May 24, 2018

Football Fix

As I was perusing through the RazorBloggers copy of Phil Steele’s 2008 College Football Preview (a.k.a. the annual college football bible), a couple of interesting things caught my attention.

Phil Steele's 2008 College Football Preview (SEC)For those of you who are familiar with Steele’s preseason magazine, you know how easy it is to get completely lost in it.  Never has so much been put into 328 pages for the college football crazy.

If you’ve never seen it, take it from me, you can find yourself mesmerized to the point where you wonder out loud if this is the long lost cure for Attention-Deficit Disorder.

Home Field Edge — One of the things that Phil does every year is give each team what he calls a “Home Field Edge” value.  This equates to the amount of points a team can expect to benefit when playing in front of the home crowd.

As you can see below, the Hogs fare very well in this ranking.  And when you look at home points divided by average attendance, Razorback fans are actually the most valuable in the SEC.

Rank School Home Field Edge 2007 Avg Attendance
1 Florida 5.25 90,388
2 LSU 5.25 92,619
3 Georgia 4.75 92,746
4 Auburn 4.50 84,689
5 Tennessee 4.50 103,918
6 Arkansas 4.25 66,033
7 South Carolina 4.00 78,467
8 Alabama 4.00 92,138
9 Kentucky 3.50 68,824
10 Ole Miss 3.25 49,704
11 Mississippi State 3.00 49,296
12 Vanderbilt 2.25 34,629

Strength of Schedule — We all knew the Hogs’ 2008 schedule was brutal…and Steele just confirms that.  Only the University of Washington ranks ahead of Arkansas nationally.

Here’s the list of SEC schools, and you can see the complete ranking here.

Rank School Strength of Schedule
1 Arkansas 2
2 Georgia 3
3 Vanderbilt 4
4 Florida 12
5 Tennessee 16
6 LSU 19
7 Alabama 24
8 South Carolina 26
9 Ole Miss 29
10 Auburn 32
11 Kentucky 34
12 Mississippi State 62

As much as I like the Georgia Bulldogs, it’s going to be tough to negotiate that schedule and win a national championship.

Phil Steele has been the most accurate of the preseason magazines over the last nine years.  For 2008, he picks the Hogs to finish dead last in the SEC West, with a below .500 record overall.

Here’s hoping that at the end of the year, Phil wishes he had put us in his “Teams Most Likely to Surprise” list.

  • OwassoHog

    Kentucky has a better attendance than we do! Little Rock games are probably a bigger negative factor than folks probably think with total attendance. No doubt, we’d be above them if all of games were played AT home.

  • GonzoHog

    I agree that the LR games contributed to the decline in attendance, but last year Kentucky was somewhat of a sucsess, while the Hogs failed miseably for the most part, considering our talent level.

  • GonzoHog

    Looking at the SEC’s strength of schedual, it’s not hard to see why were in the toughest conference in the country. 11 of our 12 teams rank in the top 34, and the Hogs, Bulldogs, and Commadores all rank in the top 5. That’s pretty impressive!

  • BlindHog

    Who put that schedule together? I mean seriously, who did that? Arkansas if famous for the home field, especially in LR.

    I would hate to move the games and lose the edge. It seems like a perfect combination to me but, I don’t want to stir all that up again.

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  • I am missing out big time now I am in the UK 🙁 Phil is a legend!

  • T-towner

    Booby P’s Pigs are on my “Most Likely to Surprise” list.

  • GonzoHog

    Just a little side note* ** I realize this doesn’t have anything to do with the topic, but the felony charges of Wendal Davis are absolutely rediculous! A girl come’s to his place, come’s on to him, her jealous boyfriend threaten’s him, tries to start 3 fights with him in a short period of time, all the while athletic dept. employees being well aware of the first fight, and the last one being documented as a possible hit and run, (luckily it wasn’t) and now there’s going to be felony charges against Davis for getting pissed off and doing damage to this guy’s car? People get off the hook for murder all the time because they have money and a good lawyer, who pull’s out the old”he was temporarily isane your honor” routine like pulling a gun out of a holster, but you supposedly inflict $3,000 worth of damage to a car that almost flattened your ass, and now your a felon? what a joke!!!

  • BlindHog

    Doing damage to the car is the question. Cars don’t kill people, people kill people. He should have done $3000 damage to the driver if he feared for his life. Was the driver just sitting there watching him? Maybe if he had just slapped the girl in front of the boyfriend it would have been over.

    It’s tough for a 20 year old kid to realize that he is a public figure. But, if you are a razorback in Arkansas you practically need a PR man if you can’t keep it in your pants or push away from the bar.

    You’ve got to be the bigger man and walk away.

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