April 22, 2018

The 80-20 Rule

A couple of weeks ago, Defensive Coordinator Willy Robinson candidly estimated that about 80 percent of the Razorbacks have jumped on board ‘the Petrino way.’

Well…I hope those other 20 percent are happy.  Because the 80 percent have accomplished quite a bit over the course of this season.

Bobby Petrino (AP Photo/April L. Brown)The 80-20 rule tells us that 80 percent of your issues come from 20 percent of your people.  If 20 percent aren’t on board, it’s going to be hard to be successful.

I’ve been hearing for a while now that some of the upperclassmen were skipping out on some of the morning weight sessions — deciding that punishment was better than permission.  I was told Coach Petrino even made a point of summoning the offenders for a special meeting to ask, ‘Are you going south on me?’

So the problem this season apparently hasn’t been the opposing team standing in the way of a bowl game.  It’s been the Hogs getting in their own way.

Bobby Petrino may be ‘old school’ and ‘harsh,’ but he respects and trusts his players and expects respect in return.  The 20 percent are going to be allowed to finish out their careers with respect…even though they’ve shown a lack of respect to their teammates and to the fans with their attitude over the past few weeks.

But it’ll only be when 100 percent of the Razorbacks are on board that we’ll know just how good Arkansas football can really be.  And I suspect that by next season, every player will either be at 100 percent…or they’ll be somewhere else.

  • BlindHog

    This is a huge transition. Bobby’s teams are going to succeed on focus, committment and execution. Dale’s boys ran on emotion. That is the difference between 8-4 and 10-2, or 10-2 and 12-0. After beating Florida and LSU this year (and losing to Vandy,) Dale will probably lose the egg bowl. But, either way we are way better off.

    Bobby is old school. He will attract a very different type of player and, more of them, I hope.

    All of that said, you can’t play in the SEC without a defense. Time to hit the recruiting trail. We need some thumpers up the middle; defensive tackle, middle linebacker, and safety.

  • BlindHog – I totally agree. Saturday it really hit me that there were two big issues that hurt Arkansas football in the past few years. One was Coach Broyles meddling with Houston Dale on offense. The guy calling plays for Mississippi is not the same guy that was calling plays for Arkansas the past few years. The other was poor recruiting, particularly on defense. We haven’t tackled well for years. Reggie Herrings defenses were basically terrible the last couple of years.

    The recruiting and coaching issues on defense for the past few years have continued to haunt us this year.

    I actually wrote this post prior to the Miss State game. I wasn’t surprised to see a couple of important defensive lineman stay at home this past weekend. Bobby Petrino is not going to play guys that don’t live by his rules — even if it might cost him the game. I think the joke is over for the 20% that haven’t bought in. Next year started last Saturday.

  • BlindHog

    We haven’t had a good defensive recruiting class since the Bua class. That class was loaded with good defensive players. I don’t know who recruited them but we haven’t had anyone since who could recognize talent.

    I think that is true for Dale to a degree. I think that that is one reason his teams start so slow and finish so well; he doesn’t really see what he has on hand until it is obvious to all around. He tried to redshirt Matt until it became obvious he had a playmaker. He left Felix and Darren on the bench until he lost to Vandy. His recruiting classes where always a wierd hodge podge.

    I wonder about Dale’s playcalling. We shall see. I always thought that Joe Ferguson and Clint Stoerner were kind of running the passing game in the early years. Now he has this new OC from Canada and a good QB. I suspect he will return to form over time but, it is also too true the Frank has been running the wishbone in some form up there for 25 years.

    Looking back, I don’t believe we were held hostage to a personality cult for 30 years. Thank God the long nightmare has ended.

  • Brendan

    I couldn’t agree more with just how necessary a strong defensive recruiting class is for us. Our secondary will improve immensely with the recruits we have and if we can add Gabe Lynn I’ll be very comfortable with that unit for the next 4 years. I know Smiley out of Helena is looking at Ole Miss and Sheldon Richardson is a long shot but I see those two guys as being top priority going forward. The linebackers will improve as they are such an inexperienced group.

    On the other side of the ball I am pretty anxious about our O-Line. Berna and Oden are huge but I’d love to see another prospect or two jump on board. Do any of y’all have an insight into this Percy Taumoelau guy? He’s not rated very high but I like the videos I’ve seen. While I don’t look it, I have some Samoan roots and know that Pacific Islanders turn out beasts of players. Making inroads in that group could very well pay huge dividends down the road.

  • mamahog

    I will state the obvious. Houston Nutt inherited an “Ole Miss team that is the result of someone else’s good recruiting. He is enjoying the benefits of a previous coach’s efforts. It will be interesting to see what his own recruiting class will look like; of course, a lot will depend on his focus and his interest in something other than himself and if he is done with “middle age crazy”. But who cares about him? As far as coach Petrino, he inherited the remnants of Nutt’s recruiting efforts, or lack there of , which is a struggling team hoping just to get through the season walking upright. Petrino will eventually get the job done. We are used to waiting till next year but now we have a coach we can trust.

  • Very interesting post. I look forward to seeing which underclassmen decide not to come back next year (or have the matter decided for them). That will be very telling.

  • T-towner

    My sources tell me that the biggest dissention is amongst the few seniors that we have. Note the two non-travelers from this past Saturday.

  • OwassoHog

    All I can say is get on the bus or get off… we don’t have any extra energy to deal with you.

  • Okie Hog

    I love you guys here!! Ole HD wins another one and we lose and you blame him!!! Unbelievable!!! Ok maybe Ole Miss had better recruits but Orgeron couldnt do anything with them. Then Houston comes in and they have to learn his system in one year and they are successful for the 1st time in 5 years. And your saying its because Orgeron recruited better? Houston is a better coach than Orgeron and to say any different means you just want to bash Nutt.

    Let the past be the past. Stop being jealous that Ole Miss is going bowling and we aren’t. This is what you guys wanted. You made your bed now lie in it.

    I think Petrino will do ok in time and we will be back bowling hopefully next year.

    We are down in players this year because many of our recruits that would have been here bailed out early or left all together. McFadden, Felix Jones, Mustain, Williams just to name a few. And if Nutt couldnt recruit how did we get Mcfadden and Jones. Mcfadden is a two time Heisman runner up and he came to U of A !!!Hmmm surely somebody recruited him!!!!

    Let me tell you as a school teacher myself I have found that Emotion is a great motivator to get kids to learn. So stop bashing and blaming our season on Nutt. There is so many more reasons as to why our season has turned out the way it did.

    To blame someone else is to not take any responsibility for our actions!

  • Okie Hog – the majority of the recruits we are playing with came from the Houston Dale time. If making that very factual observation ‘blames’ him, then so be it. I do blame Reggie Herring for the poor recruiting on defense – just as I did when he was still around. I think Reggie let Houston Dale down in a big way.

    I do believe Houston Dale is a better coach than Orgeron. I believe he is a better coach without Monday meetings with Frank. I believe he is a better coach with a real defensive coordinator and not Reggie Herring. Note he did not ask Reggie to follow him to Ole Miss. It is beyond obvious in his career to date he is a better coach with someone else’s recruits.

    I actually wish him the best and have no jealously towards his success this year. Look at what I said. I just made observations. I didn’t slam Houston Dale. I think he’s doing a better job at Ole Miss than he was allowed to do at Arkansas the past few years. Read that last sentence carefully.

  • Okie Hog

    Hogblogger – I agree with you Reggie Herring was not the guy for the DC job. Keith Burns ws the best DC Nutt ever had. I also wasnt calling you out in particular there were other comments complaining about Nutt. It just sounds like sour grapes.

    You cant deny though we lost our key players that were recruited and expected to fill in positions when the starters graduated. That leaves holes that younger guys have to fill and hence the term rebuilding year. Now defensively we are weak because of poor recruiting and Fairchild was released by Patrino and I support that release but had Fairchild been in there thats one less hole to fill.

    Now the players who didnt get on board with the new staff need to go. You either play with pride or dont play at all.

  • OwassoHog

    Let’s just compare status in 3 years… then 5 years… then maybe 10 years before you draw any conclusions. Emotion will only carry you so far but with the right talent it can take you all of the way.

  • BlindHog

    Here we go again, and, in circles this time. I pick on poor Dale as much as anyone and, Hogblogger is too right.

    You can’t really separate Dale’s ten years from Frank. Frank was behind the whole Gus/Mitch soap opera. I think that is obvious by now. Frank was the one pushing ball control football (three things happen when you throw the ball and two of them are bad.) Dale was no SEC coach when he arrived. If he is now, then we did him a favor.

    The interesting angle to me now is the national media making Dale out to be a bigtime coach. It make more sense to a national audience. They don’t know all about Frank and the soap opera. Dale is having his day in the sun. He has been here before. Maybe he will do better this time.

    The real question for us is whether this generation of kids will respond to an old school ball coach. As Owasso says we have a few years to wait. The Long era is just barely out of the gate. Football and basketball both have a couple of years of hard times ahead. We get to fish and play golf, and wait.

  • MexiHog

    Hey, there is always baseball!!

  • BlindHog

    Baseball should be great!!

    Check this out.


    They think the OC is calling the plays at Ole Miss.

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  • GonzoHog

    This sounds like a few of our upper-classmen have a problem with change, or is it just a matter of attitude?

    Now I don’t want to sound like i’ve got the “sour grapes” or anything, but let’s get real for a minute. It’s been well documented how much trouble our sometimes best players have gotten into in recent years, and it’s also been well documented how little of that BS Petrino will put up with. I’ve already lost count of how many of these un-committed players Petrino has weeded out, but I do remember the fact that they all seemed to be players we were relying on to make plays this season.

    I love the fact that Petrino is a “it’s my way or the highway” type of coach. How could we, as fans, not love that, when that’s basically been one of the most important missing ingredients to a sucsessful football program that you could have?

    The man is simply not afraid to do it the right way, and you can bet your very last dollar he’ll continue to do it that way.

    That’s a far, far cry from the Broyles puppet and third wheel of “the good ‘ol boys club” of the past 10 years.

    Last, but not least, I don’t blame the previous coach for the losses we endured this year, but I do blame it, partly, on the previous administration as a whole.

    The current administration is in the process of cleaning up their mess, even though you’ll never hear them say that.

    The current upper-classmen players that didn’t buy into Petrino’s system were products of the old regime. You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip, even though Petrino has given it a pretty darn good try.

    As it seems to have turned out, this may be a year of culling out the undependable, enstead of just making a transition.

    It’s already bad enough to bring in a lot of change, especially when the talent level is thin, but it’s even worse when you have the so-called leaders of the team sitting on their hands, because they never had any disapline to begin with.

    That left Petrino with his hands tied, and it hurt the rest of the team too, so is it any suprise Petrino said idios to these guys?

    That’s the way a proffessional handle’s himself, not a puppet.