May 24, 2018

Petrino Agrees To New Seven-Year Contract

Bobby Petrino (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Arkansas and Petrino reach new agreement

The University of Arkansas and Bobby Petrino have agreed upon the terms of a new seven-year contract that will extend through the 2017 season, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long announced on Saturday.


  • soupdhog

    ESPN and Florida can suck it!

  • Hawgfan100

    Outstanding!!! Money definitely well-spent. Glad to have this question settled. Now..on to the Sugar and OSU.

  • Hogfan23

    Latest news is that Florida has hired Will Muschamp as new coach. What a let down! That’s the best Florida can do? Should tell you something about their program. Great news about CBP, the future is very bright for the Hogs! WPS!!!!!

    • Hogfan23

      One more thing, I have so much more respect for Coach Petrino after looking at some of the details of the new contract. He could have held out for so much more money. So much for the job hopper, money grapper crap that most of the media spews.

    • Someone on this blog, sometime ago, when I mentioned that Malzahn might be available for the Florida job, replied taht Florida doesn’t hire assistant coaches. Hmmmmm.

  • Hawgfan100

    An $18 mil buyout?! Think CBP is tired of being labeled ‘mercenary’ or ‘job hopper’? WOW! Can anyone think of a coach with a similar or larger buyout?

  • GolfHog

    Great News.

    I can’t help but reflect on our years in the wilderness as Arkansas reclaims it’s natural spot in the top 20. Arkansas never should have fallen to the depths for some thirty years. We are similar to Oklahoma; we rely on Texas to fill the caps in our numbers of local talent. Texas can supply Oklahoma and Arkansas just as Florida supplys Georgia and others. Even old Danny Ford proved that. But, you have to join the major college arms race to stay up with the leaders. Arkansas was run on the cheap until now. The hiring and keeping of Petrino is much like Stoops to Oklahoma and Saban to Alabama.

    We’re back. What great fun. Next years team may be even better. Atlanta here we come. I can’t wait. But, first, a great win over THE Ohio State University.

  • T-towner

    Merry Christmas Hog fans!!!

  • Mike in Magnolia

    Happy Day! Happy Day! I wonder if Coach will get an apology from those maligned him so mcuh.

  • Hawgfan100

    Yeaahhh…keep dreamin’!

  • Keeping Petrino is a very, very good thing. Golfhog mentions our wandering in the wilderness. But we’re not out of the woods yet, regarding national recognition. I was watching the Bowl Mania show on ESPN and I realized that although I respect those guys opinions, I wondered how much they really knew about Arkansas. One commentator said that it hinged on which Mallet would show up, the inconsistent or the consistent one. I thought they may have been talking about last year and reading short summaries. Mallet was inconsistent last year, but this year with his passing average and other statistics it’s hard to find fault. The two games Arkansas lost were Alabama and Auburn. In the Alabama game, although Mallet threw the game ending interception, I fault Petrino for the loss. BP tried to sit on a lead and play it safe without a running game (which came later)and didn’t open the game further with Mallet throwing more. I admit to not being a football guru, but when you keep running into a stonewall of a DL and there are other options….well. The interception was presumably a teaching moment, i.e., if you going to throw the ball away then really throw it away, especially if you have the arm. That kind of mistake will get you into a lot of trouble in the pros Ryan. In the Auburn game, Mallet was injured and had to leave the game. So I think the inconsistency business is a red herring. MOre important, regarding the outcome of the Sugar Bowl, according to the ESPN guys, was that no attention at all was paid to the recieving corps. I don’t think those guys know how dangerous the Arkansas recievers are AFTER the catch. The speed of Hamilton and especially Adams, and the elusiveness and physicality of Williams tells me that the OSU secondary is going to have some nasty surprises. This is the best set of recievers in the country even without Childs, but nothing was said of them. The one commentator who favored Arkansas said that Arkansas played a harder scheduale than OSU (1 team in the top 25 vs 6). Robert Smith then said, Hmmm. Arkansas did play some hard teams. It left me with the impression that these guys haven’t looked at the respective records. Also the country (55%) favored the Buckeyes (didn’t look at the records either). So Golfhog, the Hogs still need to play for respect. Good incentive for the Sugar. So BP let’s not pull a Saban, Spurrier, or Nutt. This game is important.

  • GolfHog

    I have no doubt that Bobby wants to win every time he takes the field, especially this game. For all of the reasons that give, January 4, the Sugar Bowl, in prime time, is Arkansas’, and Bobby’s, as the new undisputed face of Razorback football, top ten, nationally significant, coming out party; IF we win.

    We have not been in the spotlight beyond Mallett in several years. So, I wouldn’t bang the ‘we get no respect’ drum too loudly just yet. Let’s see how they talk about us in 2 or 3 more years. If they still ignore us, then we will have a good case.

  • Much reason to celebrate guys! Whooo-hooo! Now that’s what i’m talkin ’bout!

    You know where you can stick it, Pat Forde! The same place Mr. Finebaum can! Some place where the sun never shines and it sure as hell ain’t Florida!

    GO HOGS GO, BABY!!!!!

  • Since Arkansas is going to play a Big Ten team you’all might be interested in that league’s naming their two new divisions: Legends and Leaders (I am not kidding about this. LOL). The comments from Big Ten fans on a Chicago newspaper’s web site are hilarious. They all hate it. Also the new logo for the BT was hooted down. (some suggested it was designed by the kids at the BT office’s day care center). I tried to get on the web site, but failed (it’s those strange letters your supposed to repeat when you register-why do they do this?). My suggestion was Rustbelt and Ethanol Divisions. Sounds like an opportunity for some taunting in New Orleans – like Razorbacks, REAL legends, or something. Walking down Bourbon Street one spots an OSU hat and shouts out, “legends and leaders, HAH”. I wouldn’t recommend doing any of that because that is really, really hitting below the belt. One responder wondered why the league did not consult with the nationally known Northwestern business school for marketing advice. I thought that they probably did consult Northwestern, but with the law school. Presumably The legal beagles racked their brains to be PC and not offend anyone (However, they ended up offending the intelligent). The collective opinion of Big Ten fans was that the Big Ten office is run by a bunch of idiots (and you’all thought the SEC biggies’ decisions were, at times, questionable).