July 18, 2018

Paul Petrino Reportedly Hired As Illinois Coordinator

WholeHogSports.com: Report: Paul Petrino to leave Arkansas for Illinois, similar position

Arkansas offensive coordinator Paul Petrino is expected to accept a job as the offensive coordinator at Illinois, according to a report Sunday.



  • reasonrules

    Seems like a bad decision on many levels.

  • Hawgfan100

    The timing might be poor but other than that…Good Luck, Paul, it’s been fun.

  • Hungry Hog

    Why go take the same position to help save Ron Zook’s job when you could wait one more year and replace him as Head Coach?

    • I’m betting that’s exactly the deal that he’s signed with Illinois — plus he’s making around $100k more a year, now (reportedly).

  • BLP

    I hate to see Paul go, but wish him the best at Illinois. I’m not really sure why he would want to make a lateral move like that, especially with the coaching staff at Illinois being already on the hot seat. Another losing year and Ron Zook might be replaced…. along with all his assistants.

    I’m sure Paul has his reasons to want to go to Illinois though, so good luck to Paul and thanks for a job well done with our beloved HOGS.