October 17, 2018

Arkansas 41, South Carolina 20

Knile Davis (AP Photo/Brett Flashnick)

ESPN.com: No. 17 Arkansas demolishes No. 18 South Carolina

Ryan Mallett threw for 303 yards, Knile Davis tied a career high with three touchdowns and No. 17 Arkansas handed 18th-ranked South Carolina its worst home loss in five years, 41-20, on Saturday night.



  1. Hawgfan100 says:

    Fantastic all-around win for the Hogs! The only real downer (besides losing Broadway, that is…) would be Wilson’s gift to the ailing chickens in Garbage Time.

    Offense: Great. Cobi and Company make up for the loss of Childs and Knile Davis runs roughshod on the best running D in the SEC. Played tough all game.

    Defense: Great. Lattimore who? Defense logs three TOs and could have easily had more. Played tough all game.

    Special Teams: Very Good. Still giving up too much on KOs but having a Kicker who is a true weapon really feels good. 51 yards? Really? Yes! Played tough all game.

    Common Thread? All Game. Honorable Mention: This team doesn’t let too much get to it at all. Really like the way they keep their heads up.

    We still have too many damn penalties but, man, will I take it! GHG!!!!!

    • Hawgfan,

      I agree on the penalties. Not sure what it’s going to take to get this remedied.

      All in all, i’m very pleased with our overall effort last night.

      Cobi stepped up big and D.J. really took up the slack. Knile is really running well now. I’m really happy with the way he’s performing right now. Wingo had his momments as well.

      Our run-defense showed up again last night. I was really worried they wouldn’t be able to get it done on the road against their super Freshman, Lattimore. They did a great job not letting him establish the run early on and forcing Garcia to play catchup.

      You could tell that was their game plan, but when the Hogs jumped out to an early 24 -10 lead, everything started to crumble.

      I couldn’t be happier with this win. If the Hogs and Auburn can both win out, this would put LSU, SC and Bama behind the Hogs in the pecking order for a BCS bowl bid. I’m not sure who will come out of the East, but if it’s Florida, I think we still get the not for the better bowl.

      I’m lookin at AU in the BCS NC game and maybe the Hogs in the Sugar Bowl.

      By the way, does anyone know which bowl represents the NC game this rear? It isn’t the Sugar Bowl is it?

      • Gonzo, a couple of years back they added a 5th BCS bowl and in doing so created the “BCS National Title Game”. It is rotated between the four cities that host the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, and Orange Bowls, and is usually held a week after those are held.

        This year it is held in Glendale, Arizona and will be played 9 days after the Fiesta Bowl on January 10th, 2011.

  2. opionatedblowhard says:

    I picked us to lose but I am very happy with a complete game.

    Mallet took heat and came through on the road. Congrats to him and the coaches for helping him to overcome his emotions on the road.

    Defense was patient and stuck with their game plan which was a good one and congrats to Willie for making it happen.

    That penalty called on Jericho Nelson was not a personal foul. That kid was not out of bounce when he hit him and the ref that was right there did not call the penalty. It took the guy that through the flag 5 seconds to get there from wherever he was. If this was the NFL there would be no fine. 🙂

    Continued progress for Bobby and his staff.

  3. Easily the most complete game we’ve played in many years. This team may be on its way to the Sugar Bowl with two more SEC wins. I guess it is OK to take UTEP for granted?

    • We have to cheer for Auburn to beat Bama because they’ll go to the Sugar Bowl if they beat AU.

  4. Hawgfan100 says:

    “South Carolina defensive head coach Ellis Johnson was asked when Arkansas took control of the game.

    “Kickoff,” Johnson said.”

    Classic! And exactly what I want to hear about my team.

    Its funny: after a quick check of the blogs for USCe, the fan base (and others) can’t seem to make up their minds on whether the Cocks were looking past a game that ‘didn’t matter’ and were consequently slapped for it or were simply outplayed/outcoached. No need to ask where I fall on that question. ;^)

    “I guess it is OK to take UTEP for granted?”

    Might want to check with ol piss on that first.

  5. Defense Wins Champio says:

    Whew! What a game! Who would have thunk it..esp. a blow out on the road? One never knows and that is what makes college football so interesting. Witness the pasting of TCU by the so called no. 5 team Utah and now the writers have the audacity to still rank Utah. Partisan or just do not want to be wrong in their rankings? Actually I think it is both. The rankings this year makes little sense. Anyway Hogs on a roll but I just cannot pull for AU over Bama but I do think that AU will win that game.