April 22, 2018

Arkansas 56, Troy 20

Ryan Mallett (AP Photo/April L. Brown)

ArkansasRazorbacks.com: Mallett leads record-setting night

The Arkansas Razorbacks got bowl eligible with a night filled with record performances in a 56-20 drubbing of Troy University at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.


Matt Harris / Chip Reeves (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Ryan Mallett (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Ryan Mallett (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Bobby Petrino (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Jerell Norton / Cornelius Williams (AP Photo/April L. Brown)

  • GonzoHog

    This was a good win for the Hogs. They came out and took care of business exactly like they should have.

    The defense is still at least a year away from being consistant, epecially in the secondary.

    Our current recruiting class won’t turn any heads nationally, but I think we’re headed in the right direction with team needs.

    Now if only we could sign a couple of more talented DTs.

  • opionatedblowhard

    Best two hits of the night were from offensive players. Michael Smith and Dennis Johnson.

  • jim dogg

    Great game, obviously. Troy is not Eastern Michigan but it’s not an SEC team either. Mississipi State may be ripe for plucking. A disheartening loss to Alabama and after Arkansas comes it’s traditional rival, Ole’ Miss. Dogs may be fiesty but their morale may not be up to the task of beating the Hogs in Little Rock. Game plan for MSU will be to get to Mallet quick, with a rush or blitz. Mallet and Petrino should take a lesson from the Troy QB: Quick releases, if possible. Troy’s aerial attack was impressive considering that the Hogs pressured and rushed the QB all night. Giving Mallet time for his receivers to get open will kill the Dogs. Also use screens to get the Backs some space. Arkansas was impressive when its skill people could get a step or two. MSU may not be as vulnerable as Troy on defense, especially with sweeps, but the Dogs can’t score. Their QBs are totally unimpressive and they rely on a ground game with Dixon. Stop the ground game and Arkansas should win. Of course our pass defense makes opposing QBs look like allstars. Fortunately, Petrino’s philosophy is to keep outscoring the opposition. Hope the wheels stay on. Before the USC game I thought that the MSU game was critical to getting to a bowl. Now I think the Hogs can run the table. Should beat MSU and LSU is not the LSU of old, no matter what their record. LSU looks like MSU, can’t score and the QBs are unimpressive. Add to that, in the games I”ve seen, LSU has not been able to pressure the QB. If the Hogs can do to MSU what their capable of, we may see the unusual situation in the SEC of a team with fewer wins at the end of the season favored over the home team. LSU has to play Ole’ Miss before the Hogs, and again, attitude and preparation are worth at least a TD or two. Tough game for the Tigers with the Rebs can only be good for the ‘Backs. Unless, Miles and Co. are burning with a vengence for the last two years.