October 17, 2018

Mallett Declares For NFL Draft

Ryan Mallett (AP Photo/Beth Hall)WholeHogSports.com: Mallett Declares for NFL Draft

Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett will forgo his final year of eligibility and enter the NFL Draft.



  1. Hawgfan100 says:

    Thank you for all the fabulous memories, Ryan! And for helping in a big way to revive not only this long-suffering fan’s hopes and faith in the program but many others as well.

    Good luck on Sundays!

  2. I Like Pigs says:

    In past years I would’ve been totally bummed to lose a player of his caliber. While it would have been great to have him another year, I think we’re gonna be alright. Wilson seems like he’s ready to step up and Mitchell appears to be a pretty good QB himself. Not to mention the freshman who’s redshirting (his name escapes me)and Allen who’s on his way.

    All in all, probably the best depth we’ve ever had and a far cry from having to get a former walk on from the intramural flag football field.

  3. I’m sad to see Mallett go. In two years he rewrote all of the record books at Arkansas, was the best passing QB in the SEC, and was one of the top QBs in the country. There is no one in college football that can make some of the throws he can make. It’s a shame he’s leaving early, but not a surprise.

    I’ve read a few Hog sites where some folks say it’s time for him to go. That kind of talk makes me nuts. Why would you want to see a record breaking QB leave the program with eligibility left? Wilson, Mitchell, Walker may be good QBs, but I seriously doubt they’ll be better than Mallett. As good? Maybe. Hopefully.

    With alot of weapons coming back, we should have a good year offensively. But to make a run at the SEC championship and BCS may be tough with a new QB with little SEC experience. Wilson was incredible at Auburn, but he may not be the starter, nor consistent away from home. With games at Bama and LSU, it’s gonna be tough.

    Good luck Ryan, and thanks for all you have done to put Arkansas football back on the map.

    • soupdhog,

      Just a reminder. Alabama’s QB was a no name guy last season. He was a 4rd year Jr. just like Tyler Wilson will be next season, but he never had a game his Soph. season like Wilson did against AU this year.

      Here’s the catch IMO. Bama’s QB played on a great team. He played behind a very good O-line his 1st season and was carried by the defense and great skill players for half of that season.

      Mallett never had that luxury, but he did eventually play behind a very good O-line after they came together half way through the season and K. Davis began to excell. The defense still hasn’t fully hit their stride yet.

      Now tell me this. Would you rather be in Ryan Mallett’s shoes with last years team or the one at the beginning of this season, or would you rather be in Tyler Wilson’s shoes next season?

      He’s taylor-made for the pistol formation and our RBs should be better than ever.

      We may be replacing some very good OTs, but Wilson won’t sit in the pocket as long as Mallett did, looking for options 40 or 50 yards down field when everything is bottled up inside of 20 yards.

      Wilson will make his mind up much more efficiently than Mallett did because he doesn’t have the option of looking that far down field unless it’s a called, designed play.

      Wilson will either take off up the middle for a short gain or he will scramble outside the pocket and simply throw the ball away, rather than take a sack, as Mallett did this season in almost every game.

      A mobile QB is an O-line’s dream. Just ask Terrell Pryor. Of course T. Wilson isn’t T. Pryor, but you get my meaning.

      I think we have a chance to be really good next season. Not because we have a QB with a cannon for an arm, but because we have a QB who will play much more efficient and within himself. Just my thoughts.

    • I agree with GonzoHog. Plus, Wilson is quicker with his feet and release.

    • I haven’t seen much of Wilson’s scrambling ability (haven’t been to spring games), so I’ll take your word for it.

      My point: It doesn’t get much better than Mallett in terms of a passing QB and a leader. It also doesn’t get much better unless we lose less than 3 games. I can’t think of any plays where Mallett cost us the game. I can think of plays where he didn’t bail the team out for bad defense (Bama, Auburn, OSU), so to me Wilson may not be a better QB for us (I hope he’s AS GOOD). If he’s mobile, it’s another angle to defend, but it’s hard to argue we really need that dimension when we’re one of the top offensive teams in the country with Mallett. That’s what drove me crazy when folks said Mallett needed to be benched last year and a few times this year.

      We have to improve on defense to win a championship. That was never more apparent than this year. We made great progress on D this year, but we need to improve by at least 10 more points to make a run. I have more confidence in Willy that he can do the job.

      • soup,

        I agree with you 100% on the leadership part. No one can match Ryan’s fire in that dept. He was a great leader for this team. Probably the best we’ve ever seen at the QB position.

        Wilson definately doesn’t have the arm-strength Mallett had either, but I do believe he’ll set up quiker in the pocket than Ryan did with his footwork and be more accurate consistantly with his throws inside of 20 yards.

        Wilson is also a very good passer to the RBs out of the backfield. I think this bodes well for the pistol formation.

        It’ll be interesting. Can’t wait for spring already.

        GO HOGS GO, BABY!!!!!

  4. Kansas Hogfan says:

    I have to think Mallett waited to see what Andrew Luck was going to do. When he decided to stay at Stanford, he had to know that if he left to go to the NFL that a) he moved up a spot in the draft and b) he would have had more competition for the Heisman had he stayed. While I am sad to see a player of his ability leave early, I understand. He had to do what he thought was right for him. He did graduate last month. I hope for his sake that there is no NFL lockout next season.

    Thanks for the two years, Ryan. They were good ones. I’m not too worried about the quarterback position next season. The hallmark of a Bobby Petrino-coached team is depth. We were only going to have him for another year anyway.

    • I agree with your assessment of the effect of Luck staying. Now it will be a tossup as to who is the No. 1 QB in the draft. Newton, [assuming he goes) will be No. 1, or in the top 5. Carolina must be upset because they felt that Luck would be their best bet (he is mobile, tall, and physical). They have to hope they don’t win any games next year if they want to get Luck. Now who will they pick?* Mallet? I don’t think so, Mallet is a work in progress. Ryan would be a good fit for a team like Oakland where he could play behind Jason Campell for a year or two. Titans need immediate help. But Mallet’s too green to start.** Vikings a possiblity. Don’t count out Dallas and Jerry Jones who might give Mallet a shot at eventually replacing Romo if he continues his mediocre ways. Anyway, it will make good cracker barrel conversation. Last I heard Mallet was rated 31st best pick, but depending on a team’s needs he could go earlier. One last thing about Luck and Mallet. Luck’s dad was Oliver Luck who played QB for West Virginia and lives in Houston. I assume that Oliver has done well which explains why Andrew is not that needy to get the big bucks. And getting a degree from Stanford carries weight. My understanding is that Mallet’s father was a high school football coach and therefore is not rolling in dough. In fact, Mallet has mentioned in the past that he was tired of being poor. I, unlike, many others in academe, have never resented or denigrated the motive for making more money. Good luck Ryan, make the most of it.

      *I’m betting that Carolia will pick Newton if he goes hoping he will be another Micheal Vick, which is a good possiblilty (actually, I think he’ll be better than Vick)

      **Some freshmen QBs have made immediate impacts, such as Sanchez, Ryan, Bradford, and even Stafford. It seems that Mallet’s greatest assets are his laser throws that NFL receivers whould be able to handle and stretching the field. However, he seems to need work on screens. wideout throws, soft throws, improving his limited mobility and throwing the ball away. I mentioned Oakland but Al Davis got burned on Russell who could also throw hard and long, and even had the advantage of running down hill well, …except east-west where he was a tipover. Mallet does throw better over the top as seen in the two TD passes in the Sugar. We’ll see.

  5. I’m very sad to see you leave, Ryan, but thank you for the incredible contribution you made to Razorback football. Your talent and leadership put us on the map again. Best of luck to you always and we’ll be rooting for you on Sundays.

  6. Change is challenging and exciting. Seems like yesterday we couldn’t wait for Mallett to get eligible and now two very good years are gone. Obviously one more year makes him an SEC legend if they get the O-line up to speed. On the other hand, that fact alone may be good enough reason to move on. Next year’s QB may need more mobility.

    May the best man win. Wilson and Mitchell have all the tools. One of them has to step up and be The Man. Should be great fun. I can’t wait.

  7. I think everyone, Petrino and Mallett first and foremost, came into this season with this expectation.

    As someone alluded to in an earlier post, look at the depth we have. Credit goes to Petrino and staff for that, no doubt. In previous regimes we would be in serious trouble, but now there’s much hope.

    I wish Ryan the best.

  8. I liked Mallett, but I think it is time. He has helped raise Arkansas to one of the elite programs in the SEC. He set Arkansas and SEC records. He has done his job. But he has graduated, and the other quarterbacks in our system have been patiently waiting for their turn. Tyler Wilson may not have as strong an arm, but he is more mobile. The foundation has been set, and we will do just fine without Mallett. I will miss D. J. Williams more. He was probably the best tight end ever to play at Arkansas.

  9. Good Luck on Sunday Ryan. We will miss you and your tremendous contribution to the Razorbacks. Thanks for the memories.

  10. I am somewhat saddened to see Ryan go. He’s been a great leader for his team and has set a fine example of behavior for the school and the state, a class act all the way.

    But it’s time for him to go to the next level. No college player is ever ready for the NFL, but Ryan is ready for the NFL draft. To be ready to play in the NLF a player must practice with and compete against NFL players, something that can never happen in college. And certainly Ryan knows firsthand what unforeseen events can knock a player out of the game. He needs to capitalize on his accomplishments while he can, knowing not whether he would ever have another chance to play pro if not now.

    It is Petrino’s responsibility, not Mallet’s, to ensure the future of Razorbacks football. I have confidence in Arkansas’s players and coaches, that they will keep the Hogs competing at a high level for a good long while. As a fan I feel that is all I can reasonably ask.

    I wish Ryan great success in football and in life.

  11. Ryan’s ready. He would not have increased his draft stock by staying another season. Needs to go make his money. He’s represented himself, his family, and our university well. I’m sure he will do the same in the NFL.