May 24, 2018

Florida 71, Arkansas 66

Courtney Fortson / Erving Walker (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Florida 71, Arkansas 66

Erving Walker scored 27 points, and Florida went on a 9-0 run late in the second half to pull away for a 71-66 win over Arkansas on Thursday night.


  • JayTownHog

    Florida to strong…Can’t rebound

  • JayTownHog

    It’s tough to win when the opposing team is taller and place zone ‘brick wall’ defense. It would be a nice time to have Sanchez back, any idea for return?

    • Swineherd

      I suspect Sanchez’s career is over.

      We could have won this game if Washington had stayed out of foul trouble. He makes Powell a better player when they’re in together. It’s obvious that every opposing coach goes after Washington right after tipoff. Seems as tho he and the coaching staff would recognize this and adjust for it, but no-o.

      It was unusual that the visiting team, FL, shot a lot more free throws (and made ’em) than the home team. Crooked SEC refs? They did this to us in football, recall?

      Really, it doesn’t even bother me when this team loses, I have such low expectations of them.

  • GolfHog

    That was disappointing. You have to win that game at home.

    Washington is a senior leader, he can’t spend the game on the bench. We have enough of a team to win some games at home but we still have no game plan. Quotes from the Florida players indicated that the game went as ‘planned’. We need a plan. And, we are still suffering from not having the team together for non-conference. This young team will be better by March. That is a little late.

    • They should be better in February when the schedule gets easier:

      Auburn (currently 1-3) twice; LSU (currently 0-4) twice; at Georgia and Alabama; at home vs. South Carolina and Vanderbilt.

      We need to NOT play at the level of our competition and find as many wins as possible in February. Or it could get really ugly around here.

      • Here’s what we need:

        1. An offensive scheme that doesn’t rely on layups and bad shot selection (Fortson + Britt + Welsh = 4-18 on shots).

        2. Rebounding (17 offensive rebounds for Florida?).

        3. Perimeter defense.

        4. A post player other than Powell.

        5. Leaders on the floor that are leaders, not just emotional players.

        There were positives, though, from last night. Clarke and Powell continue to excel. Bryant had a nice little game. The defense was better.

        It’s very hard for me NOT to see that we’re bad enough to make other teams bad, too. I’m souring quickly on Pelphrey — starting to think he came in at the right time and said the right things. But that’s all. I like the guy just fine. But as a coach, I’m still not satisfied. Having the wrong kids in the system is one thing. But having a core of kids for two seasons and not see much, if any, progression is not good.

        One last thing — look at other games this season. It’s the same story almost every game, regardless of win or loss. I just want something on the floor to be hopeful about.

  • GonzoHog

    Still no Sr. leadership. ‘Nough said.

  • GolfHog

    Pel’s body language and demeanor are from a man who appears defeated. I don’t know if he has been compromised by Long or simply given up on his own.

    This has been a slow motion train wreck since since about 1998. That’s 12 years. The hole just keeps getting deeper. To stop digging we are stuck with Pel for two more years no matter what, just to give the next guy enough of a program to start to build with again. Fortunately a good coach can build a basketball team in two to three years.

    But, two more years is a long time. You never know what might happen. I would love to see someone who acts like they care. Long cares about blowing smoke. Pel doesn’t seem to care. Washington looks good and plays hard but can’t lead. Fortson seems to care only about Fortson.

    Rotnei needs more help.

    • Swineherd

      The last two comments I have heard from Long have been supportive of Pel but not 100% for him. You can hear conditional support if you parse the statements. Some of the guys on this site haven’t been shy about voicing their lack of faith in Pel. I’m with those who say they like him OK, but just OK. I don’t believe he has shown that he can really coach in the SEC.

      I agree with Golf about the time frame: two more years to lay a foundation for the next guy. But first Pel has got to land this recruiting class, or we’re sunk. And yes, this program has been circling the drain for years. How does a once-proud program sink so far so fast?

      We may never know the real situation.

  • U-Haul Hog

    FIRE PELPHREY TODAY! I have very high expectations when it comes to Razorback basketball. Sutton and Richardson set those expectations. I refuse, REFUSE! to lower them by being satisfied with middle of the pack in the SEC West. We’ve been led to the top. I will not accept anything less than the top. Talk of taking ‘years’ to rebuild is unacceptable. Sutton did it. Richardson did it. Both in relatively short order before there teams were competitive, and never was I not satisfied that those teams played as a team, had a plan or ran a solid scheme, and were led by good coaching. We’re not even close, nor moving in the right direction. FIRE PELPHREY TODAY!

    • soupdhog

      U-Haul, settle down. I can tell you how a program goes down so quickly:

      1. Have a train wreck exit for your what-should-be-hall-of-fame head coach (Nolan). Granted, Nolan got out of control, but the micromanagement and control issues of Broyles didn’t help things. And the way he was let go was a product of Broyles arrogance and was disgraceful. If that would have been handled better, we probably would have Mike Anderson as a head coach…and well, that would have turned out pretty good.

      2. Have a train wreck exit for a decent coach, immediately following the prior train wreck…i.e. Stan Heath. Heath was a decent coach, but was done before he even started. He never had the full support of the Administration and the fans to have a chance.

      3. Have another train wreck with Heath’s replacement. The Altman debacle was horrific for the program, and put us in a bigger hole. This was the final straw in making our program almost untouchable for decent coaches across the country.

      4. Hire an average, unproven coach just to salvage the program (Pelphrey).

      5. Have more than half of your recruits leave the program. This impacts morale and your bench – which Arkansas has little of both.

      So if you’re looking to blame someone, don’t blame Pelphrey, he has only played a small part in the decline of the program. Blame Broyles and the prior administration for setting this train wreck in motion with multiple mis steps. You can’t fire Pelphrey…yet. The current administration has to prove that there is some stability to the program and administration before they can go after a big name replacement. Don’t think Long doesn’t know what’s going on. He has to show his support for Pelphrey when times are tough, and beleive me, he is setting the wheels in motion to bring Arkansas back to prominance. It will happen, but we have to be patient. VERY few College athletic turnarounds happen in one or two years. Most take a LONG time, and hopefully we only have one or two more years to wait.

      We got VERY lucky with Petrino given what happened with the handling of Nutt. This will come for basketball.

  • GonzoHog

    U-Haul Hog,

    I just have to ask:

    1. What were the expectations for Eddie Sutton? and how many years did it take him to establish a good team?

    By the way, didn’t he strike out with Kentucky’s impatient fan-base?

    2.How satisfied were you with Nolan Richardson’s first 3 seasons? (pre May-Day era)

    3. Considering the talent Pel has coming in for next season, with 1 outstanding recruit still pending, do you believe this team will show improvement under Pel?

    4. If Pel were fired today, what outstanding head coach would take over this mess? What salary could we afford to pay him with attendence being at an all-time low? and what does he tell Ricardo Ratliffe about the direction of the program? Thanks.