October 17, 2018

Arkansas 38, Mississippi State 31 (OT)

Knile Davis (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

ESPN.com: Arkansas fights off Miss. St. in double overtime

Ryan Mallett threw for 306 yards and three touchdowns, including the game-winner to Knile Davis in double overtime, and No. 13 Arkansas beat No. 22 Mississippi State 38-31 on Saturday night.



  1. Glad to get outta there with a Win.

  2. opionatedblowhard says:

    Hocker s actually human.

    Great game on the road. What a freak blessing of a play where Nelson hits the ball with his helment forcing a touchback. If I were him I would say that was my plan.

    Bobby didn’t freak out and stop running the ball after Kniles fumbled. Good deal.Kniles learned a valuable lesson about looking for the first down instead of protecting the ball.

    Bring on the Tigers. With an excellent opponent, Ryan will get the crowd atmosphere he deservers to go out on.

    • Hocker has been good all year. That was only his second miss. It was a bad hold.

    • A freshman hitting a game winner on the road, in front of millions on TV, and with 50,000 cowbells clanging is not likely. That’s why Bobby tried to get as close as possible or hope for a breakaway run rather than have him try to kick a 40 yarder on 1st down.

      Hocker is a great kicker – I can’t blame the kid at all….not that you’re blaming him opinionated.

  3. Hawgfan100 says:

    KNILE. KNILE Davis. Don’t be like all those idjit announcers and pronounce the man’s name correctly.

  4. Not to excuse Leon but… anybody else think that the ejection was a bum call? I certainly did see him shove the other player didn’t see any punches. While this “action” happens all of the time it seems a little much to eject a player just because it was after the play. Leon certainly deserved a 15 yard unsportsmanlike call but ejection… I don’t think so.

    • opionatedblowhard says:

      I thought the ejection was a bit much he was on the bottom of the pile getting who know what done to him and got up shoving with both hands. I didn’t think it was a punch.

    • HOG FAN n MOBILE AL says:

      The punch by Leon was obvious and as much as I hate to say it, he deserved the ejection. There is no room for that kind of behavior in sports. It was an embarrassment.

    • What I saw on replay was a player kicking Leon when he was down and the referee was standing right there. I wonder if MSU coaches were thinking that refs were looking for personal foul calls on the Hogs. I may be parnoid but I thought that there was a lot of “provokin’ goin’ on” by the Dogs perhaps taking the home field advantage. I don’t have a problem with the ejection, but have other SEC players being prevented from playing in the beginning of the next game in a similar situation. If I were Petrino, I would object to the SEC office. (I wrote this on Sunday, but the Demo-Zette reported on it today – I was disapppointed that the announcers didn’t comment on it, the kick that is*.) Here’s a suggestion to the SEC and all NCAA leagues, use replay to see who instigated a personal foul. Retaliation may not be in order, but 15 yards is serious and can change the game around. A quick look can tell if further review is necessary and leave it up to the replay but booth not as a challenge. Offsetting penalities but the play stands along with and an ejection warning given to both of the the players. That is if these leagues really want an honestly referereed game. After the Florida game I have my doubts; replay showed in spite of the “Florida” ref standing there, that the Gator player instigated the contact and did a flop. To this point Nebraska piled up a huge number of penalties relative to A&M. What may have given the con away. and was a Florida moment, occurred when a Husker came in clean and tackled the QB. It was not a late hit nor was it a head to head. The Nebraska player was flagged for uneccessary roughness (shoulda had that ref for the Auburn game). The announcers thought it was a bad call. I could not help but think that the refs were sending a message to Pellini and the Huskers that your leaving the Big 12 is not going to do you any favors reffing-wise in your last games. Or maybe the league just wanted to have another team (A&M) in the top 25 poll. For the record, I’m glad A&M won for the Razorbacks sake, but for fairness…Hmmm. One last thing about the reffing at MSU. On the Razorback show on Sunday Petrino showed a sack play where Wright was not just being held but being tackled. No call. A clue about how the SEC is treating the Razorbacks should come from the league office today. They should not suspend Leon considering the kick he received. Or also similarly hold out the MSU player for the Ole Miss game. Otherwise replay is becoming a joke.

      * Is it just me? I think that the announcers have done a very good job but why do I a get a subliminal feeling that in every Razorback TV game that the announcers want to see the other team win. Am I that far gone? Maybe it’s just that the Hogs are not a ball control or possession team and the announcers have more time to be nice to the other team’s offense. Nah.

  5. Beans, Greens and Co says:

    Great game!!! Lots of grit … overcame on the road against a very tough MSST … Solid play on all fronts … Agree w/OH, Leon lost his Kool … True but it was a Shove, not a Punch. STs played well minus 2 plays … running into the kicker… And it seems that the ‘Backs could have stopped at least one of those slooooow developing 4-down conversions (Fake Punts) … Got to get that handled … ‘Cause the MaDD HaTTer will try it all night next week. … FG kicker is but a Frosh, sure to hit a lot more than miss B4 he’s done. Passing game solid but missed a few keys … Running game very effective but does KD seem to favor his arm or shoulder after long runs? … Noticed it agnst Vandy and its seems every game there after … Could be how he gains breath control but he’s been on camera pacing aroung and even bent over favoring his arm or shoulder … Just a observation… He’s a beast … Congrats to KD and the entire O for his 1,000 rushing w/ more games to play!!! …Imagine KD getting 20+ carries a game from the seasons start… Get your Brasso and polish cloth ready to take The Boot in the Rock!!! GHG!!! WPS!!!

  6. Hungry Hog says:

    The Arkansas Razorbacks take the field…

    And a whistle is blown…

    False start, number 73 on the offense. Penalty is 5 yards, remains first down.

    • Swine O Mite says:

      Amen to that Hungry Hog. I would like to know the number of times Ray Dominges has jumped off sides this year. I’ll bet he is averaging 3 to 4 per game. That kind of stuff can be the difference in winning a game or losing it. Why can’t he remember the snap count for 20 seconds?????????????????????????????????????

      • Hawgfan100 says:

        I believe the three he got in the game brings his grand total up to 12 for the year (but I could be wrong; its difficult finding reliable, up to date stats on penalties).

  7. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Domingez’s continueous false start issues. I’ve rattled off a few curse words myself on occasion after one of his many penalties. It seems as if he’s good for at least 2 or 3 every single ballgame, which always seems to turn out critical in stalling out really important offensive drives.

    I will say this though. He’s evidently a stud when he’s not commiting these infractions, otherwise, he wouldn’t be starting every game.

    We’ll probably miss him a bit when he’s gone.

    • Swine O Mite says:

      I’ve thought the EXACT same thing Gonzo. I wonder why he continues to play when he is consistently penalized for basically “lack of concentration.” I suppose that you’re right though, when he isn’t getting penalized he must do a heck of a job. Otherwise he would be replaced by someone else.

  8. Carolina Hog says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t see how you can call what Leon did “a push”. With a push you put your hand on someone and apply force, with a punch you apply force and then put your hand on the other person. Why am I explaining this? Call it what you want. I saw a punch. Go Hogs!

    • opionatedblowhard says:

      I call a punch a swing not a push upward. Just me. He shouldn’t have done what he did.

    • I have seen worse pushing in the check out line at Wal-Mart. Just happened to be right in front of an official. Stupid move by Leon, but thought the ejection was an over reaction.

      • Sunshine: Maybe Petrino should start recruiting your local Wal-Mart. Sounds like a tough neighborhood! LOL.

    • I think it’s alot to ask 18-20 year old kids to take the cheap shots at the bottom of the pile, get held half the game, and get jawed at and not retaliate at some level. I blame officials for not keeping control of the game. The late hits that aren’t called, Fairley’s pile drives, forearms to the helmet, knee in the back getting up from a tackle, etc….it all escalates to things like this.

      It’s hard to blame a kid – after a while you can’t hold back.

      And as long as the O line blocks for Knile and Mallett the way they have the past 5 games, I don’t mind the false starts.

      • Here’s your answer: Flozell ADams when he w playing for the Cowboys. He was good for at 2-3 false starts a game. Yet he started. But all things must be considered. Ray is a helluva blocker.

      • Soup: My reply on Flozell Adams was not directed to you but others who want to argue push or punch on the head of a pin.. Excellent post. Question: Does the SEC really want to clean this up; or do they want to use personal fouls to perhaps control the destiny of a game?

    • Swine O Mite says:

      It was a punch, no doubt about it. He didn’t use his fist, but the heel palm of his hand was thrust directly at the other player’s helmet. If he had done the same thing and made contact with the other player’s shoulder pads he would have probably still been in the game but playing from 15 yards closer to the MS State goal line. Everyone has to learn to control their temper, even these kids palying football on Saturdays. I hate to say it but I would have ejected him too.

      With all that said, I really like the kid and hopefully he has learned a lesson from this. I hope that incident will not affect his playing status when LSU comes to town. GO HOGS!!!!!!

  9. Defense Wins Champio says:

    I can’t help but wonder what would have happened this season if we went with Knile Davis much earlier in the season. Even looking back, seems to me that he showed the most promise of the backs. I have not been impressed with Green. Although, apparently earlier, the blocking was not working on the O-line but…Green is a load but seems defenses always thrown him back. I like Knile’s style.

    Great win in a hard place to play. I have never been to Starkville but was assured by friend that it is different and hard to play there.