July 18, 2018

Early Impressions — Offense

We were finally able to attend Razorback football practice on Saturday and Sunday.  Here’s some of the things that caught our eye while watching the offense.

  • Toiling under hot but breezy conditions, the veterans looked sharp and conditioned, while the newcomers struggled to keep up.  One thing you realize when you watch a Bobby Petrino practice…he is a big believer in keeping a certain tempo.  If anyone or anything slows that down, you will defintely be hearing about it.
  • All of the quarterbacks are still looking to find their rhythm.  Ryan Mallett looks great on the play-action passes in the pocket, but continues to struggle with accuracy when the fake carries him outside of the pocket.  Mallett’s footwork and ability to throw on the run are still areas in need of improvement.
  • Tyler Wilson (AP Photo/April L. Brown)As for Tyler Wilson, he looks good but still seems to be uncomfortable taking snaps from under center.  On one play during Sunday’s practice, we unfortunately had an mini-flashback of the “Stoern-over” after Wilson took the snap and immediately tripped and fell (but didn’t fumble!) in the backfield.
  • Broderick Green doesn’t look anything like the guy who showed up from USC and averaged less than two yards per carry in the spring game.  He is quicker, faster, leaner, and actually looks comfortable carrying the 248 pounds.
  • Paul Petrino likes his freshman receivers, but they’ll quickly learn to run up field after making a catch in practice…or they will feel his wrath.  We saw Cobi Hamilton and Lance Ray get a “friendly reminder” from Petrino on Saturday when their run-after-catch efforts were subpar.  To their credit, both Hamilton and Ray only had to be reminded once.
  • It was good to see senior wide receiver Lucas Miller back on the practice field after offseason knee surgery.  Miller still doesn’t look to be 100 percent, but should be close after another three weeks of preseason work.
  • About 300 fans watched as the Hogs worked in shoulder pads for the first time on Saturday.  There were a bit fewer at Sunday morning’s practice, which was the first held in the stadium on the new turf.  (It looks good, by the way.)
  • As for the stadium itself, the scaffolding to support the installation of the new LED ribbon boards around the perimeter of the club level is going up.  We can’t wait to see those on September 19th against Georgia.

More on the defense and special teams in our next post.

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  • GolfHog

    Two questions:

    What about the O-line?

    What is the schedule for practices after August 21, specifically, August 23? Anything?

    Seems obvious, this is going to be a fun team to watch that will rely heavily on improvement at QB, in the O-line, and on defense. We have heard the defense talked up a lot in preseason, although there was no where to go but up. Mallet is on the watch list, although we know about sophomore QBs, and I don’t mean that as a downer too much. The great ones sometimes show up early. And, of course, every successful team is built on its line play.

    Can’t wait.

    • GolfHog…our apologies…we accidentally left out our O-line impressions. We’ll include them in the post on the defense later today. A teaser…we really like one of our new offensive linemen. 🙂

      Practices will be closed to the public after the 21st. We’re going to try to attend as many as possible between now and then.

  • The O-line looked pretty good during the scrimmage session Sunday. At one point Mallett took off running out of a perfectly fine pocket and got a severe chewing – “what were you looking at! We had everything picked up!”

    Of course, it is really hard to tell when they are not going full pads and tackling.

  • Defense and Special Teams (and offensive line) early impressions here:


  • GonzoHog


    What were your thoughts on Greg Childs? I thought he looked much improved in the Saturday practice.

    If London Crawford is listed as the starter ahead of Childs, he’ll definately have his work cut out to keep his starting job.

    I think i’m pretty sure who the suprise new guy on the O-line is. Alvin Bailey seems to have caught the coaches eyes so far. There’s a good chance of him playing this season if he keeps on his present pace.

    Did you see B. Green take Freddy Burton off his feet on that sweep? I was about 5 yards away from that play. B. Green is one big, strong dude.

    • Childs looks really good…very comfortable. He is definately in the top 6 which will put him in the “rotation” on game days. Crawford, Wright, and Adams…..Childs, Miller and Hamilton appear to be the six for the moment.