May 24, 2018

Crystal Ball ’08: The Propositions

This is the last in our series of prediction posts before the ‘official’ ones are made by the media and coaches this week at SEC Football Media Days.

Bowl Game / Record TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
Bowl Game Independence Cotton Liberty Chick-Fil-A
Bowl Opponent Oklahoma State Oklahoma East Carolina Virginia Tech
Bowl Outcome Win Win Win Win
Final Record 7-6 8-5 8-5 10-3
Final BCS Ranking  Not Ranked 24 Not Ranked 15

Apparently we all think Bobby Petrino can ‘reverse the curse’ and actually win a bowl game in his first season on The Hill.

SEC Honors TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
SEC Champion Georgia Florida Florida Florida
SEC Player of the Year Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow
SEC Coach of the Year Mark Richt Bobby Petrino Urban Meyer Bobby Petrino

And finally, like Vegas, these are ‘proposition bets‘ — our side bets made over a month before the ball is snapped.

Propositions TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
C. Dick over 250 Yds/Gm (130 Yds/Gm in 2007) Yes Yes Yes No
C. Dick Breaks Single Season TD Record (26 TDs, Stoerner, 1998) No  No Yes No
1,000 Yard Rushers None Michael Smith None None
Number of Games Scoring 40+ Points (7 Times in 2007) 5 8 5 5
RRS Attendance Record vs. Ole Miss (76,728, Tennessee, 2006) No Yes Yes Yes
Banners Flying Over Ole Miss Game “I Coached That Loss, Brotha!” “Love That Helmet” “He’s All Yours…Enjoy” Definitely
D.J. Williams 55+ Receptions Yes Yes Yes Yes
J. Luigs Wins Remington Award Again Yes Yes Yes No
Breakout Player of the Year  De’Anthony Curtis Casey Dick D.J. Williams D.J. Williams

A few notes:

  • Apparently we don’t think there’s anyone who can keep Tim Tebow from being named SEC Player of the Year.  But if Urban Meyer tries to run him 210 times again this year, Tebow might have to accept the award on crutches.
  • Wow…only one out of four RazorBloggers predicting a 1,000 rusher.  Seems crazy after last season’s rushing attack and with several starters returning on the offensive line.  Attempting a balanced offense during a rebuilding year, however, could make those predictions a reality.
  • GonzoHog

    I think Tipster hit this one on the head. I think 7-5 will be the very best this team will produce this year. I think you other guys are definately a little more than optimistic. With Nutt, this team probably would be looking at 3 wins, possibly 4 wins tops, but with Petrino you maximize all your talent you have on the field. I heard Wally Hall ranking the SEC’s coaches from top to bottom the other day, and incredibly he had Nutt ranked 3rd and Petrino dead last, for the simple reasoning that Petrino hasn’t coached a game yet. Wally?? —Hello?? He may not have coached a game in this league yet, but he has made a name for himself as a football coach you nit-wit! Spurrier and Saban are the only 2 coaches in this league that’s coached in the NFL, and the only thing they’ve accomplished that Petrino hasn’t in win a NC. In ’06, Petrino led Louisville to a #3 ranking, before losing to Cinncinatti, and a very under-rated defense at the end of the year. They went on to win thier bowl game, and finish in the top 10. (7th, I think) Has Nutt ever done that? Petrino did it in 4 years at a basketball school, not even known for it’s non-existent football program, and Nutt couldn’t do it at a school like the UofA in 10 years. Do the math Wally!!!

  • BlindHog

    Go Gonzo. Too True.

    My pick yesterday was half tongue in cheek. Linebackers, recievers, another tailback, we have too many question marks to know where we might end up.

    Alabama has some question marks to go with a good senior QB and a tough schedule. LSU and Auburn both have talented teams with new QBs, a big ? in the SEC.

    Coaching wise, I’m not sure who I would pick over Petrino. Saban sports a better resume. It certainly wouldn’t be Miles. Tommy gets less credit for doing more than anybody but, I wouldn’t want him.

    On the hog fan side, two good lines are only waiting for some skill players. Casey and MS have been waiting patiently to show their stuff. Petrino is just the guy to build the offense to fit them. If you have a couple of future All-SEC players hidden in that freshman class, flying under the radar, we could slip into the Cotton or the Chick-Fil-a.

  • HognTx

    Damn you guys make the pre-season fun! Speculation is awesome! Not sure where we’ll end up, but if players could stay healthy, I wish they could play 12 months a year. Go Hogs, Go Petrino, Go Bowling, go Hog Future!


    Arkansas finishes the regular season with an upset over LSU, assuring them of a Cotton Bowl berth. UA plays another team underrated in preseason, Nebraska, in Dallas. Bobby Petrino’s offense shreds the “blackshirt defense” for an impressive win. Casey Dick and London Crawford both have an exceptional year and the Razorbacks surprise the so-called “experts” [except HogBaller] with a top 20 ranking, setting the table for a BCS run in 2009.

  • Hawgfan100

    I wish! (And I do hope you’re right, TexasHog) but the more pragmatic side of me sees a 6-6 seaon coming up. Again, hope I’m wrong but…

  • couchman48

    i really think the hogs will go 8-4, and we will see cotton again. this time the outcome will be different. we finally have our self’s a good coach in coach Petrino. i do believe casey is going to show out this season. hate to say it, but i was one who was on his case. which i should not have been. all the blame goes to nutt. casey finally has a good quarterback coach. casey is out to prove himself this season, and i believe he and smith will have a great season, smith because casy is going to be accurate with his passes, which will open the run for smith. GO HOGS

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