May 24, 2018

Arkansas 31, Georgia 24

Ryan Mallett / DeAngelo Tyson (AP Photo/John Bazemore) #12 Hogs win thriller in Athens

Behind another big day for junior quarterback Ryan Mallett, Arkansas went to 3-0 for the first time since 2003 as the 12th-ranked Razorbacks defeated Georgia, 31-24, at Sanford Stadium.


Dylan Breeding / Shawn Williams (AP Photo/John Bazemore) Ryan Mallett / DeAngelo Tyson (AP Photo/John Bazemore) Greg Childs / Bacarri Rambo (AP Photo/John Bazemore) Bobby Petrino (AP Photo/John Bazemore) Knile Davis (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Rudell Crim / Kris Durham (AP Photo/John Bazemore) Cobi Hamilton / Sanders Commings (AP Photo/John Bazemore) Ryan Mallett (AP Photo/John Bazemore) Greg Childs / Wade Grayson (AP Photo/John Bazemore) Bobby Petrino (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

  • donkeydawg

    Just wanted to stop by and congratulate you guys on the win. The better team won; everything we got during our comeback was very hard-earned. Hope you win the SEC-West. I know it’s improbable that we’ll see you again in Atlanta, but anything’s possible in the SEC-East this year.

    • Guinness Snout

      Thanks donkeydawg. I was stuck biting my nails by the TV like most. From what I could see, your freshman QB looked pretty good and the crowd was intense. I hate to think about how that could have turned out if Green were playing.

      • jimdogg

        Am I the only one who was p.o.ed at the love being given to Georgia by the announcers. I know, I know, they like to hype up the great comeback thing, but I think those guys were as stunned by the 32 second drive as were the Georgia fans. More accolades were given to that last play by the following TV scoreboards then by the Georgia cheerleaders (oops, announcers). I was on the verge of the throwing up if A. J. Green’s name was mentioned one more time. Nothing was said about the absence of Dennis Johnson whose kickoff return yardage was not chopped liver and who was our number one in the running back rotation. The kickoff and punt returns were reversed with Georgia on its last punt trying to keep the ball away from Adams, but Arkansas never getting much beyond the 20 on kickoff returns. I think the constant reverence to Green was also demeaning to some of the Georgia receivers who made some great catches. Johnson may not be Green but he was sorely missed. Excuse me for being provincial but losing Mallet would be more devastating to the Hogs (or any other team) than Georgia losing Green. Georgia is still a good team but they won’t be facing another QB like Mallet. I wouldn’t count Georgia out of as a major factor in the SEC West. When they get Superman (as Green was indirectly referred to) back then they should easily handle Florida (if the announcers are correct). Murray is going to be a premier QB in the league and Georgia’s future success will be more dependent on him than on Green, after all, someone has to get the ball to Green.

        Mallett just got a leg up on his Heisman race with Pryor. Locker is out. Keenum is down, Dalton and Moore are playing relative cupcakes, Green has lost 4 games of statistics, Ingram is just getting started, and Peterson won’t get enough face time with interceptions because any intelligent QB will try to not throw his way (MSU QBs being an exception). Newbies lack a volume of work as yet. A lot riding on the Alabama game not just for the “Backs but also for Mallet. Mallet’s last second heroics were overshadowed by the remarkably unexpected call by Michigan State to throw for an overtime TD when wisdom dictated a field goal. Irish fans are still in shock.

        One last gripe about media love. On one TV scoreboard program it showed the Big Ten just behind the SEC in power ratings. What? Outside of OSU, based on scores to this date, the other top teams in the Big Ten don’t seem to be on the same level as similarly placed teams in the Pac 10 or Big 12. PR is everything. Or perhaps I’m too much of a dyspeptic grouch about the sports media (and refs).

  • OwassoHog

    Huge win for the Hogs!!! Great job guys… Jake, what a monster hit on the QB! Way to go on offense with not rushing too much as the clock ran down in the 4th!

    Sets up a huge… MUST win for us next week in Fayetteville against Alabama! Let’s get the party started early!!!


  • Anonymous

    Whew that was WAY too close. We are no contender for Alabama next week playing like this. HAVE to calm down on offense under pressure, get ALOT more consistent with defense, and freakin MAKE TACKLES. I’m thinking its a good thing for us that Green got denied his appeal this week. That being said… I love dem Hogs!!! Heck of a year to be a Razorback fan! Thanks Arkansas for making life a little easier on an Arkansas fan living in Georgia today. Going to take me hours to calm down from this one. 😀

  • oldskooljt

    Boys, that win today was HUGE!!! Did you hear that crowd during the 4th quarter?? That was a hostile environment….GA had ALL the momentum, and the Hogs calmly drive 72 yards in 32 seconds….wow!

    This is the type of game we would have lost last year.

    Go Hogs!!!!

  • opionatedblowhard

    A win on the road at Georgia is a great start to the real season.

    We are still making too many mistakes, but getting better.

    To win next week, will require and inspired defense and we have to get pressure on their quarterback. Defensive line will have to pick it up a notch and linebackers and secondary have to make their tackles.

    How bout that Hocker stepping in and making a 48 yarder. Special Teams is so much better this year.

    • OwassoHog

      Personally, I think that the crowd is going to have to play it’s part in the game!!!

    • jimdogg

      Alabama will pound it with their running backs to keep it out of the hands of Mallett. Mallett and the receivers must have a record setting day since I don’t see Arkansas stopping “Bama” between the 20s. Red zone run defense will be critical. Robinson must come up with defensive sets that will contain inside the 20. McElroy is ancillary but could be the straw that breaks the Razorback’s “back”. Pressure on the QB will do no good unless the Hogs can get out to a good lead and force a passing game. Otherwise, its run, run, run. BP has got to come up with some imaginative, unexpected offensive sets. Every series will count. BP said he had some new stuff for the Dawgs, but the “new” stuff I saw was with Georgia with Murray running with the ball. BP will have to go “wild west” to win this one with Mallett throwing almost all of the time. (question: why did it take until the last series to get D. J. involved? Now that could be a new wrinkle).

  • Great win by the Hogs today. I agree that we would have lost this type of game last season.

    We are better on defense. That has been proven now. This was a proven test on the road, not only for them, but for the offense and Sts as well.

    We are much, much better than we were last season.

    I still don’t believe we’re playing on the same level Alabama is, but since we’re playing in Fayetteville this time, we have a legitimate shot to win this time. I really believe that.

    ‘Bama will be tougher on D, compared to Georgia, but the Hogs will have the homefield advantage in this one and will be better prepared to play football than we have seen a Bobby Petrino coached team play to this date.

    This should be a great football game.


  • soupdhog

    This game turned out a lot tougher than I thought. A few missed holding calls kept UGA in the game. But how about Mallett’s poise and Childs making a great play to win the game on the road?

    Not to make excuses, but it seemed like the big plays were due to communicating the defensive play calls due to the crowd noise, and as a result our guys were out of position. Seemed like the tempo push in the middle of the 4th caused some issues. Our lack of depth in the secondary showed a little – our guys were gassed and apparently Willy didn’t want to go a little lower in the depth chart a few plays so Crim and Broadway could get a breather.

    Great game by Madison though – great break ups and open field tackling. Good LB play and fantastic D line play, especially the last series. Our D finally came up with the big series when it counted the most.

    How about Breeding’s 60 yard punt? Hocker’s 48 yd field goal? Adams punt return for a TD? Even though it was called back, you can see the potential there.

    The outstanding news after this win is that the Hogs will get better…I think MUCH better. It’s only the third game, and they’ll hit their stride in the next few weeks.

    Re: the running game. Our O line created some great holes, but it seems our backs don’t have the vision to find the holes like DJohnson does. There were times that if Green or Wingo went right instead of left they could have broken some big runs. That should come with more experience.

    I like our chances against Bama. Mallett will completely destroy their secondary. All we have to do is stop the run (sounds easy, huh), but our swarming D puts us in a position to do that.

    The atmosphere will be unreal next Saturday – can’t wait!

  • Soup,

    I agree Mallett is capable of destroying ‘Bama’s D-secondary. I just hope ‘Bama’s D-line doesn’t destoy Mallett first. (fingers crossed)

  • Tomahog

    Great Win! I wonder if Nutt is wishing he was still at UA after a loss to Vandy and JSU. Petrino is the man!

  • Carolina Hog

    I went to the game and was really impressed by the class of Georgia fans. I was actually more embarrassed by the conduct of the drunk Arkansas fan beside me. You’ve got to remember who you represent when you go to these games.

    As for the game, when was the last time all 3 facets of the game worked together to get us a win. I don’t know how it looked on TV, but with Breeding punting out of our endzone and our defense completely gassed, that game was over. I thought our only chance was to get to overtime and I really didn’t think we’d even get that far. Then Breeding kicks a hell of a kick and we cover well to pin them down at the 35. Big Jake makes that sack and the offense closes the deal. The thing I noticed too on that last touchdown was that Mallett just took his mouthgaurd out, put it in his helmet and walked off the field. Last year he’d be thumping his chest and yelling at Erin Andrews. He really has grown up. The other thing that stands out in person is that Joe Adams is the baddest man on the field. He really stands out.

    As for Georgia, Richt should resign after the year, take some time, and make a move somewhere else. There comes a point where a change is just needed and I think that fanbase is ready. I believe Richt is a great coach but once the base loses faith, I don’t think you can get it back. We all got a good view of this with HDN. Bulldog fans weren’t even angry after the game. Even worse, they were indifferent. One fan told me he was glad that lost to us instead of having to sit through overtime. True it was easily the hottest game I’ve ever been to (people fainting in the concourse afterwards) but I would’ve sat there all night to watch us win.

    This brings us to next week. I think we are becoming a good team. Maybe 10-2 or even 11-1 but I don’t think we are real close to ‘Bama. They are that once a decade team. But on any given Saturday, anything can happen so let’s take our best shot, leave it all on the field and see how we stand against the best. Go Hogs!

    p.s. Please stop running Broderick Green into the back of the line. Sometimes I feel like Bobby P. is the love child of Ken Hatfield and Jerry Glanville. We are going to stubbornly run it up the middle half the time and the other half we will sling it all over the damn field.

    • Carolina,

      I do agree it does get old watching B. Green run up the gut at times, but I think CBP’s philosiphy behind this is to keep the opposing D honest by pounding them occasionally with a big body.

      I did notice that Georgia’s interior D-line wore down a bit as the game went on. On the other hand, I thought our interior O-line handled themselves pretty well.

      If there’s one complaint I have, it would be the early game run-blocking.

      We seem to get beat there on most plays and our RBs timing on the good blocks appear to be a little off just a little.

      I’m hoping for improvement as the season continues.

  • Green, Beans & C

    Congrads Hogs!

    Great show of Greet and Fortitude …Knew they would made a run and Manned-up and handled business when poise and toughness on the road …outstanding! Still need tweaking(tackling)and polishing(few -not many – overthrows and drops) … And the running game …???- its needs a complete overhaul…Cannot… Willnot compete for div., conf., and/or N.C. with this running game. Must get better Quickly… Someone has to stepup NOW at RB … Maybe when the Pistol is unhostered, this issue will be resolved ??? … With such a running game then GA has no time to make a run because UA is gaining rushing 1st downs and eating up the clock and GA’s TOs Nv. runs it nicely by the way … Saban’s team is now going to fall for any razzle-dazzle so the Hogs must play Fast, Physical and Smart …. D needs be prepaired mentally to grind it out when the O stalls out. D2s need be Ready to made a contribution … The 2-minute drill …ahem …30-second drill is ON-POINT! …Tick… Tick …Tick …Wait, hear that ??? BOOOOOOOOM! ST’s are about to BLOW-UP! The punter can flip the field from anywhere. The FG guy can nail a 50-yarder … And that #3 is going to PT for a TD or two or three!!!

    Go HAWGS

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