June 24, 2018

Razorbacks Accept Invitation To 2008 Cotton Bowl

Hogwired.com: Razorbacks Accept Cotton Bowl Invitation to Play Missouri

Cotton BowlFor the 11th time in school history, the Arkansas football team has accepted an invitation to play in the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic.

The No. 24 Razorbacks will square off with No. 7 Missouri (11-2).


Updated 12/3/07 7:05 a.m.

  • GonzoHog

    Good bowl, but I fear we’ll be in trouble if we end up playing Missouri. They have a better offense than LSU did, and I have a feeling they’ll come to play, unlike those other Tigers did. Our defense is not as good as OU’s either. They played a great game against Missouri, and I doubt strongly the Hogs defense could match that outing, considering they haven’t come close to it all year. That would be a bad match-up problem for the Hogs, especially with the coaching delima going into the Cotton Bowl. Here’s crossing your fingers Hog fans!!

  • OwassoHog

    GonzoHog, looks like we will be in trouble!

    Anybody think LSU deserves to go to the BCS? I don’t think they do. I find it interesting that Oklahoma had to be bumped up too so that the LSU “crowning” would like legit.

    Time for a true playoff system!

  • T-towner

    If this team can beat Missouri that will put a nice finish on a very unsatisfying year. Mizzou is legit and the Hogs would be about 15 if they can beat this pack of Tigers.

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  • Jim Daly Sr.

    Thanks Frank:

    A parting gift. Looking over the bowl matchups you can’t find a greater mismatch than Arkansas-Missouri.** Anything can happen these days in collegiate football and I know some of you die-hard Hog fans think that the “Backs can take on the Patriots, but let’s get real here. Arkansas’ coaching staff is in shambles. UA is an 8-4 team in the middle of its division playing a team that lost only twice, both times to the conference champions. Missouri is pissed off and rightlfully so having been leapfrogged by Kansas to a BCS bowl, despite having beaten the Jayhawks (who did not play the Sooners) and are even ahead of Kansas in all of the polls. Mizzou also has its own Heisman candidate in Chase Daniel. Add to that, the Hogs have had difficulty stopping any effective passing attack. Plus Mizzou is going to be well aware of the LSU game and is not going to be complacent. Arkansas has also been woefully prepared for it’s recent bowl games and with the present coaching situtation I don’t see how this improves things. Does Arkansas have a chance? Experts are saying that if Arkansas can control the line of scrimmage offensively and keep the ball out of Daniei’s hands then they might eke out a win.. To me this looks like another game where Dick can be the real key if he (or the play calling) can prevent 7 or 8 in the box. This is a game where Arkansas must outscore the Tigers. So, the head coach for this game is the defensive coordinator? How motivated McFadden wil be is another question. The Heisman vote will be over and no matter what the results, DMac will be thinking ahead to the NFL draft. On the other hand, Daniel will not win the Heisman and presumably will feel he has something to prove.

    I would have preferred a lesser bowl with a more evenly matched opponent.that would help Arkansas develope some players for next year. As I have said, the Liberty with USF and Smtih , the number one running back against the number 2 would have created a lot of national interest. I don’t know if we have more han one miracle in the bag, but fans, think Pitt. Or think Daniel with a disclocated thumb. Other than that we can thank Frank for his wonderful connections with the Cotton Bowl for getting us into this predicament. A last parting tribute to the man’s ego. Pride comes before the fall. (Did I get that right DWC?)

    **Michigan-Florida might be close. Florida is hitting on all eight cylinders and Michigan needs a tuneup, bad. Coaching change here too, Poor record (for Michigan) doesn’t help morale. Whose going to QB the Wolverines? The new guy (you know the one tfrom Texarkana) or the old guy, who didn’t live up to expectations? Does Carr care? (a little joke there). If Tebow’s hand is healed, and he doesn’t get the Heisman, along with Michigan not getting over the OSU game, and not looking for redemption for itself and the Big Ten after the Rose Bowl fiasco, then this could get out of hand with Meyer raising the Black Flag of no quarter in anticipation of next year’s pre-season polls.

  • Jim Daly Sr.


    LSU doesn’t belong in the title game? How about looking at the facts. The AP story lists two reasons

    1. LSU won the championship of the toughest conference in the country

    2. Didn’t lose a game in regulation time

    To which I would add that the two defeats were from teams playing in bowl games. this is not true for some of the other contenders.

    Now let’s look at the bona fides of the closest challengers and why they didn’t land ahead of LSU

    Virginia Tech: Defeated badly by LSU

    Oklahoma: Lost a game to a team with a losing record. Lost a game because its starting QB went out with an injury. LSU played its championship game without its starting QB and won.

    Georgia: didn’t win it’s conference. Lost to Tennessee which lost ot LSU in the championship game:

    Missouri: Didn’t win it’s conference

    Kansas: Didn’t win it’s division

    West Virginia: Pitt

    USC: Lost to a team with a losing record and that team (Stanford) didn’t even get into a bowl

    Hawaii: Who knows. Maybe in the Sugar Bowl it can makes it’s case. Beating a sorry Washington team is not a good arguement for number 2.

    What kind of an SEC fan are you? Much of the undercurrent national discussion is not about whether LSU is worthy of the game, but whether Ohio State is. The poor showing in last year’s game combined with winning in a conference with no playoff and which is considered not to be as strong as the SEC, Big !2, PAC 10, ACC and maybe, maybe on a par with the Big East.. If you have better reasons that what I have given here for LSU not being #2 then make the case. I’d be interested in reading them.

  • Carolina Hog

    If one more person mentions that LSU didn’t lose a game in regulation I’m going to freak out. It reminds of of ’88(I think) when we beat A+M in Fayetteville on an Anthony Cooney interception return and a bunch of field goals and after the game one of the Aggie players said that it didn’t count because we didn’t score an offensive point. LSU won the toughtest conference in the country and that can be their argument but they lost 2 damn games.

  • Sactown Hog

    No matter how you cut it, The Cotton Bowl is a mismatch on both sides. Arkansas can’t stop a good QB and no defense can stop Arkansas’ ground game. This will definately be a high scoring game.

    DMac for Heismon!!

  • OwassoHog

    Jim (aka Les Miles),

    I did look at the facts… just differently than you did.

    1) quite possibly true

    2) totally irrelevant

    As to #2, you might as well let Missouri play since they only lost to ONE team. How about Hawaii since they are the only undefeated team? Not to mention others.

    Why LSU? After all they:

    1) lost #1 ranking TWICE already

    2) lost to lesser quality teams (once at HOME)

    3) had a significant number of games won by “rolling the dice” vs. outplaying them lesser quality team directly (i.e. Florida, Auburn, Alabama)

    4) wasn’t dominant in the SEC championship game

    Bottom line is that LSU isn’t a #1 or #2 team and shouldn’t be playing in the big game! It appears that the media has chosen to “pick” their candidates for NC vs. awarding the team that has earned the right. If ever there was a need for a playoff, this is the typical junk that should demand one. How sad!

    I find it interesting that there hasn’t been more outcry about seeing folks drop in the polls without losing (i.e. playing) a game this week.

    Basically you mentioned a number of schools that were penalized for basically not winning a conference championship game (Georgia, Missouri, and Kansas), – why not penalize Ohio State for not too winning one too? And don’t use the faulty argument that the didn’t play one. You can’t have it both ways.

  • T-towner

    Let me assure you that this is one year when a compelling argument can be made against ANY team having earned the right to play in the BCS Championship game. The matchup offered is as reasonable as any other. The once-defeated, at home by a lesser team Buckeyes, who played a very weak schedule against the twice defeated, at home by a lesser team and on the road by a lesser team, both in overtime, SEC Champion Bayou Bengals. USC-Oklahoma? Both loss miserably to much inferior teams. Etc, etc.

    You know what’s great? Since 24 November, we have not heard a word on this blog from that pompous ass Geaux Tigers!!!

  • OwassoHog

    T-towner, no doubt about it! Can I repeat it again and pretend that I’m Houston 🙂 Being in Oklahoma (but I don’t really follow the Sooners anymore than any other non-Razorback team), one could say that they lost twice (once in “near” OT – that is a the clock expired) and once after they lost their QB but nearly pulled that off (and might have except that one of the TDs was ruled incomplete – looked good to me) – this would have force another OT game). So, don’t they desired to play in the NC game too? Again, I’m calling this the “media’s championship game” vs. fans, deserved, legit, etc one.

    When was the last time we had a 2 loss NC?

  • Carolina Hog


    According to Less Miles’ definition of a loss, OK’s first loss shouldn’t count because it wasn’t during the first 60 minutes of the game.

  • GonzoHog

    I agree with the idea of switching to a playoff system. T-towner is right on with his assesment of any team having earned the right, because none of them did. If you look at the final top 10 teams, you could find a reason for each and every one of them not to play in the big game. An 8 team play-off has been kicked around a bit, over the last few weeks, and I for one see no reason why it wouldn’t be effective in a season like we’ve seen this year. This is a good year to throw the computer rankings out the window. Then again, you would still have to use them, to a certain extent, to come up with 8 teams, but at least then you would still be able to apease most everyone in a year where you would have an undefeated team that wouldn’t have been invited otherwise, because of 2 other undefeated teams that were already there, early in the year. The only argument you would have in a year like this one, is some teams would complaine about not making the 8 team field. That’s really no big deal, considering we see the same thing every year in college basketball. You can’t make everyone happy. It’s impossible, but I still think it would be a much, much better system than the big time, money making juggernaught that we witness now every year.

  • Jim Daly Sr.

    From Les Miles office in Baton Rouge

    1. Won – loss record is only important regarding strenght of scheduale. You aren’t really serious about Hawaii? In the Harris poll there are 6 SEC teams in the top 25. Four teams from the big 12 and ACC, .3 from the Big Ten and big East, 2 from the APAC 10, Strength of scheduale.

    Dropping from 1 (or 2) and not being able to get back would disqualify most of the teams in the present top ten. At the moment there is no rule that a team can’t get back. OSU did it. Besides LSU is in the #2 spot and not in the # 1

    Lesser qualiy teams? That’s pretty subjective. As I have pointed out, with the exception of Mizzou and KU they have all lost to lesser teams. Kentucky was ranked after beating Arkansas and maybe ranked again after the bowl games. Arkansas has now slipped back into the rankiings. And who did KU play? Mizzou did have, as it turns out, a signature win over the # 2 team in the Big Ten.

    Auburn, Tennessee, and Florida are all ranked and the latter is at # 10 and after demolishing Michigan (wishful thinking on my part) will probably be ranked higher

    As far as teams dropping while not playing, OSU did not drop from # 1 in these last two weeks

    Sactown Hog doesn’t want to hear this, but LSU’s losses were by less points then the losses suffered by the other contenders.

    As far as the SEC championship game was concerned, LSU was without a number of starters, including Glenn Dorsey and QB Flynn. Mark May of ESPN has said that LSU will have all its starters back from injury by bowl time and will probably look more like the LSU at the beginning of the season.

    All of the teams in the top ten have reasons for not playing for the National Championship title. I outlined all of these and pointed out what these deficiencies were. I didn’t see any arguements from you favoring a particular team..Insofar as MIzzou and Kansas are concerned, they do play in the weaker North divison of the Big 12.

    I did point out that one negative about OSU was that it (the Big Ten) didn’t play in a conference championship. I did list that as a point against OSU, so I’m not having it both ways. The Big Ten teams do not play every other Big Ten team. In not doing so it can create some inconsistencies. For example,.last year OSU didn’t play Wisconsin which turned out to be the number 2 team in the Big Ten. That scenario is not the first time that has happened. Big Ten champs have a built in advantage and I would be the first to suggest that the 1 and 2 in that conference, at the end of the season, shoud duke it out for primacy. (they wanted to do that last year but they wanted to call it the National Championship Game). But the Big Ten swings some mighty cohones in tht NCAA. If Big Ten teams like OSU, Michigan, Illiinois and Wisconsin flop like they did last year, you can bet that other conferences are going to want to penalize the Big Ten for not having that extra game. One thing that has ran through my mind is that Notre Dame is somewhat of a dinosaur with its independant scheduale. Its becoming apparent that ND is not going to be eligible for the National Championship as often as it was before. They should join a conference such as the big East or better yet the Big Ten. Then it would be the Big 10 + 2. That conference could then have 2 divisions and have a conference Championship. ND already plays basketball in the Big East and the other important independants in football, Army and Navy, also play in basketball conferences.

    My attitude about OSU is that they haven’t yet proven themselves against opponents with outstanding speed. This is not my observation, but was made by a commentator who said that Illinois exposed OSU when it played an equally talented opponent. Unless my memory fails me, I believe that the illinois win was in Columbus. Quite frankly, my choice for the title game would have been Oklahoma or USC against LSU. I am not alone in this. After last years debacle OSU has something to prove, which does make the game interesting. (Les Miles, the old UM man, would love to beat the Buckeyes). Lots of color to talk about in this game.

    Regarding a playoff; It won’t happen. Something that has been missed in the arguement that the lesser Divisions have successful playoffs is that the reason they have a playoff at all is because they don’t have bowls. If they could they would. And I’m sure that teams left out complain too, but no one takes them seriously. Too much money and TV in bowl games for NCAA I teams to give up. 64 teams are in bowl games this year. Each team gets money andTV face time from this. For example, Central Michigan and Purdue are playing in the Motor City Bowl. Not exactly top drawer, right? But if it’s like last year there will be over 50,000 fans for that game?. do you thinkk the CMU and PU would want to give that up.

    Think of the schedualing problems for a Division 1 playoff. Where fo they play, for example? In Madison in January? How do you seed the teams? Can you still have a 12 game scheduale? It’s a logistical nightmare. SEC Commisioner Sliva has hinted that maybe having two extra games with four teams would be possible. Sliva is teasing. All that does is make the other 6 teams in the top ten bitch about not being one of the four. Sliva’s idea, however, has one thing going for it; the smell of extra money. Right now, as one knowledgeable person put it, the whole season is a kind of playoff that shakes itself out at the end. There is one out to this business. If Oklahoma, for example, totally blows out WV and LSU and OSU play an unimpressive game, then the writers are free to crown their own champion. It has been done before.

  • HoosierHog

    Jim Daly, Sr.:

    You are way too into this stuff. Get a life.

  • OwassoHog

    Take a look at the following:

    Did not play

    Ohio State Buckeyes 3->1

    Georgia Bulldogs 4->5

    Kansas Jayhawks 5->8

    Florida Gators 10->12

    3 out of the 4 teams didn’t play but on the “media” choice move up! The 3 teams that moved down were penalized for not playing in a conference championship whereas the team that didn’t have a chance wasn’t. Is this fair or right? I don’t think so. You can’t give Ohio State a free pass here.

    Did play and won

    LSU Tigers 7->2

    Virginia Tech Hokies 6->3

    Oklahoma Sooners 9->4

    USC Trojans 8->7

    Hawaii Warriors 12->10

    Arizona State Sun Devils 13->11

    Why did only LSU, Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma get bigger jumps than the others?

    Did play and lost

    Missouri Tigers 1->6

    West Virginia Mountaineers 2->9

    Why did Missouri drop below Kansas with respect to going to a BCS bowl when they beat Kansas? I’m guessing that they’d been better off not playing in the Big 12 Championship!

    Things just don’t add up! INCLUDING letting LSU in the big dance.

    Remember that players and probably to some degree coaches don’t pick the schedule nor the conditions but it is up to them to produce the wins that determine that bowls.

    Can you prove that Hawaii doesn’t deserve to be in the Championship game? I probably wouldn’t put them there but I also wouldn’t put LSU there either.

  • Jim Daly Sr.


    I’ve had a very long and productive life. Collegiate football is something of a hobby. I am particularly into numerical data and statistics. What’s your hobby. I also write columns for a small local newspaper, occasionaly on football, and I am also a member of the Arkansas Press Corps. If you don’t like what I post don’t read it. It’s a free country. If the Razorblogger people don’t like what I write then they can censor me. It’s they’re blogg and their right.

  • Jim Daly Sr.


    Glad you like numbers. But I think that you’re misguided on your insistence that LSU doesn’t belong in the Championship game. Like I said, I like numbers, so if you like numbers too here is something to chew on regarding your prejudice against the Tigers. These charts show what the odds makers (i.e., gamblers) think about relative conference strength. The first shows the total number of bowls for each conference and their rankings. That is a pollster view of relative conference strength. The second shows the wins and percent of wins based on data from the Glantz-Culver line in Tuesday’s Democrat Gazette. As you can see the SEC is rated Number 1 along with the Big 12 a close second. Most importantly is how poorly the Big Ten is rated. And one of their favored games is against a MAC opponent. My thesis is that LSU belongs in the game but OSU might not, given its low conference rating, both in the polls and with the money men. Also, LSU is favored over OSU, but that might be due to the game being in the Superdome. Apparently, one blogger has pointed out that you’re a Sooner fan and feel that the Okies belong in the GAME but you’ve missed the obvious target replacement. Insofar as the polls are concerned, I would be the last to disagree with that something strange is going on, especially with the Missouri fiasco. Also, I am not against OSU. In fact one of my daughters and her husband have a farm in Northern Ohio, are ex-Arkies and supporters of the Hogs. Number 2 are the Buckeyes. In the end this is the best time of the season. It’s head to head, sorta, in the bowls and when the smoke clears we’ll have a better understanding of whose who based on performances on the field. Next best thing to a playoff.

    Conference No. bowl teams Rank

    SEC 9 1

    Big 12 8 T2

    ACC 8 T2

    Big 10 8 T2

    PAC 10 5 T5

    Big East 5 T5

    Conference Favored to win % Rank

    SEC 6 66 1

    Big 12 6 63 2

    Big East 3 60 T3

    PAC 10 3 60 T3

    Big 10 2 25 Dead Last

  • OwassoHog

    Jim, interesting information… however, I’ll stick with my position… the “rights” to the NC game should be EARNED over the course of the year not awarded at the last week. It’s kinda of like changing the rules after the season started – it’s just not the way to do things.

  • Hog Gone

    What has long done in the past that shows us he’s going to move us forward. What happened at Pitt???? Good luck Hog lovers….. We’re going to look like ham for a while

  • OwassoHog

    Jim (and others), one more thing about the LSU team playing for the National Championship…

    If LSU lost the SEC Championship game, I’m guessing that they probably wouldn’t even be playing in a BCS game. Georgia would be the other SEC BCS team. So, a team this much on the verge of not playing a BCS game just doesn’t seem like a candidate for the National Championship.

  • dwight

    i live in florida. i need to find a cotton bowl shirt i have looked onlie and can’t find one. can some one help?

  • chris

    Lets go backs!!! Does anyone else think that Darren Mcfadden will tear it up? I think he feels he has so much to prove since they screwed him with the heisman trophy.