May 25, 2018

LSU 56, Arkansas 53

Julysses Nobles / Andre Stringer (AP Photo/Bill Feig) LSU 56, Arkansas 53

LSU made just enough foul shots in the final minute for a 56-53 victory against Arkansas in a Southeastern Conference game Wednesday night.


  • Mike in Magnolia

    I am really tired of watching the Hogs over the last 8 years lose to teams they are supposed to beat. It doesn’t matter that this league play. There was NO way LSU should have won no matter where the game is played. I am just about ready to lose all interest in Hog basketball. Please someone give me a reason to stay interested?????? We shouldn’t have to wait untill next year

    • GolfHog

      You can wait as long as you want Mike. Under current circumstances this cannot get much better. Better talent alone will not make this a basketball program.

      What has happen to Pelphry is a sad mess. It is a shame that this torture has to be carried out in public with no hope of reprieve. There is an old expression that says, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Maybe this is a circumstance where everyone is actually trying to meet their obligations but the pieces simply cannot fit. I feel bad for John. He was not the only one to make a poor choice here but, he is the one paying most of the price. Where do you go when you are in over your head and the water just keeps getting deeper?

      Like it or not; Rotnei and Sanchez need more time on the bench. There are the makings of a basketball team here. They just need a bit of coaching and leadership.

    • icouldjustvomit

      Watch so you can pass the pop quiz:

      #1) Will the hogs lose their next game because

      A– They are opposed to playing the game with a round orange ball

      B– They don’t know where Bud Walton Arena is located

      C– Jumping on that hardwood floor is way too hard on their feet

      D– The game is scheduled at the same time as their nap time

      #2) The hogs can’t rebound because

      A– What is a rebound?

      B– Rebounding is against their mission statement

      C– It interferes with their ability to foul a guy dribbling near half court

      D– It just isn’t cool

      #3) The trumpet players in the band shoot the ball better than the hogs because

      A– The band guys have less tatoos

      B– The band guys don’t chest bump and thus aren’t as sore

      C– The band guys are smart enough to find the gym

      D– It’s not fair that the hogs have to shoot with 5 strangers from the other team harrasing them and trying to make them miss

  • Soupdhog

    Even I can’t spin this one, and I’m not gonna try. We looked overconfident and played lazy. How we come out like that after a big TN win is beyond me. Incredibly frustrating as a fan. Road wins are far between in the SEC and I can’t believe we let a gimmie like this one get by us.

  • I’m stunned as well. I’ve stayed on the Pelphrey wagon through thick and thin, but I’m not afraid to admit I took a pit stop last night at halftime.

    There’s absolutely NO excuse for the way our team played last night.

    No focus, no intensity, no heart, no stratigy, no nothin.

    we were being out-rebounded 30-12 roughly one minute before the half and shot 2 of 22 3-pointers for the game. That doesn’t happen with good coaching. I’m terribly disappointed with CJP.

  • T-towner

    Why Sanchez gets any minutes at all is a total and complete mystery. I love the guy, but he turns it over every time he puts it on the floor and he is a very inept rebounder. I, too, must admit that I am rapidly losing the faith.

  • You would have thought somewhere along the way our Coach would have learned how to attack a 1-2-2 zone. Guess not.

    That was the second worst LSU team I have seen since 1992. The worst beat us as well…down in Baton Rouge last year.

  • GolfHog

    OR, there’s the theory that Pelphry has already given up and is just hanging on to cash the buyout and start over.

  • Roadhog

    This is very sad. All of Hogdom seems to have lost faith in Pelphrey at the moment. I don’t feel so bad for Pel; he’s making a lot of money whether he wins or loses. I am disappointed for the players. They work very hard, and they’re not getting the experience they were promised when recruited. And the whole fan base seems dispirited.

    After four years Pelphrey has not gotten the team back to the level he found when he arrived in Fayetteville. I don’t believe the Powers will keep him around much longer if game attendance remains low. It’s getting close to crunchtime: git er done or hit the street.

    • I believe there’s 2 or 3 thousand that won’t show up for the Bama game Saturday, that otherwise would have, had we beaten LSU.

      Rick Shaffer was talking with someone on DriveTime 2 days ago about how if you’re a team competing to win the West this season, there’s 2 teams you not only have to beat at home, but on the road as well. Auburn and LSU.

      Well, there goes that theory.

  • T-towner

    We need as many Hog fans as possible at The Bud tomorrow for the football recruits. Wow, is that lame?

    • Mike in Magnolia

      I’m afraidif they come to the BB game if they are on the bubble they might go else where,,,,,,,,,,,Never thought I would say that.

    • Roadhog

      All of those who watch from the stands in these hard times are true blue fans, for sure. I tip my hat to you. ‘Preciate what ya do. If I lived in Fayetteville I might catch the game live, but I’m not gonna drive to see it.

      • I feel the same way, Roadhog. I live in Greenwood, so a 1 hour and 20 minute drive isn’t that big of a deal to me, but I’m not gonna drive it unless I know what I’m gettin.

        So far this season, right about the time I thought I had it (the basketball team) figured out, well, here we go again…..