May 24, 2018

LSU 31, Arkansas 26

Felix Jones / John Aaron Rees (AP Photo/Danny Johnston) No. 5 Arkansas Falls Short Against No. 9 LSU 31-26

JaMarcus Russell threw for 210 yards and two touchdowns, and No. 9 LSU held off No. 5 Arkansas 31-26 Friday, derailing the Razorbacks’ slim national title hopes.


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Updated 1/25/06 10:55 a.m.

  • OwassoHog

    Casey Dick 3 out of 17 for 29 yards with 1 INT and TD 1… sure am glad that Nutt has a “quick trigger”. Between his “quick trigger” and the lack of a secondary, we just gave a way slim chance for a #2 BCS rating (at least a #3 or 4 or sure). Get ready for the Cotton Bowl folks cause that’s all we’re gonna get!

  • Brent

    Everytime we needed a big play Nutt/Malzan put it in Casey’s hands instead of DMac!!!! Why???? LSU knew it was going to Monk…duh!!!

    Why would any 4 or 5 star high school receiver recruit ever consider the Hogs?? They know the ball will never been thrown to them.

    How do we rush for 298 yards against that defense and loose??

    4th and 3 and we throw it…why?

    2 minutes and 1 time out to go 70 or so yards and we throw it four straight times to very covered receivers…why?

  • Hogsdill

    Owasso, we are going to pound Florida in the SEC Champ game. Won’t that give us an automatic BCS Bowl game?

    Brent, we didn’t have 1 timeout on that last drive. We had zero.

    Also, the very last play that we threw to London Crawford. That was pass interference. Does anyone else agree?

  • 10KHog

    I would’ve liked to have seen a run or two to start out the drive. Over two minutes left all we needed was 10 yds every play… not 50 like we tried for on the first and last play. We had almost 8 yds per carry for the game with a lot of big plays. I would’ve liked to have seen us mix it up a lot. But, that’s what happens when you throw away chances in previous games to work on the passing game. And, I’ll take it a step further… that’s what you get out of what you practice. Gus has said it a hundred times… you get better at what you practice… obviously, we haven’t practiced much on the passing game.

  • Bluffhawg

    “Cotton Bowl is all were gonna get”. I can remember preseason talk of Music City/Independence. I’m still looking for a BCS Sugar Bowl game!

    Go Hogs!!!

  • razorblade

    I still think we’re going to the Sugar. If McFadden and Jones play like that again, we just need a little support from the QB and we’ll crush FL.

    I had no issues throwing on 4th and 3…but don’t you at least need to FAKE like you’re going to give it to McFadden?