April 22, 2018

Game Predictions — Alabama

Congratulations to Guinness Snout for the closest prediction last time of 28-24.  His quote: “That was excitin’…let’s do it again.”  Guinness is certainly no stranger to the winner’s circle after winning the South Carolina predictions contest last year.  Let’s hope he thinks we can ‘do it again’ this week, too.

And just in case you forgot over the bye week, a snazzy RBN t-shirt from Carpenter Clothing Co. is up for grabs each week for the closest prediction.  Click here if you need to jog your memory on how our little contest works.

So here we go:

Alabama Crimson TideWalking on Sunshine: Alabama controls both sides of the line of scrimmage…making for a long day in the Ozarks.  Defense gets its first turnover, but kicking woes still linger.  Alabama 33, Arkansas 19.

HogBaller: A safe…no easy…bet would be that Alabama has their way and wins in a blowout.  But the Hogs are playing their SEC opener at home and Petrino and staff have had nearly two weeks to prepare.  I’ll take those odds.  ‘This offense won’t work in the SEC’ 31, The Beefy ‘Bama Boys 21.

HogBlogger: Optimistic the Hogs will grow up fast.  Arkansas 31, Alabama 24.

TipsterHog: Defense wins championships.  They have one…we don’t…yet.  Alabama 38, Arkansas 13.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And feel free to add your own take like “John Parker Wilson confused by having three first names” or “Tide crashes.  Hogs roll.”

  • OwassoHog

    Tough day for the Hogs… we lose 41-21 🙁 First of many!

  • HognTX

    Trying reverse philosophy on this one. I’m going to pick Alabama to win and see if I can force a win in this environment.

    Alabama working with more experience but confused by too many Red Jerseys on the field. This was after a night of heavy drinking and the visitors trying to mate with the jerseys in the Dairy Farmers Fields the night before. It’s ugly, smelly, and normal for these elephants to be in that environment. On this field they recover too many Hog errors in their way to some numbers we don’t want to see, but the Hogs are improving. running backs put up best numbers rushing Tide has seen this year and receivers show that they can add numbers in yardage and points. Casey makes error and kicks Tejada thru the uprights.

    Smelly Visitors – 38

    Hogs – 35

    Go Hogs!

  • For the record, Beano Cook on ESPN Radio picked Arkansas as his upset of the week yesterday on Colin Cowherd’s show. His prediction…Arkansas 31, Alabama 28. Not sure we have a t-shirt that would fit Beano though. 😉

  • Ray Zorbak

    Not quite ready…

    ALA 45

    ARK 10

  • Adam

    I actually have a good feeling about this one… we started out preparing for Texas and then had better than a week to prepare for Alabama, two very good teams which would provide little change in mindset for us. Furthermore, Alabama will be looking past us to their matchup with Georgia next weekend, placing little stock in our ability to stop them.

    Julio torches us, but I’ve never been impressed with JPW at QB, so let’s call the upset:

    Arkansas 27 (that’s 4 TD’s and a missed XP, no way we make 2 FG’s!!)

    Bama 24

  • Waldron Hog

    Hogs 21

    Bama 38

    It won’t be very pretty. We show some improvement but we also show we aren’t ready for the big time yet. The Bama fans I’ve talked with this week are wondering which offense shows up for them. They think this will be close and we might win. They haven’t seen us yet either.

  • Skywalker

    Most intriguing matchup of the day: Tiffin vs. Tejada

    Two-point conversions, anyone?

    Arkansas 24, Alabama 22

  • Ward_Hog

    Well, after winning two shirts last year, I haven’t even come close in our first two games. This is the week I get back on track… The extra two days Coach Petrino had to prepare pays off. While Alabama looks ahead to a showdown with Georgia, our young Razorbacks do just enough to win. Casey has another 300+ game, but our run game is pretty much stuffed. Our defense holds Mr. ‘I Love Playing the Hogs’ Wilson in check this time (Happy Graduation, by the way and good ridance). Tejada rebounds to win it for us by two FGs.



    That’s my Fearless Prediction! Wooo Pig Sooie!!!!!

  • GonzoHog

    There are lots of senarios to try and figure out on this one. I think the best way to sum it up is, we have more depth at LB now, but still won’t have the defense the Tide will have. I think there’s now way our kicking game has the kind of melt-down they (Tejada) had against ULM again, twice in one season. That, alone will make our STs better. With the extra practice time to prepare, I believe our offense will be more focused than they were the first two games. We know we have to fight with everything we have to win this one. I still think we exspected to win the first two games. De’Anthoney Curtis will probably be 100%, which will make a difference in what Bama is exspecting. I still think the Hogs have a chance, but conventional wisdom tell’s me to predict the Tide win’s in a somewhat close game. Tide 24 – Hogs 14

  • Hog 'n Iowa

    The extra 1/2 week to prepare for Bama helps… but not enough for our young’uns.

    Alabama 29

    Hogs 14

  • Little R

    This isn’t logical but I am going to be optimistic this weekend. Offense climbs Mt. Cody and Defense finally shows up. It’s still a squeaker in the end.

    Hogs – 28

    Bama – 27

  • Smedlap

    Parole Tide: 41

    Not Ready for Primetime Hogs: 12

    I’m optimistic that the Hogs will get better and have a breakout game on offense. However, I don’t think it will be this week. ‘Bama is too physical for us this year.

  • Mike in Magnolia

    Well let’s see how we want to proceed on this game. Uhmmmmmmmmmmm

    Ok I got it. Our little choats are probably going to have a hard time with Alabama’s little trunkies (Trunkies would be little elephants who’s trunks haven’t grown yet) I think it will be a low scoring game. What does Alabama have for a offence? Not much. I think we will stuggle in the red zone. So with that said:

    Little Trunkies 13

    Little Choats 10

    Tajada recovers to kick a 28 yard field goal in the third quarter. The hogs earn national respect after this game.

  • Having 2 weeks to prepare, Petrino keeps it respectable and not a complete blowout.

    Hogs – 14

    Tide- 24

  • Hog Fan in TX

    Ok…here’s my theory. Petrino has been holding back on offense to not tip his hand too much for SEC scouts – how else could you explain the monster spread offense results with 4 minutes left to win both games – too much of a coincidence. We had to have the wins so he had to let loose. Hog offense goes crazy in this game – Alabama’s defense is way too overrated this early in the season against mediocre opponents at best (that’s right, Clemson is way overrated as well).

    Defense still has challenges, but we switch to play more zone to protect our corners, so we bend alot but don’t break..

    Casey passes for 459 yards, Smith runs for over 100, recievers led by Crawford who redeems himself for last years fumble in the open field.

    Hogs: 45

    Bama: 34

  • Vegasdad818

    Hogs 38

    Bama 24

    Hogs come out early with a FG and a INT return for 6.

    Offense is humming like a well fed Hawg. Bama makes a late surge, too little too late.

  • T-towner

    Remember how Tennessee broke our hearts with the Stoerner egg laying and then we reversed the scored exactly the next year? How about the same thing to ‘Bama this time?

    Razorbacks 41

    Crimson Tide 38

  • LA Hog

    It feels like pre-season again because they haven’t played in two full weeks and we all should forget about those two games. I am not sure what to expect from our beloved Hogs this weekend. After beating Clemson and looking invincible the next week they struggle and Wilson look average at best. They played well againsnt Western Kentucky but what doest it mean. For whatever reason the Hogs play these guys tough, lose when they should win and win when they should lose, Razorbacks 35 Bama 31

  • Chitown Hog

    Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Only game I get to see in person for the year. Praying for the defense and the crowd to step up to the challenge of a big time opponent. We’ll get ’em next time they come back through in ’10.

    Hogs: 24

    ‘Bama: 31

  • HogZombie

    I dream of a big win, but the pessimist in me says

    Bama 35 Hogs 10

    The optimist in me is in love with all the experience our freshmen get this year, and the idea of a Mallett at QB next year.

  • Boyer in the Distric

    Ha! Not even close!

    Alabama 38

    Hogs 7

  • Beano, Beano, Beano. I always just thought he was just “quirky”. I didn’t know he’d started smoking the good stuff.

    Alabama 42

    Hogs 10

  • Chase Carter

    Its going to be a long year on the hill….



  • Lots of yard in passing game- int’s too many- on their side-

    Hogs win in a blowout 38 13

  • HOGFAN23

    Clemson was way over-rated to start the year. “Bama has yet to be tested so we really don’t know what to expect. Our freshman (Adams) outplays thier freshman (Jones). Our lines have had time to correct problems and the rest of our young guys have had time to watch film and make adjustments. ‘Bama is certainly looking past us, along with everyone else. The key to a hog win, these kids believe in the coach and their team.

    HOGS: 34

    TIDE: 24

  • HogBloggerJr

    24-23 Hogs

    Elephants- Zero offense

    Hogs- Zero defense

    So they cancel out

    Hogs- If we catch and block, sweet offense

    Elephants- Good D, Casey will probably get sacked 6ish times

    So they cancel out

    In the wild a Razorback has the will and power never to give up, however an Elephant is pretty much a very large chicken minus the beak/feathers and plus a funny looking nose.

    Also the HogBlogger has a new and undefeated shirt… fear the shirt

    Hogs win, my logic is irrefutable

  • hog fan in Louisiana

    Alabama 34

    Hogs 10

    Razorbacks still not where they need to be on defense.

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  • Guinness Snout

    Dang, all the good scores are taken. . I agree with Jr though, they cancel each other. Even the coaches’ NFL careers and lies about staying cancel each other.

    Hogs 16 (one touchdown and 5 two point conversions . . somehow)

    Bama 15 (they miss 4 out of 9 field goals including the final 3 for the win)

  • Pam J.



    31 BAMA

    7 HOGS

  • joey

    not a chance. saban completely outwits petrino.

    bama: 48

    hogs: 13

  • Okiehog

    Bama – 38

    Hogs – 10

    Nuff said

  • reasonrules

    Defense Stiffens

    Tejada Takes Tiffen

    Hogs 15

    Bama 12

    Bama Baffles Saban

  • Wolf In The Ozarks

    Alabama 28

    Arkansas 24

    I think we’ll be far more competitive than some would believe but fall just short. It’s an early kick-off so who knows? Maybe we can catch Alabama napping, at least figuratively.

  • W: The Razorback

    Hogs 20

    Bama 35

    W would also like to remind everyone: Don’t mess with Texas.


    Arkansas starts slow again but finishes strong…………….this time too little too late (GOD, I hope I’m wrong)……………………

    BAMA 34

    HOGS 31

  • Ward_Hog

    A Longhorn fan somehow found the internet! Come on, you can tell us, an Arkansas fan did the typing for you:)

  • HogNEdmond

    Nothing except my pure hope says the Hogs will even keep this one close. Hog O hasn’t seen a defense like the Tide. Hog D has done nothing to show they can handle any SEC offense. Hog ST so far anything but special.

    This could be the week that Petrino gets the Razorbacks clicking on all cylinders, but I have to see it to believe it.

    TIDE 42

    HOGS 21

  • Carrmaduke

    Hogs 42

    tide 6

    Why not?!

  • bamalifer

    this is going to be a great game to watch.



  • Jay Dub-Ya

    Arkansas needed the game against Texas last week (which was postponed) to get the offense on their continual improvement, but the defense has been a source of pain in this early season. I do not know if Arkansas can play Bama like their first two opponents and expect Casey to win it for them in the 4th quarter.

    I’m a big Razorback fan, but they young and green in certain key positions. I hate to see the Hogs lose. Saban welcomes Petrino to the hard knocks in the SEC.

    Ark 19

    Bama 34

  • Danielle

    Ark 15

    Bama 38

  • Eric Dub-Ya, son of

    Ark 15

    Bama 30