October 17, 2018

Arkansas 31, LSU 23

The Boot / Jermaine Love / Ben Cleveland (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

ESPN.com: Arkansas states BCS bowl case by tipping LSU

Ryan Mallett threw for 320 yards and three touchdowns as No. 12 Arkansas made its case for the school’s first BCS bowl game with a 31-23 win over No. 6 LSU on Saturday.


Ryan Mallett / Lavar Edwards (AP Photo/Danny Johnston) Ryan Mallett / Kelvin Sheppard (AP Photo/Danny Johnston) Knile Davis / Barkevious Mingo (AP Photo/Danny Johnston) Les Miles (AP Photo/April L Brown) Tramain Thomas / Stevan Ridley (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Alex Tejada / Patrick Peterson (AP Photo/David Quinn)

Jermaine Love / Stevan Ridley (AP Photo/David Quinn) Ryan Mallett / Jarius Wright (AP Photo/Danny Johnston) The Boot / Jermaine Love / Ben Cleveland (AP Photo/Danny Johnston) Ryan Mallett / Les Miles (AP Photo/David Quinn) Joe Adams / Tyrann Mathieu (AP Photo/David Quinn) Ryan Mallett (AP Photo/April L Brown)


  1. Holy smokes!!! This is a great team, coaching staff, and program!!!

    GHG!!! WPS!!!

  2. Biggest win since the 70s or 80s. I’m not sure which one I would pick. A win in the Sugar makes Arkansas at top 5 team for the first time since?????????????

    Congrats to Bobby, the coaches and the kids. Well, well done. They got better every game this year. That is the mark of a great coaching staff.

    Time to give Willy some love. He gives up 23. Saban gave up 24.

  3. Exactly, GolfHog…got to give Willy some HUGE credit. The offense made plays, no doubt, but the D pulled us out of some huge holes tonight after turnovers by the offense. Tigers had less than 300 yards of offense. I say the D won this one.

    This program actually feels like a legitimate, big-time program, doesn’t it?

    • AND, how about the Hog defense in the face of cripling field position errors by the offense and special teams. I was so pleased that we either stuffed them or made them kick field goals! I say we retain Willy, fire John L and keep building a dynasty.

  4. It feels good- real good-

  5. Mike in Magnolia says:

    We just beat the #5 team in the nation!!!! Why? Not because we were able to get the players up for an upset game but because we are top 10 team. The Hogs are back on the national seen year after year.

    • Great point Mike. I was thinking the same thing – no more “miracles” – it shouldn’t be a miracle to beat LSU.

      War Memorial was awesome. That was the loudest game I have been to in a long time. The scoreboard there just sucks. The speakers do too. The crowd showed that we need to keep games in Little Rock. Need to upgrade the speakers and for crying out loud, put in a scoreboard that works. My iPod has a countdown timer on it that works better than that.

      But back to your point – it feels so good to have a team that expects to win every game – and not be a “spoiler team”. What a great system.

      Get Bobby his football operations center and whatever he wants. The man can build a program.

      Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. Tired of hearing the Big 10 junk. We need to represent.

      • Re: the Big 10 Junk

        You should try being over here in Georgia. I live in an area that is WAY more ‘north’ than ‘south’, mainly due to the transplants from the Upper Midwest. Those transplants cover the gamut but, as you can probably imagine, the most vocal and arrogant of those hail from THE Ohio State University.

        Really hope we don’t see a return of the team that showed up in the Liberty last year (and, for the record, I seriously doubt we do).

      • I totally agree with you about the speakers…I made comments the whole game about how I think that stadium needs a souped up sound system where you can feel the sound like at a concert or sumpin. Time for an upgrade for entertaining us all….Go HOGS!

  6. footballhot1 says:

    Let’s hope that Coach Petrino can be happy at Arkansas. I want to keep him for a while.

  7. Hawgfan100 says:

    To Willy and his D: Thanks for validating my faith in you. It’s been tough at times these past three years but sure feels ‘sweet’ now! ;^) Great, great game!

    While I can understand the concern regarding CBP, after all the hard work molding this team/program into the success it is now (not to mention all the hard work expended on recruiting), why would he want to go anywhere else? This staff and program are poised to do even greater things in the near future. Relax, sit back and enjoy: it should be a helluva ride!

    • Well, I too hope Petrino doesn’t come down with wanderlust – It will likely happen eventually… I just hope it’s 10 years down the road. Of course, I felt the same after HDN’s first couple seasons but gradually became disenchanted.

      It’s possible though that his job hopping reputation may be a stabilizing factor. I’d think that after the heat he took when he came to Arkansas, along with the nasty taste the NFL leaves in a lot of college coaches’ mouths would cause him to be more likely to stay in this position for a while. And like The Ole’ Ball Coach, taking a historically second tier program to national prominence would probably boost his ego quite nicely.

      Of course, if someone offers him huge money to go somewhere else, I’m sure he’ll have to listen. That’s just the way it works. But listening and acting are different things entirely

      • I may be naive but I just don’t see the up side in barely getting something great going in Arkansas then jumping ship once again. There will always be those programs that will flash the cash to a coach with Petrino’s obvious skills but I believe CBP has learned the available lessons from previous situations of this type. I could be wrong but I think he wants to be in a place that truly appreciates/supports he and his program in a manner necessary for the level of success he knows he’s capable of. He has that in Arkansas.

        Now, when you talk about human beings, you would be foolish not to acknowledge they are more than capable making choices that are unfathomable, to put it mildly. Petrino just doesn’t’ strike me as one of those. At least not right now. ;^)

      • I hope you’re right, and I think you probably are. But I’ve been disappointed in the behavior of people before.

        Regardless, we have him now, and hopefully Ryan Mallett will decide to pull a Peyton Manning (but actually be successful). After finishing this strongly, and a BCS bowl victory we will be rated quite highly next season. If Mallett came back, we’d probably be 1 or 2.

  8. Great win for the Hogs yesterday. I’m pumped up for a great big taste of super sweet SUGAR!

    Never thought i’d hear myself say this, but “GO AUBI, EAT SOME CHICKEN, BABY!!!!!” There, got that outta the way. Now, back to business.

    I really hope we get Ohio St. in the Sugar. I’d love to see the Hogs beat those guys. Only Florida and LSU have gotten to play those guys for big stakes in the past. Even if it isn’t for all the marbles, I say it’s finally our turn to shine.

  9. Hogs are 7 in BCS poll. Good argument for Sugar Bowl!

    We are the second highest rated team in the SEC AFTER the regular season.

    Wooooo Pig Soooie!

  10. I don’t think we have to worry about Petrino leaving. He is leading one of the top 2 programs in the #1 rated conference in the country, getting a great salary, getting some new facilities, is stacked with players for the next 2-3 years and has a great recruiting pipeline. What other job opening has that to offer?

    Go Hogs!

    • Hawgfan100 says:

      And there you have it. ;^)

    • At this point in time Petrino is not going anywhere, unless he is offered really big cash. Looking at the national coaching picture from a Petrino perspective it looks like this. Miami just fired Shannon. A surprise considering the teams 7-5 record, and has yet to play their bowl game, and that it plays a respectable non-conference scheduale. Also, President Shalala wanted him to stay, probably for non-football reasons. The name that leaps out at me for the job is Mike Leach. His firing at Tech was due to being mean to Craig James’ son. I think Miami can live with that if they want to win. I don’t think that Petrino would want to jump into that snake pit and there is that tremendous competition for instate talent. UMich. may come open. In my opinion, Rodriquez is on the way out. Wolverine alumni are tired of losing to OSU and Mich. State. After the bowl game the hammer will drop. Michigan has one of the most explosive players in America and one of the most implosive defensives. To say it sucks would be kind. The defense will not heal in one year, and Michigan fans can expect more of the same with UM looking like the two Is, Indiana and Illinois. Because of the pressure and serious defects this is not a good job for Petrino, however, look for UM to offer Les Miles, an alumnus, BIG money to come North and straighten things out. I don’t think the money was there for Rodriguez, since it was step up, but it will take money to get Miles. Miles and Chavis are defensive gurus and might make an immediate impact (at least that’s what the UMers might be thinking). Miles has never been fully accepted at LSU and the feeling was that he won his national championship with Saban’s players (with this year’s win over ‘Bama much of that has been erased). However, he may not feel fully appreciated in Baton Rouge. But it will still take lots of moolah to make him leave.

      That will leave the LSU job open and a very good job it is. Petrino will not be interested because at this point in time it would be a step sideways with even greater accumulated expectations than at Arkansas. There are a lot of very good coaches out there who would be good hires for LSU including Patterson and Peterson, and if you’ve been listening to ESPN you will hear Malzahn’s name mentioned more often than Chizik. Two other good jobs may come open soon, maybe not his year but next. I think that Tiffin is a fill-in for the vacuum that was left by Carrol and that the situation was not good for a really first class coach that USC requires. Then there is Hootie at Ole Miss. Think what Nutt’s record would have been if Masoli hadn’t come along, and next year he’s still without a QB. I think the Reb fans maybe realizing he won with Ed Ogeron’s players and now he’s on his own. Black Bear job would be a step down for Petrino unless they came with wheelbarrows full of cash. Unlikely unless they keep losing to MSU and LSU. Bottom line: Any coach can be bought with enough money, but I don’t think that those jobs are out there yet, except at UM and Miami. Also, if Petrino did flee the Hogpen (unlikely) then the Razorback job now would look very good to those successful Western Coaches whose offensive philosophies are similar to Petrino’s. Arkansas is in good shape. Not to worry this next year but after that, maybe worry about USC-West.

      • I Like Pigs says:

        If MI ever goes looking for a new coach, their first call will be to Jim Harbaugh.

      • Pigs: Could be Harbaugh, but Like Petrino Harbaugh has too good a job where the expectations are not quite as high as at Mi. And Luck is a sophomore. Miles probably would be a good choice because of defense which Mi desperately needs. (The two top Big Ten teams have developed a reputation for stout defenses). Miles might listen because of insecurity. Miles also has a longer track record. And a national championship. Last time around Mi alums were interested in Miles. I don’t think that has gone away. Miles has also coached and recruited in a much tougher league, in fact, the SEC West in itself is tougher than the PAC 10. One other factor is that Miles has developed recruiting contacts in a football rich area, especially for linemen. On the other hand there is this mad hatter thing. But could be Harbaugh. My money is on Mi firing Rodriguez if they lose their bowl and secondly, the job is Mile’s if he wins his bowl, and if he wants it. He may not want it. LSU is loaded on offense for next year and may not have as much trouble scoring. Could be big trouble if Peterson decides to stay. If Cam Newton and Mallet leave then LSU will probably be the football magazines favorite for winning the West. This was a good year to catch LSU.

        Here’s a curiosity: If Chizik wins the BCS championship it makes the second head coach of an SEC team who formerly was headman at Iowa State to win the big one (Miles is the other).

      • I Like Pigs says:


        I think Miles’ reputation, earned in games like those against Tenn earlier in the year, will hurt him with MI going forward. He’s done well at LSU, but I have to wonder how much were just lucky breaks saving him from bad decisions.

        Also, he was Okie State’s head coach, not ISU.


    • Mallet staying is improbable but not impossible. The fact that he has been shut out of the O’Brien and Heisman awards has (unfairly) diminished his PR value, but what the scouts think is more important than those awards. Mallet will explore what his options are and how much money he would miss. If Mallet has a good bowl then the chance of his being in the first round is very good. The good news is that although Petrino has to rebuild the OL the rest of the team looks good, very good. If Newton goes into the draft,* then the Hogs will have a shot next year at the West championship which might be attractive for Mallet to stay. If Newton stays, however, Auburn remains the strong favorite. And then Mallet goes. If Newton goes into the draft he will be the number 1 QB chosen. Then you have Luck, Dalton, Locker, Kaeperninck and others that will also be competing for the QB choices. Mallet maybe the best pocket passer available which is the pro-game. Question is what team will go first round for a QB? I would bet that the Vikings will take a QB with their first choice to replace Favre. Tennessee probably wants to get schuck of Young. Other than that I don’t know which team would benefit from a new inexperienced high QB choice (Sanchez, McCoy, and Bradford may have changed that thinking).

      *If Newton wins the Heisman, is first team All-American, and Auburn wins the national title, and he stays then there should be a real investigation. I mean what’s to stay for? Root for Auburn and Newton in the next two games.

  12. I don’t believe Petrino will go anywhere after this season.

    Miami isn’t a school Petrino would be interested in. There’s too many in-state rivals and Miami is only interested in winning. Shannan just needed a competent QB if he really wanted to pass the ball that much. They have a terrible decision maker the QB.

    What’s the real injustice of Miami firing Shannon? Only Air Force and Navy have graduated more players on average since Shannon became the Miami head coach 4 seasons ago. That tells me a lot.

    I don’t believe you ditch a coach like that. Something tells me he wasn’t that far away from turning things around on the field.

    Anyhow, I’m not convinced the right openings are available at this time and CBP seems to be pretty content right where he is.

    Mallett is more than likely gone, but as someone mentioned, he could pull a Manning. For that matter, he could do a re-run of Bradford, McCoy or Tebow. Take your pick. If he, J. Adams and G. Childs all return, with J. Wright, C. Hamilton and C. Gragg waiting for his turn to shine, our chances of competing for a NC are pretty good IMO. All indications are we’ll be better in all aspects of the game.