January 18, 2019

Scattered Shots

I’ve had a number of people ask me why I haven’t written some type of recap of the Razorback basketball season. The reason is pretty simple. There isn’t anything much good to say. To use Tiger Wood’s favorite non-saying – “it is what it is,” or in this case, “was what it was,” which was the worst Razorback conference performance in something like forever.

Questions about players and coaches and everyone getting along – all valid. Questions about recruiting – all valid. Questions about the character and work ethic of some of the recruits from last year – all valid. The question of, “can Pelphrey really coach?” – valid. The question of players actually paying attention and applying coaching in the games – valid.

On a bright note, in spite of the fact that we can’t win a conference game at home lately, the voting for EA sports toughest places to play is going on.

EA SPORTS visited the University of Arkansas for the Kentucky basketball game on Feb. 15 to experience the home court atmosphere of Bud Walton Arena in order to develop a new feature in its NCAA Basketball video game called the “Toughest Places to Play” in college basketball.Over 100,000 fans participated in an online vote, selecting Arkansas along with Clemson, Duke, Syracuse, UCLA, North Carolina, Kansas, Florida, Pittsburgh, Illinois, Louisville, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, and Xavier as the most difficult home sites to play.Producers of the NCAA Basketball videogame franchise have visited the home court of many of the final 15 schools to experience each school’s home environment on game day in order to capture and replicate the experience in next year’s NCAA Basketball game.

Wally Hall is now the public defender of Matt Jones. I’ve not heard of Matt complaining about the cost of beer lately, but I’m sure it has been on his mind.

Hopefully Razorback quarterback-to-be Ryan Mallett is giving thought to Matt’s troubles while he’s running the steps each morning. Media relations aside, I hear he’s otherwise been following pretty close to MJ’s footsteps. The fact that Petrino is taking a fairly stern approach to Mallett makes me a little more hopeful than I was previously that we will see him on the field this fall.

Monday night the Razorbacks’ women’s team (the former “Lady Razorbacks”) tips off in the WNIT. Coach Tom Collen made a lot of progress this year, winning five straight in the last half of the season. They made steady improvement after a rough start to conference play, highlighted by beating then 15th ranked Florida on the road. Ticket information is here. If you live in Northwest Arkansas I encourage you to get out to Bud Walton Monday night and call the Hogs.


  1. OwassoHog says:

    Since we are taking “Scattered Shots”… here’s mine. What do the following teams have that the Razorbacks don’t?

    Alabama St
    Cal St Northridge
    Cleveland St
    East Tenn. St
    Morehead St
    Morgan St
    North Dakota St
    Northern Iowa
    Portland St
    Robert Morris
    Stephen F. Austin*
    West. Kentucky

    A ticket to the NCAA tournament!

    * At least beat one of these teams!

  2. The Flyer has a review of the season if anyone is itching to read and start a comment war! 😉


  3. reasonrules says:

    How many fans from Arkansas are going to show up for these prices. Maybe if it was UT.

    Ticket Prices:

    Club Seats $300

    Corner and Upper Level Midfield $125

    Upper Level Corner $85

    Arkansas Student Tickets $50

  4. OwassoHog says:

    Yep, definitely OVERPRICED! Probably just like Texas vs. Oklahoma – they have to share the $$$ 3 ways but in this case, Arkansas, Texas A&M, and Jerry Jones.

  5. GonzoHog says:

    We wouldn’t want ‘ol Jerry to go hungry now would we?

  6. Sure does make TV an attractive option—–$85 for the “cheap” seats?

  7. OwassoHog says:

    And there is always radio when they chose to go PPV (which, in my opinion, is usually way overpriced).

  8. Owasso, I don’t understand the point of your list above. The Hogs went 12-1 against the caliber of teams in your list. If the Hogs move out of the SEC and to a lower level conference, they could be on your list as well. Not a good comparison.

  9. All Big 12 team ticket prices are outrageous, all around 70 a game at least. I’m glad we’re in the SEC….

  10. Pretty soon, all tickets to a Div. I college football game will be outragous.

    We are all victims of our own sucsess.

    Who says competition is healthy?

    How far is enough? Pretty soon, you’ll have to take out a small loan, just to cover the annual ticket exspenses of a family.

    That’s if your in the $40,000 annual salary range. If you make less than that, you might as well be content with listening to the radio, and catching a game or two on raycom.

    If you want to catch a game on pay-per-view, you’ll have to invite at least 3 of your buddies over to help make that exspense a little more respectable.

  11. OwassoHog says:

    soupd, my point is that they all made the “big dance”… thus, they have a chance to win a national championship. We don’t have ANY chance. Being on the bottom of the SEC list isn’t a good thing either.

    Bottom line is that we deserve better… at a minimum, we should always be invited!


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  2. […] Our comrades in the HogBlogosphere, the Razorbloggers, have an interesting comment about Ryan Mallett up on their site today. Seems to be alluding to some troubling behavior on his part. Anyone want to […]