June 24, 2018

Georgia 77, Arkansas 64 (SEC Tournament)

Arkansas Players (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

ESPN.com: Georgia gets opening win at SEC tournament

Trey Thompkins had 23 points and 14 rebounds, and Georgia beat Arkansas 77-64 in the opening round of the Southeastern Conference tournament on Thursday night.


  • That five-game winning streak in conference play seems like it happened about 20 years ago.

    What an ugly, ugly finish to this season.

    Oh well – I’m sure things will be so much better when the Hogs get that new practice facility.

  • Got to go

    Pelph has got to go. Period.

  • Allied Moving Compan

    For the love of real estate will some rich alumni please take Pelphrey’s $3 million dollar mortgage of his hands so he can go ahead and quit? It’s simple, if Pelphrey quits he receives no contract buyout and he’s left holding the bag on his outrageous mortgage. If he’s fired, he gets the contract payout, pays off the house and heads back to Kentucky to coach some small junior college. He’d leave if he wasn’t upside down on his mansion.

  • Tom

    Thank God it is over. I don’t think I could have taken another game from this schizophrenic team. Talented individuals who have not been taught how to play together. If they had been a horse we have shot them in Baton Rouge or maybe it was Auburn or perhaps Alabama.

  • Hungry Hog

    I don’t think Pelphrey has done anything to give us any hope. Why keep him around? Do you honestly think he is going to get better next year? There are always going to be issues/excuses. Someone will always be hurt. Someone will always be in trouble. But a good coach works with those things and still finds a way to win.

    Maybe Mike wouldn’t touch the program with a 10 foot pole. If so – is there anyone better than Opie that would come here? Is the program that bad? Can Long not recruit?

    I am also very glad basketball season is over, but honestly, how in the world can we expect next year to be any better? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is Insanity. So, something has to change. Keeping Pel around so we get the Fab-Three in a couple of years is crazy. If he can’t coach them, they will get beaten down along with everyone else. Just keeping him around to give him “a fair chance” – look it, if he had come in here and done the opposite – winning the conference, go to the final 4, etc – and Kentucky came calling – he wouldn’t stick around to be fair to us for giving him a chance.

    Why keep him around if there is a better solution? He’s a nice guy, but we have to look out for the University of Arkansas. If there is a better coach for our team, we should make the change as soon as possible. If there isn’t a real, true, better direction for our program, then shame on Jeff Long.

    We better hope and pray we can keep that drummer for the Hog Wild Band.. He’s the best thing going in Bud Walton Arena.

  • GolfHog

    I’m surprised you even posted after that. It just shows how committed you are to blogging the razorbacks. We all appreciate it.

    After reading Pelphry’s comments I do feel sorry for the boy. It does boggle the mind how a team can play 32 games in the SEC and learn so little. Or, why a coach would let the same old nonsense go on week after week without trying to change dynamics on the court, develop the bench, develop something resembling a style of play. That is the ugliest, hully gully, playground nonsense.

    Of course it all starts with the point. Fortson played way to many minutes after his return. As talented as he is, he destroys anything resembling an offense. And, poor Clark. We all love him, great little gym rat. But, he is a specialist, a zone buster, not an SEC 2 guard. We had the front court but, not enough of an offense to get them the ball. And, you really can’t without guards.

    They claim they are building the right way, for the long haul. But, in fact, they have been doing the opposite. The end result would have been the same but at least they would have actually developed the bench and shown some progress.

  • I really don’t like saying this on March 12th — but I’m glad this season is over. I honestly think that if we get an invitation to a 3rd tier tourney, we should go. I don’t think they will, though.

    I’m still not calling for Pelphrey’s job to be taken away from him, but from my vantage point, I’m not seeing anything that screams we need him for our program. The compelling argument is that by keeping him we actually ARE establishing a system. Firing him now and hiring someone knew would be starting over … again. Unless a new hire is a big-time coach, it’s not a good idea.

    The counterpoint is that he keeps saying we need to recruit the right players. Which is the easiest argument to make — Calipari’s Kentucky wouldn’t be nearly as good this season without their three freshman. That’s not going to happen at Arkansas (maybe in 2012, MAYBE), so you have to get those kids that are here to play at a higher level. At that point, the system is MUCH more important than the player.

    Do you think Mark Few and Gonzaga has four- and five- star athletes coming in every year? Think again. Yet, they’re consistently a good team.

    Based on the type of play you’ve seen these past two seasons, what kind of system is Pelphrey putting in place? Is it a system that relies on the “right players” or is it a system that works regardless of who’s playing?

    • Hungry Hog

      Is there system at all? Seriously. I am down on him right now – I was ready to let go of my frustration and just wait until next year like my therapist told me to do, but I just can’t let it go.

      We all knew that Casey Dick was going to have a tough time in Bobby’s System. But there WAS a system. It is now getting implemented, and I for one, think it can be a successful system. Even if Mallet goes down in game 1, the system is ready to shuffle another player in.

      I think having a system of:

      Wait it out until 2011-2012 for the Triplets

      Pray they all come to Fayetteville

      Hope they have enough raw talent to not need significant coaching

      Pray they stay long enough to get us some street cred so we can recruit again…

      That system stinks. First of all, it guarantees Opie will get another pass next year because “we don’t want to risk losing players that have committed to the coach”.

      We have tried this method – The Springdale 5.

      My vote is for a system independent of the names on the back of the jerseys.

      Pel doesn’t have one that I can see.

      • Tom

        Good point about the lack of a system. I thought Fox did a good job all year for Georgia, even though they could not finish. You can certainly identify a system that he is developing. I can see him making some noise in the SEC. I believe that Ark had more talent but Georgia had the better coach.

  • Soupdhog

    Somewhat off topic, but I think Powells comments were a mistake. I love his willingness to stick himself out there, but that comment is a good comment when the seasons over, not going into the SEC Tourney. I’m sure Fortson and Washington were offended, which doesn’t lend to team chemistry going into some big games. Probably doesn’t matter in the big picture, but I do think it played into the performance. And notice Powell didn’t get many touches.

    Guys, there is a system – just bad decision making and lack of execution on the players part. I agree that some of this is coaching, but last nights game was pretty obvious that we have some issues with execution, quickness, call it whatever you want.

    Pelphrey had a great game plan – he saw that the officials were calling every touch foul (50 fouls called overall!!) so he was pounding inside to Washington. Too bad Mike couldn’t make all the freebies. When Fortson was trying to drive and turned the ball over, what happened? He took him out and put Nobles in. Great coaching move and sent the message to Fortson. There was good offensive rotation, but we have NO players that have a mid range game…we have 3 options – inside, penetrate or shoot a 3. That makes it easy to defend…pack the middle and put someone on Clarke and hope the other guards don’t get hot behind the arc. If we had anyone that could hit a mid range jumper, I guarantee the last 6 games would have been different.

    Re: defense…we have none. Our kids can’t play D. Period. This is a coaching issue in my opinion. Pelphrey needs to get all these kids back to fundamental defensive principles. We were playing straight man d most of the game and over and over Dawgs were wide open. Our kids can’t go over screens, and get beat on back door plays. Some of this is inexperience that I think can be fixed with everyone except Clarke. I love Rotnei, but that kid is SLOW. He is constantly getting beat. He’s a great shooter, but when he has someone glued to him the whole game he is a liability cause he can’t play D. He has to work on quickness and footwork or else he may sit on the bench quite a bit – like he did last night.

    We HAVE to get a big guard and a Steven Hill type player before next year. Sanchez will help, but we have no one that can rebound or play D against a big team – which is almost everyone in the SEC. Pel needs to find any 7 foot kid and sign him. Who cares if he can play offense, we need a defensive presence and a body to get in the way underneath.

    Next year is the tell tale year for Pel. He has lots of young talent if he can coach them up make sure egos don’t get the way. Next year we’ll truly find out how good of a coach he is. I don’t think this year is a good barometer given the issues early in the season, injuries (Sanchez and Washington), and youth of the team.

    I know everyone disagrees with this 🙂

    • GolfHog

      Yes, we do.

      By your own arguments Pel has recruited ONE SEC player in 3 years, Powell. You spell this out step by step and end with the conclusion that we have great young talent. We don’t. Sanchez is another Pelphry player. The team won with Monk but, as soon as he was gone, nothing. I’m fine with letting the kid have another year, IF there is not a real solution. When you are in the wilderness, you’re in the wilderness. Let him have his five years and let attendance drop to 5,000 per game. We can watch Kentucky or someone.

      But, don’t spin it like we don’t all know the outcome. He can’t recruit, maybe not all his fault. He shows no ability to handle the players and build a team, or an offense, or a defense. But, he may learn something while he is here that will help him in the SWAC. It’s fine. If Tiger comes back, I can watch golf. We can all route for Pel to get better. And, incremental progress, maybe even a run thru the NIT.

    • GolfHog

      And, let me say in his defense. This was WAY too big a job for Pelphry or Stan. You can give a green kid a normal program to show his stuff. Asking him to rebuild a disaster is a whole other matter. This is not Pelphry’s reponsibility. The football program was almost in as bad a shape but, they found an experienced capable coach to take it on. If they don’t have I Like Mike lined up or someone just as good, they need to go with a retread next time. At least get someone with experience.

    • soupdhog

      Golf, I don’t think I ever stated he couldn’t recruit SEC players, or that we didn’t have talent. I said that our kids have issues with execution and quickness, and that we can’t play effective defense. I think what we have is underdeveloped talent – which is par for the course (pun intended) in a bunch of freshmen and sophmores. In my opinion, here are the “SEC Players” Pel recruited:






      Are all these guys All-SEC? At least 2 of them are, and the other 3 we’ll see about. I think if Clarke can spend as much time on his D as he does on his shot, he could be there too.

      No one can convince me we did not make progress this year, just like I can’t convince you that we did. Let’s just agree to disagree and we’ll see what happens next year.

      And I won’t even say I told you so 🙂

      • GolfHog

        Please do. If you get the chance, no one will be more pleased than I.

  • opinionatedblowhard

    Worst coaching performance I ever saw last night.

    By that I mean, the players looked ill prepared on Offense and Defense.

    This guy can only coach his style of play and he can’t get the quality players to match up in the SEC to coach his style of play.

  • Hungry Hog

    Jeff Lebo is out at Auburn. 6 years. Do you think alumni there wish they would have made the decision earlier? You bet they do.

  • Hungry Hog

    And Corliss is Head Coach at UCA…

    We can do it too!

  • Here are some interesting things about Pel’s 4th year team at South Alabama.

    * Tallest player was 6-9

    * Guards were all 6-4 or shorter

    * Forwards all 6-6 or 6-7

    (see more: http://www.usajaguars.com/SportSelect.dbml?SPSID=

    As for team stats:

    * Highest scoring avg on team was 13.4 pts/game

    * A 6-2 guard was the highest rebounder on the team with 4.5/game

    * No one averaged more than 3 assists a game, but the team avg’d 14.1

    * Team averaged .3 more rebounds a game than opponents

    * Team defense allowed opposing teams shoot 44% from floor and 30% from 3pt

    (see more: http://www.usajaguars.com/pdf4/52186.pdf?&ATC

    I’d really like to see some footage from that year — to see what kind of system was really in place there. The team went 24-7, won the Sun Belt and lost in the first round of the NCAA (Florida won 76-50). Not too shabby. Could he do the same for Arkansas? Maybe so. I think he’ll need some taller players, though.

    • soupdhog

      I love your stats seth – thanks for posting them. I agree we need at least one 6’5″ or 6’6″ guard, and a post player 6’11” or taller. Without that type of presence up top and in the paint, I’m afraid we can’t contend for an SEC or National Championship.

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  • Swineherd

    Tom and Seth already expressed my sentiments: Thank goodness it’s over.

    I’m gonna take a break from commenting hereupon. Razorback football and basketball are the only sports I follow. Judging from the lack of comments on the baseball posts, I suspect many of you share my lack of interest in the diamond game. Too slow for me.

    I have enjoyed the discussions about the players and coaches and the games, and I respect the depth of knowledge all of you have displayed about the players and the sports and the history of Arkansas athletics. I have developed a real fondness for the regulars and their comments on this site. I appreciate the time and effort you have taken to carefully explain your positions.

    I suppose I’ll be back for football season. It looks to be an exciting campaign. I am very disappointed in the basketball program, but I’ve probably said everything I have to say on that.

    Special thanks to Tipster and HogBlogger: You guys have a great sports blog. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks again.

    • Swineherd – thanks being a part of this. We appreciate you and all the people that comment more than you would know. We love this stuff.

      Don’t be a stranger. We want to hear from you when football starts up.

  • Chitown Hog

    Who ever thought that the screen shot on ESPN that displays a potential tourney team’s record would prominently proclaim Arkansas as a “bad loss”. Embarrassing and pathetic.