect this ‘toe’ will be an issue we will be hearing about all season. I wouldn’t count on him for much of the first half of the season, if at all. Big toes are serious issues for running backs.

  • I was disappointed reading the newspaper coverage this morning. Apparently if a story like this happens on a Saturday, many of the writers are too busy “chillin” to really go out, hit the pavement and get some hard information.

    Maybe some of them tried…but they really didn’t provide any more insight into what happened than the broadcast media did on the Saturday evening news.

    As for the Mighty Midget columnist, you know he’ll always look after anyone from his beloved Capital City. A chance to show some backbone was missed yet again by both Mr. Hall and Mr. Wood.

    The real question is…where was the Rainer Sabin story? That guy is always looking for controversy and to stir things up…even when there’s nothing there. Now here’s his chance…and he’s AWOL.

  • Hey, you’ve gotta spin it. That’s what it’s about. Before it’s over with, us Sunshiners, led by Terry Wood, will get him an accomodation from the LR police for trying to thwart a Grand Theft Auto in progress. “I think that’s a 519.”

  • Walking on Sunshine – good one!

  • WaldronHog

    Everytime I was out and about at 4:00 in the morning I was doing no good. Unless I was fishing or working. Neither of those I did at a night club.

    He is getting what he deserves and HDN will have a ready made excuse when he needs it. I want to hear HDN say something about punishment soon. I’m sure I’ll keep on wanting though.