May 26, 2018

Mississippi State 80, Arkansas 74

Steven Hill / Charles Rhodes (AP Photo/Kristen Hines) Bulldogs Stave Off Razorbacks’ Second Half Rally in 80-74 Win

Charles Rhodes scored 24 points and Barry Stewart added 19 as Mississippi State beat Arkansas 80-74 Saturday to take control of the Southeastern Conference’s Western Division.


Stefan Welsh / John Pelphrey (AP Photo/Kristen Hines) Charles Thomas / Jarmont Gordon (AP Photo/Kristen Hines) Steven Hill / Charles Rhodes (AP Photo/Kristen Hines) Darian Townes / Elgin Bailey (AP Photo/Kristen Hines)

Updated 2/17/08 9:15 a.m.

  • reasonrules

    What’s up with Thomas? 13 minutes. 1-5 shooting and 5 turnovers.

  • BlindHog

    Stephen Hill is getting too many minutes. He is a specialty player at best.

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  • semohawg

    up until today, i have laid the ills of this team on the lack of a true point man and the pure shooters. but after paying close attention, it is obvious our problem lies in the fact we do not have a defensively functional 4 man. washington, thomas, and hunter (well, he lines up at the 4) are inadequate defenders. as a matter of a fact, they collectively do not operate on the offensive side of the ball like true 4’s either.we are making the opposing power forwards look like all-americans. yes, the point is not perfect, but it will get better next year, but what about the four spot? sanchez? blindhog says that hill is seeing too much court time, well, i think it is time to plug townes in at the 4 and start him with hill. at least the defense will improve. townes plays the post like a power forward, anyway, so move him over. let hill clog the lane on d. i don’t know. i pity coach. there are few answers for this teams problems. my fear is that the lack of a true 4 player will be felt in the years to come.

  • BlindHog

    Nolan took 10 fairly talented basketball players and a couple of stars and made two good basketball teams. Eddie took 3 role players and 3 stars and made one very good basketball team. They each always made sure they had a point guard and a center.

    There are ten good basketball players on the hill right now. That is the source of our hope. There is no point guard and no center. That is the source of our frustration.

    It is what it is. There is hope. Not much.

    We won’t know about Pelphry for a couple of years to come. Sure he is likeable. He may be a coach. Stan was not.

  • Carolina Hog

    This is a bit unrelated but I got the ’94 Arkansas-Duke game on Netflix this weekend. If you haven’t watched it in a while I highly recomend it. They were a great team. It wasn’t the most talented team ever and probably not even the most talented team we’ve ever had but everyone knew their role and accepted it. That team showed no sign of panic or frustration when they went down by 10. They knew that they would win. Another thing that stood out to me is that we had at least 3 guys on that team who could shoot better than anyone we’ve had in the last 6 years. If teams tried to pack in a zone on that team the way they do on us now Scotty Thurman would have had 30. He was an unbelievable shooter.

    Watching that game it also occurred to me that over that two year run we probably peaked at the front end of it when they started the championship season by beating Missouri by 40 and continued to roll from there. We gutted it out from there but never clicked that way again.

    Forgive the walk down memory lane. Go Hogs!

  • T-towner

    I am to blame for the loss on Saturday. I turned off the TV at halftime after watching every dreadful second of the first half. For reasons unbeknowest to me or anyone else, I turned the TV back on in time to see us up 63-61 with something like 7 minutes to go. I saw about the same team for the remainder of the game that I saw in the first half. My bad——-if I had never turned the game on I have to figure the Hogs would be 30 point winners——-in Starkville!

  • Hawgfan100

    That’s it; I’m arranging for the planes and banners RIGHT NOW!!!!


  • GonzoHog

    I think we show signs of greatness, but still have 1 or 2 mental lapses at crucial times in the ball game. semohawg could be on to something about the forward position. Townes is almost too good to be a back-up on any team. Washington has shown to be effective around the rim anyway, so why not bring him off the bench at the center position? Isn’t this the spot he’s going to play at next year anyway, with Sanchez at the power forward position? Something about that just feels right. I wonder if there’s a chance this could still happen?