October 17, 2018

Arkansas 58, UTEP 21

Joe Adams / Antwon Blake / Wiston Jeune (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

ESPN.com: Mallett breaks TD mark as No. 15 Arkansas rolls

Ryan Mallett threw for a school-record five touchdowns and ran for another as Arkansas (No. 15 BCS, No. 14 AP) defeated Texas-El Paso 58-21 on Saturday.



  1. Guinness Snout says:

    Guess the red pant curse is over.

  2. Hog Fan In Tn says:

    I didnt really like them that much I think they should stick with the whites for LSU

  3. I love the red pants.

  4. Heard a very interesting ESPN interview with coach Mack Brown before the UTEP game. Two things stuck with me. First he said that the worst thing for him was to have his coaches and players not respect an opponent. (He was probably thinking of Iowa State). At the beginning of the UTEP game, I thought, “Oh no, a Mack Brown syndrome. East Carolina deja vue”. The Miners were making it look too easy. Fortunately the ship got righted, but I wondered if the players were looking ahead to the next two games. The second was when Brown said that if a player, say a DB messes up, then put in another DB, and if he doesn’t do the job then a third. If the last one fails then fire the coach. I was thinking back to Nutt and the Arkansas receivers during Hootie’s last two years. Dropping balls, not getting open, not running good routes and not fighting for the ball. Yet no change at receiver coach. I took a quick look at the Ole Miss-Vol game and saw Reb receivers dropping the ball. Hmmm. Now, the Hog’s buggaboo of poor tackling, especially on special teams, showed up again early with the Hogs . It did get better, primarily with more players getting to the ball carrier. Looks like somebody yelled at the defenders. Somehow, this must be improved for the next two games, especially with Peterson running back kicks for the Tigers. John L., remember Brown’s second adage. (I haven’t been as unhappy with Robinson as many here; that red zone defense makes up for a lot)

    To be fair, I thought the UTEP tackling was worse. And I think that at least the refs didn’t try to hose the Hogs and the Piggies might have gotten a little homecooking. There was not a good replay on Vittitoe’s fumble in the end zone, so hard to tell. I think the sideline penalty on the Hog player was a makeup call for Price’s penalty for irritating the refs. In the Auburn’Georgia game, it was clear on replay that during Newton’s dive into the endzone that the ball was coming out. So the Hogs are not the only one on the short end of the SEC replay refereeing stick.

    Hogs should be ready for MSU and not look ahead to LSU. Bulldogs have trouble scoring. Arkansas’ D should be able to rattle their QBs

  5. We really need to ban those red pants. Ugliest things I ever saw. We look like Indiana, for cryin out loud!….. UGH!!!!!

  6. Hawgfan100 says:

    Nah…those red outfits are TIGHT, man!

  7. Hawgfan100 says:

    Question: What is the longest run for a score that Mallett has?