May 24, 2018

Arkansas 67, Texas 61

Michael Washington / Dexter Pittman (AP Photo/Beth Hall) Second-half rally stuns No. 7 Texas, 67-61

Michael Washington scored 22 points, including a driving dunk with 22.5 seconds remaining, to help Arkansas upset another top 10 team with a 67-61 victory over No. 7 Texas on Tuesday night.


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Stefan Welsh / Dogus Balbay (AP Photo/Beth Hall) Jason Henry (AP Photo/Beth Hall) Marcus Britt (AP Photo/Beth Hall) John Pelphrey (AP Photo/Beth Hall)

Michael Washington / Dexter Pittman (AP Photo/Beth Hall) Courtney Fortson / Rotnei Clarke / Marcus Monk / Justin Mason (AP Photo/Beth Hall) Stefan Welsh / Marcus Britt / A.J. Abrams (AP Photo/Beth Hall) Michael Washington (AP Photo/Beth Hall)

Updated 1/7/08 7:45 a.m.

  • OwassoHog

    Yeah baby! Another great win for the Hogs. Ok, need to know from those that were at both games (Texas and OU)… which was the better crowd? I’m guessing OU due to the large lead but… just want to hear it from those fortunate enough to attend both games.

  • Hawgfan100

    Fantastic! Even better watching it live on tv for a change. Love the way this team fights and never gives up. Where is the guy who was posting on here before the season to the effect that (I’m going on memory here…): “Pelphrey hasn’t shown any good coaching ability.” Well, lay that bit of bs to rest. I thought Pel did the best he could possibly do with last year’s team (the other poster apparently thought there was more to be gotten and that Stan would have done it…!)

    Pel took his young PG in hand and got him to play smarter and more consistently in the second half, got great play from Welsh in Courntey’s absence (not to mention how he smothered Abrams all night on defense), somehow managed to keep his team close with a Texas team that should have dominated in the paint but didn’t, and Washington! Where to start?! The guy is totally fearless and effective in the paint against players who are consistently supposed to be superior to Mike in every way. Awesome!

    Start the letter writing campaign NOW: we do not want to lose this coach to any other program, much less Kentucky (shudder)! Pel needs to make his mark right here with the Hawgs. End of story.

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  • soupd

    Washington is a beast this year. After his performance the past few weeks and his play against OU and TX alone he has to be one of the top players in the country. Especially his domination of Griffin and backing it up with huge games to show consistency. If he stays healthy, he could be an All American this year.

    And how about Monk – the unsung hero of this team. Without his play we don’t beat OU, North Texas or TX. His defense and key plays that don’t show up on the stat sheet drive our toughness. I think his collegiate experience , sr leadership and toughness add so much to the Hogs this year. He deserves a lot of credit as well. You can see him during dead balls talking to the team and encouraging them….great leadership.

  • Ward_Hog

    Woooo Pig Sooooie! Like all of you, I love the fight in these guys. We definately could use a true big man in the middle, but Coach Pelphrey has the Razorbacks back in the national spotlight again. I have one other (really small) comment directed to Blind… Coach still wore a little blue, but did that blazer make you proud or what? hahaha Wow! Go Hogs Go!!!!

  • AZ Desert Hog

    With last night being the first time I’ve gotten to watch this young Hogs team for a full game out here in Phoenix, there are a few items that bear mentioning (some of y’all have touched on these already):

    1) It is every BIT as much fun to beat Texas now, as it was back in the old SWC days!

    2) This team plays with a spirit and passion that its mirrors the way its coach played back in the day. This has been SORELY missing from all of Stan Heath’s teams (and lets face it, Coach Pel was basically coaching Stan’s team last year), and for that matter, even from the last couple of Nolan’s teams. They got in foul trouble in the first half and never really got in a rhythm all game, but still fought hard and scrapped enough to be able to pull it the end. They remind me a little bit of Corliss and Scotty’s freshman year team. They’re one good big man (hopefully that guy will be Powell coming in next year) and some experience away from being a SEC championship (if not Final Four) caliber team.

    3) Thank goodness for Dana Altman’s indecision, because we are SO lucky things worked out the way they did. You can tell Coach Pel actually CARES over on the sidelines. He is the antithesis to Heath’s laid-back, almost nonchalant style that drove so many Hog fans nuts for those 5 years.

    4) Soupd, you said it about Washington and Monk, both. You could always tell Washington had the talent to be a really good player, but it’s amazing to me how much more consistent he is this year. And what an addition Marcus Monk has been! Did anyone honestly expect him to make as big an impact as he has? You would have to think that his performance on the hardwood can only enhance his chances of being picked up by some NFL team this off season.

    5) Our young backcourt is as talented as any in the SEC, if not the country. Fortson looks like the Predator out there and is fearless going to the rim (though he needs to learn to stay a bit more in control). You could tell there was good reason Texas worked hard not to allow Rotnei many open looks last night, too.

    6) It is every BIT as much fun to beat Texas now, as it was back in the old SWC days. I know I already said that, beating Texas never gets old!

  • soupd

    AZ Desert Hog, not to be too optimistic, but for your #2 I’d suggest that the Hogs have a chance at the SEC championship this year with the current team. As we continue to improve and build our bench experience, the Hogs should have little problem handling most teams, with the excpeption of the Vols and the Gators. I also see Sanchez becoming more of a factor along with some of our other ‘bigs’ off the bench once they get more experience.

    My biggest concern now is how we perform on the SEC road. As we all know even the best SEC teams can get beat (as we have seen) away from home so we can’t take our foot off the gas now.

    One other comment – Now that the Hogs are getting a little national respect, I hope Pel doesn’t hold back; he should really run up the score when we have a chance. That is they way we become feared by our opponents and build our program rep despite a very weak non-conference schedule.

  • T-towner

    This was an ugly game, but I sure that had a much to do with the tenacious defenses on both ends of the court as it did with inept offenses and poor shooting. I thought the Hogs were the defensive equals of Texas AND we shot 50% from the field the second half!

  • Waldron Hog

    OwassoHog, I’d go with the texass crowd as the best. Both were better than we’ve had in a long time (years). I think they announced the attendance at about the same as the OU game but there were less empty seats last night. It was easy to chear the team on in the OU game because of the big lead but the crowd was loud last night at times when the team needed them.

  • AZ Desert Hog

    Well, Soupd, you may be right, but I think we should temper our hopes and expectations for the time being. We certainly have the talent to compete with anyone else in the conference, but like you said, they’ve got to take their act on the road and show that they can keep it going. Their only games on the road so far have been Missouri State (L) and South Alabama (last second W), and while those schools seem to have nice teams, those road trips certainly don’t compare to going to Gainesville, Starkville, Nashville, Baton Rouge, et. al. (Luckily, we don’t have to go to Lexington or Knoxville this year.) Historically, young teams tend to struggle on the road, and even the experienced group of guys we had the past couple of years did too. We’ll see.

    You’d like to see a little more out of the bench, too. There’s going to be games when we’ll need guys like Henry, Moore, and Clark to step up. At least we know that the schedule doesn’t have another team on it that is better than Texas or OU, though.

    Another thing that is worth mentioning (and there was another comment that touched on this earlier) is that, as difficult a thought as this may be, we as Hog fans should start hoping Gillespie gets UK back up and rolling again. For one thing, it’s good for the SEC, but it’s not hard to picture this scenario. As soon as the Bluebloods get tired of Gillespie (see Smith, Tubby), they will run him off and come after Pelphrey. The longer Gillespie stays with the big blue, the longer we get to enjoy Coach Pel, and, hopefully, the more torn he would be about leaving. Maybe we will at least get some Roy Williams-esque years out of him before he bolts, though. Then again, I don’t think Roy ever won a title at Kansas, though he did come close a few times.

    It’s certainly fun to watch the return of Hawgball. This is such an exciting time to be a Razorback fan! GO HOGS!!

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  • Another spirited performance. Texas was so hard to handle inside, that I didn’t know until the end if we could pull it out.

    Incredible coaching by this staff to get these young guys to fight their guts out and not back down to anybody. Usually that takes a year or two to learn to play with that level of intensity and fight. It took this bunch about 8 games.

    LSU gets punked by Utah last night by 30!!!! The SEC West is our for the taking.

  • GonzoHog

    Texas was certainly a better basketball team than OU.

    The overall size and athleticism of Texas was impressive, and they’re a very disaplined squad on defense, contesting every shot.

    The Hogs are a very resillient, young basketball team, to say the least. There is NO quit in them.

    John Pelphrey did an excellent job of keeping Courtney Fortson’s head into the ballgame, while at the same time, substituting him and Washington in and out of the game as they accumilated there fouls.

    Give lots of credit to Stephan Welsh and Marcus Monk. If not for there scrappy play with C.F. and M.W. on the bench, we would have never climbed back into this one.

    Marcus Britt also deserves a lot of credit for the defense he’s been playing all year. He was very good again in this game.

    There’s only one thing left for these Hogs to prove now. Winning on the road in the SEC.

    Playing in tough places like Gainsville, Nashville, Tuscaloosa, Starksville, Baton Rouge, etc…, will be a totally different animal.

    I like they way they didn’t break against a very talented and well coached Texas team. This is a great way to start SEC play!

    GO HOGS GO BABY!!!!!