May 24, 2018

Florida 75, Arkansas 43

Mardracus Wade / Scottie Wilbekin (AP Photo/Matt Stamey) Florida 75, Arkansas 43

Kenny Boynton scored 20 points, Vernon Macklin added 13 and Florida rolled Arkansas 75-43 Saturday night for the team’s seventh win in eight games.


  • soupdhog

    I’ve resisted and tried to stay positive, but I’m officially in the get rid of Pel camp. Something has to change.

    • sg

      Wow. I never thought I’d read those words from you. Realistically, though, what is there to be positive about besides our defense being a touch better this season?

      I think, though, with the highly coveted 2011 class, we have another 1.5 seasons-worth of Pel. You’ll get more than your fill. My fear is that with the new kids coming in, we’ll win more games, but it won’t because of Pel’s coaching.

    • soupdhog

      I know – I never thought I would say it…but I’m sitting there in pain watching Clarke run in circles around the court with no one setting a good screen for him…Johnson flailing away from the basket rather than going up strong….Petersen dribbling around for 25 seconds cause no one can get open…no effective defensive adjustments. As others have pointed out before, it’s coaching. It’s horrible.

      I want to be supportive, but I don’t think I can anymore. I’m obviously still a vigorous fan, but I’m ready for a change.

    • Mike in Magnolia

      Well I guess I will go on record and say Pel must go. This is a pathedic display of college basketball. We need to bring someone in who knows something about Raxorback basketball history and pride. Pel can’t motivate and he has no respect from his players. Just watch how the players react when there is a time out. There is no one paying attention. Not mention Britts tweet last month.

  • I hear ‘ya loud and clear, soupdhog. I feel the same way.

    I’ve tried my best to look at all the positives, but CJP is becoming more of a School Priciple type of authority than a basketball coach.

    It’s like he’s so caught up into doing all the little things just right off the court that he can’t focus enough time into just being a basketball mentor to these kids.

    Maybe too much pressure is being put on Pel to clean up everything else off the court, other than just producing a winning product on the court.

    I dunno anymore. It’s looking pretty grim right about now.

    I only have 1 fear of letting Pel go after the season. Will we lose any of the recruits he has coming in?

    I listened to Ron Crawford talk about these kids on the Bo Mattingly Show a couple of days ago. From what I understand, listening to his comments, these kids really want to play for CJP and have a very good relationship with him.

    There’s no doubt Pel did a great job bringing in and signing this class, but surely these kids are watching the current basketball team and have to be scratching their heads a bit. I know I would be.

    This is the problem. Can we really bring in (afford) an established enough head coach to keep the kids attention?

    If we bring in another one of these “up and comers”, it’s all going to fall apart.

    The kids will want a proven winner, otherwise, I suspect some of them will lose interest and ask for a release of their scholorship.

    I could see both out of state kids (Young and Abron) leaving out, and possibly even Madden, who almost didn’t come here to begin with.

    Are you listening, Jeff Long? If going a different coaching direction ends up being the plan before too long, you had better come up with another Petrino-like hire, otherwise, it’s likely to get ugly.

    • Roadhog

      Gonzo, I think you nailed it when you called Pel a “School Principal type of authority (rather) than a (college) basketball coach.

  • In other words, if you can’t bring in anyone, other than a “diamond in the ruff”, you might wanna just leave it alone for another year, at least until the new recruits have a season underneath their belts.

    By then, they will be established into the program, we will know what kind of players they are under Pel, and no more excuses would have to be made for waiting on a coaching change.

    Be very, very careful, Mr. Long.

  • Good comments guys. I will say that everybody reaches their “tipping point” at different times. Each successive, embarrassing loss adds to it.

    As for the recruits, two things:

    1) Are they committed to John Pelphrey or the University of Arkansas? I know, I know, kids are drawn to coaches. But likewise, don’t you think most just want to win?

    2) Why would anybody think Pel could take a bunch of freshmen and be competitive with them in the SEC? A two-year pass could turn into three or four pretty easy with the “we are young” talk that would be forthcomming. Is that what we’re in for?

    • Sunshine, I think tops he’ll get 1 one more year, but at this rate, he’ll be lucky to even get that if another head coach becomes availiable soon.

  • Roadhog

    I saw part of the game, through my fingers, at a nice restaurant/bar in Harrison. The place is not called Hooters, but it oughta be. That’s another story. I’m glad I was in a public place tho, where more entertaining activities averted my attention from the telecast. If I had been watching closely at home I might now be out shopping for a new TV, images of CJP having pushed me over the brink, pushing me to the point of taking up arms against the offending appliance.

    Pel’s days in Fayetteville are numbered. If all of you guys, who are very loyal, well-mannered fans, most of the time, willing to give a guy the benefit of the doubt, have turned sour on the coach, the discontent that is raging today in less-civilized sectors of Hogdom could register on the Richter scale. If I were Pel I’d be searching for a realtor to list my house and calling all my friends in the business seeking a nice assistant coach’s position in a small town out west. Then I’d look into getting a face transplant.

    • soupdhog

      roadhog, forget about basketball, what we really wanna know is where is this place in Harrison you speak of? 🙂

      • Roadhog

        soup, it’s a really nice place, called JP’s, in a hotel one block north of the square on 65B, west side. Can’t remember the name of the hotel offhand, but a beautifull restored building from 1929. A friend took me there last night, first time for me, but I’m definitely going back. It’s on the way to Fayetteville for me. They have a good menu and selection of beers and wines, and some fantastic racks. I thought Boone Co. was dry, but they didn’t the memo at JP’s. There was no private club redtape kind of rigamarole. If you are in that area or passing thru, check it out. Oh, and they have lotsa TVs and Hogfans and live music.

  • GolfHog

    The way Pel runs off players I don’t know what makes anyone think that he will all of a sudden be able to keep these incoming freshmen happy. Talk about a fool’s game; ignoring your own eyes and all the facts in favor of some imagined outcome that goes against four long years of experience.

    Up to now, Long could get away with saying, “things were bad when he arrived.” From now on its just being stubborn. A proud program is being run into the ditch for no reason. Sure, you have to be careful with your next hire, ALOT more careful that you were when you hired the last two. When I think of the idiotic committee approach that brought us Houston Nutt and Stan Heath it is almost laughable. Pelphry and the head hunter was even worse. Now, it looks like Long may have gone Broyles on us and thinks his job is running the basketball program.

    I like Mike but, there are plenty of coaches out there who will come to Fayetteville to build a program with all that we have to offer. I could list 5 I would talk to right now.

  • Mike in Magnolia

    I have what I think is a great idea……….Fire Pelphrey this week and make Scotty Thurman interim head coach. See what some one else could do to motivate these kids. If it works and we win 8 games we will know for sure that it was coaching. Plus Scottyt was here during the glory days he understands what hog basketball should be.

    • HungryHog

      I agree with Mike here – great idea. Pelphrey is NOT the future. Giving him one year with the new recruits is just a horrible idea. The man can not coach. Bringing in talent to overcompensate for the lack of coaching is not a good solution (we tried that in football with McFadden, Jones and Hillis) Our football program is good now because we have a good coach that players want to play for.

      Recruits are 16 – 18 year old kids. These guys all have visions of the NBA – college is supposed to help them get better so they will be ready for the pros. (this is why petrino is so good). Nobody can look at Pel and think he is going to make them a better player.

      I don’t know if we have the money/ability to bring in a big name coach, but nobody is going to want to play for Pel. At least in the interim, Scotty has been to the mountain top, he has seen the promised land and can tell these guys what it takes to get there. Evans is there – so we have an Xs and Os guy. Not a long term plan though. Hopefully Long is already working his list.

      The team will rally around a change. Adversity brings you together. The fans will rally around Thurman as interim. Then Long has to earn his paycheck and get us a coach that can motivate. The current situation is embarrassing and unacceptable. Answer the Call, Long.

    • Soupdhog

      Another point could be that maybe next year’s class was sold by Scotty? I can’t recall the timing to know if that’s a factor, but I have to think it’s a part of it.

      I’m all for letting Scotty take the reins in the interim. Maybe it’s cause I’m to my tipping point, but it seems like a shake up is needed sooner rather than later.

  • GolfHog

    I hope you guys are kidding. Lord knows you have good reason to.

  • OldRazorback

    I volunteer for the firing squad.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Keep Arkansas Coach John Pelphrey for Two More Years

    10. Fewer fans means easier to clean arena.

    9. Simplifies Foundation and ticket office book-keeping so they can concentrate on football.

    8. Fewer visiting press lowers press room hot dog and popcorn expense.

    7. HIs suit for each game is provided free from the Pee Wee Herman Collection as long Pel doesn’t wear the bow-tie.

    6. Provides kids near court side with enhanced vocabulary lessons not commonly available.

    5. Puts the phrase, “wait until next year” back in the game where it belongs.

    4. Players constantly on suspension saves money on water for showers and uniforms.

    3. No future danger in having to spend money to change out pictures in concourse at BWA of “stars” and great moments.

    2. He doesn’t waste of University time staring in the mirror combing hair.

    And the number one reason?

    1. Avoids fan base having to hear the words, “yeah, right” from Mike Anderson.

    • OwassoHog

      Personally, for #1, I’d gone with “Keep TipsterHog off the streets by giving him something to whine about with his tweets?

    • Roadhog

      Thanks for some comic relief HogBlogger. Thought I would offer a few more reasons to look at the upside, if you don’t mind.

      –Will lower expectations for the next guy.

      –Makes Stan Heath era look better all the time.

      –Validates the statement “It’s just a game.”

      –Motivates players to focus on adademics.

      –Helps fans look forward to baseball season.

      –Takes attention away from player suspensions.

      –Lowers carbon emissions from fans traveling to games.

      –Will add at least two years to the life of most seating in BWA.

  • Coach Pel

    Letter to Fans:

    Good afternoon to the great fans of Arkansas normally I try to stand clear of message boards but I do have those that I peak in on from time to time. I was very disappointed to read about the disappointment that you guys have in me. I guess you guys overlook the fact that I came into a job that no one wanted. I guess you guys overlook the fact that I thought I would be at Kentucky by now. I guess you guys overlook the fact that I am the only coach you will ever have that loves the school so much that I allow my hair to remain our school colors. My job as a college basketball coach is not to win games it’s to make sure these kids can follow direction in life. When I say sit up they need to ask how straight. I have accomplished something no other coach in Arkansas history has by kicking my entire first recruiting class off this team because they didn’t listen. Now that’s discipline right?

    I love the University of Kentuc I mean Arkansas and it was never my intentions to run one of my arch rivals (when I was at Kentucky) program into the toilet before I moved on. A lot of the comments I have read state that I can’t coach. Well it’s not me it’s these stupid high school players that I am recruiting they just want freakin listen. Look guys I am bringing in 3 of our top high school players from this state. Do you really think they would have given a second look at there own state program if I wasn’t the coach here. Look at my record and it speaks for itself. No not my coaching record my playing record because my coaching record can be a little misleading because I expected my 18-20 year olds to act like professionals and they acted….. Well like 18-20 year olds and made me kick them off the team. I wish half you guys had the sense Michael from Stuttgart has and we would be ok. I mean at least he hates the Coach at Arkansas that you all should hate in Coach Petrino, so what he has won a couple of games he still lacks integrity. The man quit on his team with 3 games to go. Those 3 games could have made the difference in a playoff birth. No…. I thought…Well it doesn’t matter he is making me look bad and I hate him. I guess all I really have to say to you idiots is. NA NA NIY BOO BOOO I HATE YOUU UH AD LONG WANTS ME HERE SO GO SMELL DOO DOO. I have a min of 2 years left so jump on board.

    Coach Pel : )

    • Mike in Magnolia

      Coach Pel,

      I am so sorry for what I wrote on this blog page. You made such a strong arguement for staying I feel really really bad right now. Shame on me for ever questioning you or your leadership ability. I take back what I said about firing you this week. I would like to tell AD Long, DO IT TODAY!!!!!

      If we lose to Auburn tomorrow night I will help you load up your UHaul and drive it back to your beloved Kentucky Home. I think your a nice guy with a good heart (for Kentucky) but you do not belong on the razorback bench. I wish you a lot of luck in your future adventures that do not include the Razorbacks. Once again let be apologize for being so brazen with you yesterday.

      I hear something…………..It is music playing……….The fat lady is warming to the tune of “MY Old Kentucky Home”…..I love that song

  • Micheal from Stuttgart is an idiot. Sorry to disappoint you, but the rest of us simply aren’t capable on being that stupid.