May 24, 2018

Arkansas 75, Grambling State 52

Rotnei Clarke (AP Photo/Beth Hall) Arkansas 75, Grambling State 52

Rotnei Clarke scored 20 points, connecting on five 3-pointers, as Arkansas opened its season with a 75-52 win over Grambling State on Thursday.


  • oldskooljt

    Hey Tipster,

    How about a few bullet points / brief synopsis on how the Hoops Hogs looked in person last night?



    • Uh…you’ll have to ask HogBlogger. Yours truly was not there…”in person.” :s

      Sunshine was out of town or I’m positive he would’ve been there.

      As for me, I’m sure I’ll get out there sometime before the season is over. Maybe.

  • Roadhog

    Rotnei’s elevation on his jumper is not much higher than mine: two inches, at least.

    • GolfHog

      Love that hand in his face; how short are the Grambling guards?

      • Roadhog

        Perfect form for Rot, the key to field goal accuracy, especially if you have WMD (white man’s disease). [Like me.]

        Glad to see Rotnei suspended for a coupla games. Hope he’s a bad boy now.

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  • Roadhog

    Love seein’ Marshawn knock down the three. Hate those coaches who don’t let the big man shoot the trey.

    One of the reasons I liked Florida’s nat’l champs was Donovan let his big men, Noah and Horford, run the floor. Any coach who suppresses a player’s talent is a loser. I let my big men do it all.