May 24, 2018

Arkansas 77, Kentucky 76 (OT)

Marshawn Powell / Terrence Jones (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Arkansas goes to OT to upset No. 22 Kentucky

Marcus Britt’s layup in the final minute of overtime lifted Arkansas to a 77-76 win over No. 22 Kentucky on Wednesday night.


  • Stanz

    The fact that there is only one comment 1 hour over a win over Kentucky lets you know- Pell Your Fired!

    • In defense of the coach, I was a little late getting the post out here. :s

    • Hawgfan100

      People like you are the reason I don’t post here anymore, chief. Not any perceived shortcoming from the team or staff. This was a great win. I loved watching every minute but this blog isn’t the place to enjoy it or share that enjoyment.

      • tomahog

        I suppose you do not believe in freedom of speech. I welcome both sides of the argument, we should know how all hog fans feel. You probably want to shut down Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Good win for hogs but I also want the best the program, not just last night but for years to come and Phel has not proven to be the man. I hope to be wrong but do not chastise fans for having an opinion opposite of yours.

      • T-towner

        I for one definitely want to shut down Rush and Fox. Being in Oklahoma, the Red State rhetoric gets tiresome—–even when I agree with what is being said. Great win for the Hogs!

  • Soupdhog

    I’m so conflicted. As a fan, I’m excited for the win. As a believer that Pelphrey should go, I’m a little disappointed as I’m afraid this win locks him in for another year. I can’t remember the last time we beat Tenn, Vandy, and Kentucky in the same season. Exceeding our win total from last year and potentially finishing second in the West makes Pel’s job more secure. As far as attendance, with wins like this one people will come.

    I hope this win is the turnaround this program needs. After losing so many close games, maybe this team has figured out how to win the close ones.

  • sg

    Great game and win for the boys and Pel! Looking at the stat sheet, UK out-rebounded us, had 8 TOs, and shot over 80% from the line…but lost. Never would’ve guessed that. And I’m glad.

    Win or lose this game tonight, I would say that the effort was def there. If the hogs played like that all season, it makes losing easier to swallow — sometimes the other team plays a little better for the win.

    Hope this gives the kids the boost they’ve been needing. Finish strong boys! Pel, make me/us believe.

  • Bacon Bits

    I am sooooo relieved/excited/happy we won the game. I just want to say congrats to the basketball program for this big win. Can we finally stop asking for Pel’s head and concentrate on next year. I already know some posters are going to spin this VICTORY as a bad thing. EX:(we should’ve won by more, any other coach and we win by 20). Anyway WPS!!!!!!

  • They did a nice job tonight and deserve a lot of credit for a big win. Obviously the criticism of the last two weeks has lit a fire under them, at least for the moment. It was good to see.

  • Mike in Magnolia

    Good win for us. We were not as athletic nor did we have the basketball talent that Kentucky had, but we played very hard and very smart. Do get a win like this against their athleticism and guard size I was impressed.

    That’s what I love about sports on any given night anyone win. Powell played tonight like he did last year. It was the first time this year I have seen him look as fluid as he did tonight. He is the key for us to finish the season with 20 wins.

  • GolfHog

    It’s the way they had to play all year if they wanted a good season. Pelphry talked overachieving to death, he just didn’t get the results until tonight. Of course, any team can get up for a Kentucky. Half of our wins are against the best teams in the conference. That bye is sitting there to be had now, thanks to LSU. Do we streak to it and a good finish or go down to Auburn and lose another game we should win?

    It’s Nutty all over again. We are going to be stuck with this nut for 10 years as he wins just enough games to be allowed to hang around and work cheap.

  • Good hard fought win last night. Officials were letting them play. Was nice to see BWA come alive, at least for one game. Sustainability is what we seek.

    • sg

      I’d like to be at the point where we don’t have to overachieve to win games like that. 🙂

  • Great win for the Hogs last night. I haven’t watched a basketball game that competitive all season. The best part about it was the Hogs fought extreamly hard to fight off a very determined Kentucky team, trying to fix their own road woes.

    The difference to me in this one was the constant defensive intensity the Hogs played with almost the entire game. That was a very welcome site to see.

    GO HOGS GO, BABY!!!!!