May 24, 2018

Arkansas 46, Troy 26

Felix Jones (AP Photo/Beth Hall) Razorbacks Run Past Troy in Season Opener

Anchored by a pair of 100-yard rushing performances from Darren McFadden and Felix Jones and a perfect field-goal kicking night by freshman Alex Tejada, the Arkansas Razorbacks downed the Trojans of Troy University, 46-26, in the 2007 football season opener.


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Jamar Love / Kenny Cattouse (AP Photo/Danny Johnston) Darren McFadden (AP Photo/Danny Johnston) Weston Dacus / Shedrick Johnson / Jerrel Jernigan (AP Photo/Beth Hall) Houston Nutt (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

Darren McFadden (AP Photo/Danny Johnston) Larry Blakeney (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Felix Jones (AP Photo/Beth Hall) Peyton Hillis (AP Photo/April L. Brown)

Updated 9/4/07 7:30 a.m.

  • GonzoHog

    Felix Jones was outstanding last night! D-Mac, well, he was typical D-Mac. I thought it was great that Crosby Tuck’s very first catch as a Razorback went for a TD, and it was thrown by “you know who”. Alex Tejada proved he isn’t intimidated when the lights come on for real. We kicked 6 FGs all of last year, and we have almost matched that already. Jerell Norton was the one guy I really wanted to see step up this year, and so far , so good. It was obvious the Trojans wanted to try and exspose Norton last night, and it looks like he past the test. I remember him breaking up several passes last night, one of them would have been for a TD. I can see why everyone thinks Troy is for real. they do have a few weapons, and a lot of exsperienced players. Thier going to beat some folks this year. As for the Hogs, I think it was a good tune-up game for the Crimson Tide. I honestly don’t believe the Hogs showed the Tide everything in thier arsenal. Casey Dick could have thrown the ball a little better last night, but there was a couple of those balls that should have been caught. It will also be interesting to see if Micheal Smith will continue to recieve punts, after dropping 2 of them last night. I realize it’s his first rodeo in that area, but we cannot allow that against the Tide. That is definately an area for concern, along with the passing efficientsy of Casey over the next 2 weeks. The bright spot is we will have 2 game films to study next week, after the Tide plays Vanderbilt. I feel good about our defense. I think they will continue to get better and better. GO HOGS!!! BEAT BAMA!!!

  • GonzoHog

    I think D-Mac stayed right on course with his Hiesman campaign this season also. 151 yds. rushing…..39 yds. recieving…..a 42 yd. TD pass to crosby Tuck…..(223 total offense) and THE block that sprung Felix to his 90 yd. TD on a kick-off. Good luck Darren, so far you look awesome!

  • BlindHog

    Boy, talk about no surprises. Darren, Felix, and Hillis were wonderful. It is good that we will have a second reciever when Monk returns. Dale’s play calling was predictable as always. The O-line looks good and the secondary looks shakey. The passing game looks a great deal like last year. So all in all we still have plenty to hope for and worry about for the next two weeks. Defense is right. it will all depend on Saban and Herring in Tuscaloosa. Defense will win that one.

    After week one the SEC title game looks more like LSU v Georgia.

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  • Defense Wins Champio

    With Troy’s QB and defense, I really thought that the game would be much closer than a 20 point win for the Razorbacks. I am encouraged by the Defense, especially after the half time adjustments. Troy’s QB will do well this year, as will their team. We are seeing nationally that many of these smaller conference teams can play and do have talent. I attribute that to the 85 limit, as well as the population keeps swelling out there and producing more athletes. App. State from NC appeared to have athletes the equal of many teams. (Ironically, I once knew a linebacker at that college who is now a high school coach in Florida.) I do not think that their win was a fluke. Sometimes, things just align right for smaller schools to collect a nice number of true athletes at one time and when that happens people call it an upset…even though many times they had the athletes, aka UCA with Scottie Pippin. The highlight for me was seeing out special teams getting off to an outstanding start. Obviously, our kick returners will continue to help the Razorbacks out this year as they did last year. I withhold my judgment of the passing game until we see more of it and in those time that we actually need it to move the ball and to keep the opponent off balance at key moments. The big positive is that I do not remember one interception. That is big. We saw too many of those last year, but managed to overcome most of them. Yes, there was at least one opportunity for Troy to pick a pass off, but that is true with most teams where one or more passes could have been intercepted, but they were not. If David Lee could teach Quinn Grovey to pass, which he did (remember the shoot out with him and Houston in LR!), then I think his tutoring of our QBs will pay off down the track. Coaches will break down the film and make the decisions that need to be made in fine tuning the Razorback machine. Great show from our two All American Running Backs…McFadden and Jones. What a pair! Go Razorbacks!! Go Defense!