April 22, 2018

Nutt Defends Program On Talk Radio

Head coach Houston Nutt called in to a Little Rock radio station on Friday morning and defended himself while lashing out at the critics of his football program.

During “The Show With No Name,” a sports talk show hosted by Tommy Smith, former Razorback linebacker David Bazzel, and columnist Wally Hall, Nutt criticized a column written by Hall and published in this morning’s Democrat-Gazette.


Updated 2/13/07 9:30 a.m.

  • NEA Hog Fan

    Wally Hall’s column today says it all. I especially like the comment about “the media didn’t make anyone transfer to Oklahoma State.” Didn’t HDN say he only wants those players who want to be Razorbacks? I guess that didn’t apply to him in the ’70s.

    Regarding mediocrity and the middle of the SEC, I guess JFB is happy settling for non-BCS bowl games and their payouts. Let see, Notre Dame hasn’t won a bowl game for nine years in a row? Can we top that? At least they are going to BCS games and not the minor bowls.

  • OwassoHog

    HEA Hog Fan, WOW, I just read that column and was going to post on it… but you and I seem to be in agreement on this one.

  • ReasonRules

    Loved Wally’s Column.

  • BlindHog

    All smoke and no heat as far as I can see. This is getting us nowhere. At least someone from ‘the program’ is actually responding to the fan’s concerns, however poorly. I’m sorry they haven’t felt the need until now. They have been creating this mess for almost two years now by completely mishandling the Springdale 5 hype. The pressure that led to that bull really goes back to making a mess of their last good team when Matt and the boys ended what should have been a top ten season in the weedeater bowl. Likewise, the final straw was screwing up a potential national title season and ending with an ugly loss against Wisconsin. Everything in between is just stupid, sloppy, greepy details provided by people who are too busy playing politics to simply keep their eye on the ball. The one and only question remains. Do you believe all of the excuses and remain loyal to Houston’s determination to win an SEC title despite 5 years of really bad breaks or are you finally convinced that the boy is in over his head. I was a Houston guy for the most part until this years collapse and then I finally became fed up with the same old outcomes and the same old excuses. Houston will tell you he was only a few plays away, that Florida had more respect for us than any team they beat on their way to the title. Maybe so, maybe one day his luck will turn. I suspect it may be the same year he has a junior QB and some good recievers.

  • Bluffhawg

    Wally acted like a little scared kid that was about to get his butt kicked on the playground. If your going to print that crap, be man enough to stand up and defend it. He’s a spineless little jerk that is out of touch with the program and has been shunned by the U of A for this very reason. He needs to resign and let someone that’s capable do the job.

  • OwassoHog

    Funny… I took it that Houston was a desperate and vindictive person from this interview. In fact, he is still blaming mommas rather than taking the blame himself. I do give him great credit for showing up. Unfortunately, he still doesn’t get it on the lack of recruiting. I agree with you on your “He needs to resign and let someone that’s capable do the job.” statement… we just differ on who THAT person is.

  • Michael Stansbury

    Amen- Wally did act like a scared kid- Good for Houston- That was the classiest thing he could have done- You darksiders are not realistic in your thought processes or your conclusions. We had a good year- we can have great years- We will play in a BCS game before Jesus comes back- If we win one- than He is coming sonner than you think!

  • BlindHog


    You’re a hugger. That’s great. I’m sure you have wonderful reasons for being one. That doesn’t mean we have to agree. Time will tell. Houston isn’t going anywhere this year. We will all see for ourselves next year, won’t we?

  • ReasonRules

    Wally said he stood by what he wrote. Out of the many things he addressed in his column, Houston responded to a couple. Houston is always whining about something, parents, etc. Everybody deals with what he deals with. Do you hear them whining or making excuses?

  • OwassoHog

    Bingo… Wally stood by what he wrote… Houston attacked a few items (maybe he won… maybe he didn’t). Houston could not attack the majority of them as those must have been true. Houston indicated that he gave Gus freedom but if his inflection or tone was different than how he described on the show… did he “really” give Gus freedom? Since Gus is gone, it sure doesn’t sound like he gave Gus freedom!

    The long and short of this whole year is that Houston is in the same boat that he was before the season began… PRODUCE or ELSE. Time will catch up with Houston as he is still RUNNING from his problems!

  • Smith was not going to let Houston Dale and Wally go toe to toe. Wally ‘won’ just by having Houston Dale call in.

    Gus can’t answer what Houston Dale said. Wouldn’t be right. Unfair advantage on Houston Dale’s part.

    I saw practices where Houston Dale basically wouldn’t let the no huddle get any time. He interupted or called a team meeting or let everyone go. It was obvious that he didn’t care for it by his demeanor and body language. He didn’t have to use words to tell Gus he couldn’t run it. He just prevented him from putting it in, starting with not using the terminology and then by not allowing it practice time.

    Wally has both ink and facts on his side. Sorry Houston Dale.

  • 10KHog

    I’m pretty sure HDN told Gus he couldn’t run the no huddle. How do I know? I guess you’ll have to take me on my word. It’s mine against Houston’s!!!! hahaha.

  • hegyeg

    Coach said he was ‘a winner’. Case closed.


    To all of you “intelligent” people, who have jumped on the Wally Hall band wagon, I would remind you that Houston Nutt committed to the U of A in 1976. He did so because he wanted to be a razorback. He grew up wanting to be a razorback. Why else would he turn down a scholorship from the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant and university of Alabama? If I remember correctly, Troy Aikman grew up wanting to play for his home team in Oklahoma, also. Unfortunately, the sooners offense didn’t fit Aikman’s playing style, and coach Barry Switzer let Aikman know he would be better off transfering to another school, that would better showcase his passing talents. So what’s the problem? Is Houston Nutt not supposed to want the kids that want to be razorbacks? Why do you think he is so quick to give a kid his release, when he decides to transfer? Could it be he want’s to be fair? Lord forbid we should have such a coach! Wally Hall is full of gas, the problem is, it’s coming out of the wrong end. What makes it worse is the other people on his band wagon, looking for an excuse to rip Houston Nutt, just because they want a different coach. Is this really the best excuse you can find? Maybe we should just hire Wally to be our next head coach, since he knows so much about what a coach isn’t supposed to do, I’m sure it wouldn’t be to much of a problem to figure out what a coach “is” supposed to do


  • I think Owasso and some others need to go back and listen again. Houston stood up for himself, and Wally cowered in the corner somewhere and when he did speak one sentence, it was barely audible. Wally didn’t defend his accusations until Houston hung up and then he managed to get a few words out…”I stand by my story”.

    I’m not saying there weren’t a few truths in Wally ramblings, but to sprinkle in a few half-truths, and some flat out lies, to me is about as irresponsible as a journalist can be. He can write that crap without any journalistic “fact and source confirmation” and stand behind the guise of “editorial content”. That’s BS. While I wouldn’t condone our head coaches calling into radio shows, I do commend Houston for standing up and refuting things he believes are not true.

    Hogblogger, do you really think “Wally has both ink and facts on his side.” Do you really think Houston would trot a player out there and say “PLAY” if he had a separated shoulder? Do you think Houston told his Seniors to go have a meeting and beat up on Mitch and make him apologize to his coach? Do you think they sabotaged Casey Dick’s chance to be the starter by not giving him the correct treatment for his back injury so they could start Robert Johnson against USC? “Wally has the facts on his side”…..please.

  • OwassoHog

    I did listen and quite clearly. Wally was polite vs. Houston which as “over the top”… Houston wasn’t responding in a way that was “defensive” but one that realizes that he is still on the chopping block… a desperate person that picked a few issues out that couldn’t be validated from either side. Again, I applaud him for coming on the program. I just wished he could have done so with some class. Wally didn’t say much — true… but when did Houston stop blabbering long enough for him to respond other than to say that he “stood by what he wrote”. Wally wasn’t going to change his mind or opinion as ALL of the items were very factual. Remember, if Wally said that the program was headed in the “wrong direction” with the 3 loses. This would have been very true. However, Houston would have brought up other factors that Wally didn’t take into account and that these were MORAL victories. What would Wally have to say here??? Most of Wally’s issues were 100% on target. I can’t say that all of them were on target but they were headed in the right direction. Houston needs to say — you know what, we made our share of mistakes and we are learning from them. He needs to quite whining and take some responsibilities for being a Head Coach. Saying he doesn’t care about being 8th or 9th in recruiting is a JOKE. What a message to the players. And by the way, you just don’t have them any Jamal Andersons to say what you said about seeing the “next ones”.

    As for Wally having facts on his side, he specifically indicated that “No one in the media…….”. Using the term media loosely and as a body of folks, for these 26 issues – Wally was 100% on all items. Yes, it was implied to the reader that Houston was responsible but it was never stated as such – just that it wasn’t the media’s fault.

    You guys need to thinking about this some more!


    I did not hear the conversation on the call in show until just now. I stand by my previous comment now, more than ever. If anyone understands what the word integrity means, all they have to do is listen to the audio. If Houston Nutt was not a sincere human being, he would have never of been able to make that phone call. It was clear he was tired of all of the negativity that outside people have helped create. But through it all, Houston held his composure and showed character. He didn’t try to belittle anyone, but repetedly expressed his disappointment in Wally Hall for some of his comments, which have no fact behind them. Have you ever heard of “taking someone to the wood shed”? It’s a good thing for ‘ol Wally we don’t live in an “old school” society. Too bad we don’t. There’s a few good men left out there, that just might get a little respect.

  • Sunshine…I can’t decide if my favorite part of Houston Dale’s diatribe was blaming Malzahn for not getting Burns and Ziemba…or that Wally was just the mouthpiece of “the Internet and somebody’s disgruntled mother.”

    Which one do you think was better?

    Wally certainly doesn’t have the market cornered on “half-truths” and “flat out lies.”

  • ReasonRules

    Mitch and Houston leaving the UofA instead of playing Team Ball. Sounds the same to me. Why does everybody love one and hate the the other (fill in the names either way).


    OwassoHog, I have a question. (or two) To say that not all of the issues may not have been on target, but headed in the right direction; does this mean you missed, but will soon be on target? Also, If ranking 8th or 9th in the SEC is bad, how in the world did we rank between 27th and 33rd nationally? One more question. Since you are a man of facts. Could you produce me a fact that backs up your statement, that this recruiting class has no Jammal Andersons? Did you know or have any idea, 3 years ago, this kid was going to be rated as the #1 DE, going into the NFL draft? coming out of high school, he was a 6′ 5″, 217 lb., WR.

  • OwassoHog

    All of those were facts… i.e. not the media. Did DW have a separated shoulder… maybe; maybe not; did Houston tell Gus not to run the HUNH – maybe; maybe not… you don’t have to say don’t run it… but since Gus is gone… he must have got the message.

    As for Jammal, did Houston have any idea that he would be #1? Or was this just ANOTHER this is the best we can get and got lucky that he did such a great job. As many folks pointed out, Mitch may have been a great QB in HS but that is no guarantee that he would be in College!

    Do you have ANY facts that will prove that Jammal will be successful in the Pros? We all know that many folks that were great in college don’t make the cut in Pros. And several folks that weren’t that great in college do great in the Pros.

    The fact is that only TIME will tell how folks do and even then you may or may not deserve credit for making them into what they are just by your recruitment of them.

    When folks finish college, most recruiters look at the transcript to determine who to interview. However, when I went to the UofA, I knew of a number of folks that didn’t “well” via tests but wouldn’t make it in my degree field. This is no different; you assume that those with “credentials” should probably have a leg up. Unfortunately, our recruits consistently don’t have the leg up.

    When you recruit 8th or 9th consistently… you will end up 8th or 9th consistently in the league. We had ONE good year… with 8th or 9th recruits… this doesn’t last long as the house will eventually crumble. If Houston was consistently in the running with 8th or 9th and yet in the running – it would be different situation. Getting a Jammal once in a blue moon or even one a year – DOESN’T CUT IT. Those that haven’t seen the cracks in the foundations are just ignoring the issues.

  • ReasonRules


    You don’t make it to the top only getting hidden gems. It means you can’t recruit the gems.

  • Idahog

    Gonzo, please present the facts that discredit Wally’s column?

    By the way, a sprained shoulder IS a separated shoulder

  • Sunshine – Wally said ‘no one in the media’ did those things. He never said who did.

    I never said that Houston Dale did those things.

    You are arguing against your imagination. Not against what either Wallly or I said.

    Wally’s point is very simple. Houston Dale is responsible for the program. Not the media.

    And, there is a story behind everything that Wally mentions. All of those things happened.

    As for Houston Dale ‘standing up’, why now? Why leave so much supposed incorrect information in the public domain and wait until now to speak up?

  • Taxhawg

    I think Wally’s article is just the beginning of an on-going soap opera that we should be thankful did not break out before National Signing Day.

    I think the turmoil is fixing to break apart even more…the question will then be…will the football program survive when all the shots have been fired?

    I don’t know the answer, but I think its fixin’ to get ugly, real ugly, and soon. No Hog fan worth their salt should be savoring what I fear is coming. Hopefully, my fears will turn out to be unfounded. We’ll see.


    I will say once again, the intelligence is unbelievable! But I am glad some of you guys have gotten together on this. Since it has been stated that we don’t really know how good hidden gems will really be, and that we really don’t know if the so-called top reqruits will pan out, I assume it would be safe to say we really dont know if the hogs recruiting class would rank 8th or 9th in the SEC or if it is somthing else? Are we taking it for granted that all the recruiting “experts” are right on target? Is it a known fact, that these “experts” know what is best for each individual team or what there team needs are? What makes the difference in a 3 star recruit and a 4 star recruit? Anybody know? Could it be the 4 star is an inch taller, and runs a 4.38 – 40, compared to the other guy’s time of 4.42. I wonder how many times a year this happens. One guy rating higher than the other, but the higher rated guy is dumb as a boot, only to fail in school and we never see the full potential of his talents. Dahhh, i tink dees guys are included into the recruiting ranks. Anyone know where Arkansas ranks in the SEC, when it comes to graduating football players? Your an educated man OwassoHog, lay it on us brother. Surely, this would be of some importance to the parents of the recruits we bring in. Surely , it wouldn’t all be about how much playing time my poor little boy is going to get. Surely, Houston Nutt wouldn’t recruit a guy if his character was in question. We don’t do that do we? Regardless of what answer I recieve, I do agree with Owasso on one thing. Only TIME will tell how a person will do. In response to Idahog needing some facts about Wally’s propaganda; easy. You can either look though a half emty glass and create a myth, or you can look through a glass that is half full to find the truth. As for your prognosses of the spraing being the same as a dislocation. If that has to be explained, I think I’ll pass.


    One more thing to HogBlogger, Houston Nutt did not wait until now to defend himself. He should not have to come out publically and defend himself against anyone, which was the approach he was trying to take. But when you have an irresponsible Editor -In-Chief, of the largest newspaper, in the state, trying to take an already bad situation, and making it worse by accussing the head football coach of specific mishandlings of his team, where there is no basis for it, I can see where his feathers might get a little ruffled! If it were me, I’d be in jail right now. That’s just one of the many reasons I am not qualified to be a public figure. Wally Hall rides both sides of the fence. He doesn’t pinpoint anything. He just likes to lead you in that direction, so you’ll believe it anyway!!

  • ReasonRules


    Were you talking about Houston or Wally not giving all the facts and leading you down a path without giving all the facts, I get confused.

  • ReasonRules


    So on your team you don’t mind having slower smaller kids on the hunch they might end up being better? Again if you can get the best consistently you end up on the top most of the time. If there isn’t much difference lets just get the two start athletes and maybe a few will pan out. That will build a winning program. You and Frank are right. It is fruitless around here to shoot for being best because everyone with any intelligence knows it is not possible so you make your self content with the current circumstances and come up with excuses why it can’t be any better and reject anyone else who thinks things can be better.


    ReasonRules, I’m not sure you understood the point I was trying to make. Some coaches really don’t mind weather or not you can make the grade. Only that you can cut it on the playing field. There are lots of major programs, that will cover up your short comings to make sure you will see the field. I’m not saying Arkansas is not capable of doing this. But I am saying that I don’t believe Houston Nutt recruits this way, and would not condone any of his recruiting staff to recruit this way. Now people, don’t take what I say out of context. I’m not automatically saying Florida, USC, Texas, South Carolina, and the like, are cheating to get recruits. What I am saying is, there will be an abundance of so-called highly rated recruits around the the country, who would not be playing if it weren’t for someone breaking a few rules to make sure they are taken care of. In this day and age, cover-ups are the rule, not the exception. Winning creates greed. The more you win, the more people exspect it. Take a look at Alabama. Everybody wants to know, who is the next Bear Bryant? There are no more Bear Bryants. Stallings won a national championship for them in 1992. They were all hailing the king until he had a couple of rebuilding years. Then they fired him. Shula just got fired too. He lasted a big, whopping two years. I wonder just how much the basketball and baseball programs will have to suffer at Alabama, because of the money that had to be shelled out to Nick Saban, to actually take this high risk opportunity. Isn’t it really better to be patiant and wait, instead of cooking your own goose? Houston Nutt has had 9 years. There’s no disputing this. I am not a huge Houston Nutt fan. But I will not ridicule the man, just because I think someone else will do a better job. And there is no possible way a person could make the prediction, that Arkansas will slide back to mediocrity next year, when they have less rebuilding to do this year, than they have had since Houston has been here. Why would they? Because Gus is gone? Give me a break! Most people figured Gus wasn’t calling the plays anyway. This must mean he should get no credit for going 10-4 ,right? And just to set the record straight, Houston did not say the reason Burns and Ziemba went to Auburn, was because Gus was recruiting them, and then decided to leave. He stated specifically that this contributed to them leaving, because Gus was the main man in charge of recruiting them. Does anyone else not see the truth? ,or do you just refuse?

  • Bluffhawg

    As usual HogBlogger you obviously take a twisted view of what took place. “Wally won by Houston calling in”. What a Goobish Statement!!! I thought that’s what all you whiner sand complainers wanted him to do, address the comments and acusations that are out there. Make up your mind. Do you want the man to talk or not.

  • Bluff…instead of complaining about the “whiners and complainers,” perhaps you could offer your own opinion?

    Play media consultant for Houston Dale for just a minute. Your client has been hammered in the media for weeks and has said very little in his defense.

    So what’s your strategy for how Houston Dale should respond? Assuming you’re not a “goob,” I’m guessing that a talk radio program would not be the first forum you would recommend.

    With this impulsive reaction, Houston Dale has ensured himself a Wally column about his “program in turmoil” every week. Sure…maybe that would have happened anyway…but now it’s guaranteed. Wally wins.

  • Taxhawg

    I agree with the Tipster…Wally won (and you have no idea how much it pains me to say that!).

    In my view, Frank and Houston’s next hire needs to be someone who is savvy in public relations. These two have consistently in recent years flunked PR101, and don’t seem to be learning from the mistakes of the past. I can’t decide if they are just clueless in the PR dept or just don’t care…I keep hoping its the former and not the latter. If Frank is as illiterate with the electronic media as he has been made out to be, then that would explain a lot of the soap opera that seems to be coming from the AD office. And, if the AD still keeps the football HC under his thumb, it would also explain the soap opera coming from the football HC’s office.

    Just a thought…I don’t portend to know all of the answers, I just know that Frank needs to retire, and when that happens, let’s see what the unfettered coaches can do…

  • 2tourhog


    You’re comment about HDN wanting to be a Razorback is a pretty silly one. A year after he was a Razorback, playing for the team he dreamed of playing for, he snuck off to Stillwater in the middle of the night and told noone of his transfer (when he thought he would not start the upcoming season). They found out because his roomate noticed his stuff was gone. Does this sound like a man who wants to be a Razorback.

    I’ll give you 1.5 million reasons HDN wants to be a Hog, and loyalty is not one of them.

  • Bluffhawg

    My point is tipster he did comment and then you still have people whining about responding. Good grief, make up their mind. You can’t have it both ways.

    My strategy is to let the man coach football and leave the obvious experts like you and wally to figure out the problems of the world. But, I can understand a man that finally gets sick of the whiners and complainers (if the shoe fits? seems like I hit a nerve) spreading information that, lets say strays from the truth, and comes out to make a statement in his defense.

    I disagree, little wally did not win. That’s why he was on radio backtracking and wiggling this morning. Winners don’t do that.


    2tourhog, I,m not sure where your information comes from, or how reliable your source is that you heard it from. Could it have been from your Uncle’s, Cousin’s, Sister’s, Nephew, who just happened to be the guy that was Houston’s roommate? This certainly has to be an opinion, rather than a known fact, created from a rumor. Secondly, We really don’t know what went on between Lou Holtz and Houston Nutt do we? Considering Frank Broyles was the coach that recruited Houston to begin with, before retiring, how do we know what circumstances exsisted? How do you know Lou Holtz wasn’t the same kind of horses a## to Houston that some of you so-called fans accuse Houston of being to Mitch Mustain? If making silly statements means I’m not buying into garbage, then I must say I am very content with silly.

  • recovering-hog