April 22, 2018

Arkansas 91, Southeastern Louisiana 87 (OT)

ArkansasRazorbacks.com: Hogs rally for overtime win, 91-87

Michael Washington scored 18 of his 30 points in the second half and led Arkansas to a 91-87 overtime win Friday night over Southeastern Louisiana in the season opener for both teams.


Updated 11/15/08 11:00 a.m.

  • BlindHog

    To all of you football fans this will sound familiar. Get ready for chapter 2.

  • OwassoHog

    What’s the deal with the poor free throw shooting? This is just a joke in the first half. I’m hoping this isn’t a continuing trend again this year.

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  • Interesting outing. At least we didn’t have a Gardner-Webb – VMI moment. Didn’t see the game so I’ll reserve most of my judgement, but from what I read two things bothered me. (1 to those of you those of you who have been touting Pelphrey as a defensive minded coach., there wasn’t much evidence of that in the SE LA game and (2) the disparity between fouls, 42 to 26 (I believe without checking) which indicated “home cooking”. If the Razorbacks barely won with refs in thier corner at home, then I am not confident about road games – remember Arkansas had big trouble under Heath winning SEC games on the road. Would’t you know, it Arkansas gets a legitamate 3 point shooter and the NCAA monkies around with the 3 point line. Why don’t they just stick to PC mascot changing?

  • GonzoHog

    Unfortunately, FT shooting was a bust for the opener. That could explain why they had 16 more fouls than us, but was still in the game at the end.

    I’ll reserve judgment on this one too, considering we’re so dadgum young.

    I’ve heard some fans refer to Fortson as being somewhat out of control, much like Kareem Ried was.

    Let’s be honest about this. Knowone, and I mean Knowone (PGs) was, or is, as out of control as Ried was.

    Fortson need’s time to get used to his counterparts, and have the time nessasary to develope a little cemistry with them.

    What little i’ve seen of him reminds me of nothing that I ever seen from Ried. That guy was a bust for the first 2 years of his carrer, reguardless of the talent or exsperience around him. Even after that, he was always a little suspect from game to game, and never could figure out he wasn’t a pure shooter. He had the worst ouside shot known to mankind, but shot it anyway.

    When Fortson starts driving the lane and throwing the ball over the backboard, with 3 defenders in his face, then there might be a reason to try and argue that point.

  • Just an interesting observation Blogger guys; It seems when the Razorbacks are having trouble then the number of submissions goes down, sometimes way down. This site reminds of an old story presumably about Napolean and his Finance Minister. He told the Minister that he needed money for his wars. How should I get that money ? asked the Minister. Raise taxes said the Emperor. Taxes are already high and the people are mad, the Minister warned. Raise them anyway. The finance guy did, came back and said , “Sir the people are really angy and mad.”. Good, said Napolean. Raise em again. Minister came back and reported that the people are really hacked off now and are shouting in the streets. Good, said Napolean, raise em again. The minister came back and the Emperor asked how are the people reacting now?. They are saying nothing your highness, they are very, very quiet. Good, said Napolean. No more tax raises. When people are quiet then they are seriously mad..

    For myself, I personally enjoy this site and the submissions whether I agree with them or not. So, why are the people so quiet?