June 24, 2018

Tuesday, August 7 Practice

Darren McFadden (TipsterHog Photo)
Just a few quick notes tonight along with more nice pics from TipsterHog…

It is fun to watch DMac.  He is simply at a different level of explosiveness from the other guys.  Felix Jones looks really good, as does Marcus Monk.  Robert Johnson is running first team flanker and looks very sharp as well.  Peyton Hillis gets the ‘buff and tanned’ award and looks like he is NFL ready.  London Crawford appears to have cut down on some weight and gained some speed.

Felix Jones / Darren McFadden (TipsterHog Photo)Andrew Davie is currently at the head of the class at tight end (although Ben Cleveland showed improvement tonight).  It appears that we might actually throw there this year but…again…it’s early.

Jeremy Davis hit some really good punts.  The Tipster and I are not really sure if we are serious about this double-return guy punt setup…but we’ve seen it every day so far.  Lots of people have been catching punts…so it’s definitely an open tryout.

  • BlindHog

    First Tennessee and now Alabama both working on the spread. Good thing no one told them it won’t work. This should make our run to the national title game much easier.

    I love those pictures of Darren running the option. It had to be.

  • Dieing Hog

    Hey is Fred Bledsoe still a hog and if so is he making any strides because coming out of high school he was my sure thing to go to the league. I guess sometimes college life can get the best of us all.

  • Dieing Hog, Fred looks as good as he has ever looked since stepping on campus. His weight is good, he’s moving great. They never mention his name in the post practice reports, and they probably won’t. They want him to keep working hard, and don’t want to praise him much until he does it every play.

    I think he’s got a chance to contribute in a big way this year.

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  • Dieing Hog


  • BlindHog

    On the other hand, running the option just turns Darren into a target before he makes the pitch. No Defensive Coordinator in the SEC is going to let him keep it. It might mean big yards for Felix.

    Is Lee working on Darren’s throwing mechanics?

  • Blind…I haven’t seen them (Lee and McFadden) working together on throwing mechanics. But after watching him this week, I would say that Darren looks better at throwing it than he did last year.

  • BlindHog

    Can he throw the long ball?

  • Blind…he can throw it…just not sure it’s with consistent accuracy.

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