May 24, 2018

Ole Miss 81, Arkansas 72 Curtis Records Double-Double to Lead Ole Miss to Win over Arkansas

Dwayne Curtis had 23 points and 11 rebounds to help Mississippi beat Arkansas 81-72 on Tuesday.

Arkansas (19-10, 8-7) never led after the opening five minutes and dropped their third game in the last four starts.


Updated 3/5/08 9:00 a.m.

  • OwassoHog

    Anybody surprised by yet another lack of showing by this team?

  • hegyeg

    They played like chef’s whim creme boule. Just my opinion.

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  • Hog 'n Iowa

    The Hogs need to win the AUburn game and at least one conference game to get in the NCAA. They will be a low seed regardless. The only thing they can hope for, assuming they even get invited, is to be in LR for the first & second round games. Alltel is hosting the 4-13 & 5-12 seeded games for the West & South regionals. I can’t see the Hogs being any higher than a 12-seed. I wouldn’t really be surprised if we got bypassed this year on selection Sunday (and wouldn’t be that upset). I remember us being the last at-large team to make it in last year, then getting promptly embarassed by USC. No matter what anybody may say, this team has had every opportunity to make a strong case for itself, yet continues to play uninspired will be remembered as an under-achieving bunch.

  • T-towner

    I felt like the Hogs put a good effort in, but did not get the desired result. Give Ole Miss some credit for getting after the Hogs on both ends.

  • Little R

    hey hegyeg….we all know how much Tipster enjoys creme brulee and sushi while watching the brilliance of our seniors 🙂

  • Different road game, same result…..LOSS. We will turn the corner when this group moves on. Sorely lacking a PG.

  • Little R

    oh and watching hootie on the sidelines really enhanced the experience for Tipster and HogBaller

  • GonzoHog

    I don’t think the loss really suprised anyone, especially me. Why don’t we play Washington at center? Isn’t that going to be his position next year? No one else is big enough really. I think the Fresh. Andre Clark is 6’10”, 205., and the R.S. Fresh. Sanchez 6’8″, 230, are supposed to be in line to play the PF position, aren’t they? Anyhow, it doesn’t really matter. This year was a waste, as far as I’m concerned. I hope Pelphrey’s players will fit the system he’s put in place. Courtney Fortson is supposed to be a force on both ends of the court. He attacks the glass on the offensive end,(Hopefully, he won’t be another Kareem Ried!) and put’s constant pressure on the ball at the other end. He’s pure PG. He’s not known for the 3, but is an excellent ball-handler. Rotnie Clarke is supposed to be great at the 3, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed these guys will pan out.

  • big d

    I think you all forget how hard it is to get an SEC road win. Playing on the road in the SEC is a minefield; besides beating the 5 guys on the court, you have to beat the officials. In a tight game, forget about it…it’s impossible to draw a foul underneath the basket, and forget about drawing a charge.

    I have high hopes for these kids when they get on a semi-neutral court in the SEC tourney. I think only then we can truly tell how good they are. Analyzing road games is not a fair assessment in the SEC.

  • BlindHog

    Good argument big D for most SEC teams. For a team with 6 seniors returning, their top 8 in the rotation, picked 1st in the West, a win at Ole Miss or Alabama is hardly too much to expect. What you expect is one road win at kentucky or Miss St. and of course the sweep at home. Forget about SCar or GA.

    Their is no excusing these seniors. And, there is no excusing Pelphry for not dealing with this weeks ago. If these guys gave up on their coach they should be on the bench. There is only one leader of a team. If it is not the head coach, it is no one. I hope Pelphry learned that this year. If he did not, he will be gone by 2011.

  • reasonrules

    When Nolan was in his prime, his teams went on the road and the other team was scared in their own arena. I hate to say it but we would be better off right now if Nolan had never left. That being said, I think Pelphrey can recruit his type of player and will be that good in 2-3 years.

  • GonzoHog

    When Nolan’s best teams (1990 – 1995) went on the road, they feared knowone. We came into this league, from the old SWC, well prepared in ’92. We had Todd Day, Lee Mayberry, “Big O”, Arlyn Bowers, Darrell Hawkins, etc… as our leaders of that team. We went into Lexington that year and thourghly handed Pelphrey & Co. thier butts, by 17 points. Those WildCats were a better team than this years, if that tells you anything. We don’t have consistancy at the 2 most important positions of a basketball team. PG and C. If your a SR., and can’t handle the “rock”, or distribute it intelligently, then you don’t have any buisiness playing PG in a major conference, and if your 7 foot tall, and commit just as many fouls as you have blocked shots, average no more than 5 points a game, and cannot grab more than 3 rebounds, then buddy, something is very wrong! I’m just glad next years PGs aren’t from NYC. We seen the same thing with Kareem Ried. (Playground ball!!)

  • semohawg


    if this team just had Reid and Hood, they would have been a .500 road team. for all of reid’s shortcomings, he did not lack confidence nor driving ability. he was also good against the press. yea, he would begin to think he was an ace 3-point shooter at times and he was too much of a showboat, but he was a leader and courageous. We have no one on this team who performs as a true four other than Townes. if a player like Hood was in their, he could shore up that large hole. Hodd was a warrior, who would beat you to death for the ball.

  • GonzoHog

    Hood would be a big boost at the PF to complement Weems. He was a rebounding machine, but I could do without the addition of Ried. He was stupid, but had great quikness and strength. How about adding a smart guy to the team for a change, with ability too boot. These are the types of players you find in Durham, and Chapill Hill, NC. Why not Fayetteville? The playgrounds of NY will serve you no purpose in big time, college basketball. It’s a team sport, and there is no room for a show-boat, playing PG. Nolan felt sorry for the black, under-priveledged players. That’s what got him in trouble with John White, because he thought he could recruit whoever he wanted, because he won the NC. You still have to recruit players who can graduate and play the game with decent basketball IQ. That’s what college is for, not baby-sitting. I’m not a big John White fan, to say the least, but defending those types of players is what buried Nolan. Unfortunately, it’s also the reason his teams started suffering, starting with the year 1996. It’s killing us now because Stan was desperate for a PG 3 years ago, when he allowed the transfer from Miss. St. Making smart decisions is just part of the game. That’s why Pelphrey’s pulling his hair out now.