May 24, 2018

Georgia 60, Arkansas 59

Mardracus Wade / Marcus Thornton (AP Photo/Beth Hall) Georgia 60, Arkansas 59

Trey Thompkins’ free throw with 1.4 seconds remaining lifted Georgia to a 60-59 win over Arkansas on Wednesday night.


  • Roadhog

    That was a pitiful performance, pathetic really. That should clarify the status of the Vandy win as a fluke and not the turning of a corner or coming of age or whatever cliche you want to attach to the game.

    Tonight’s loss was not on Pelphrey. Pel never missed half of the team’s free throws nor the dead layups nor contributed to the -15 rebound margin. Wait, wasn’t Powell going to single-handedly solve the rebound deficits? But Powell did his part to win the game, scoring 27% of all his team’s points.

    SEC PotW Clarke? Guess he lost his touch. Sanchez, the great new hope? Nada. The weather, yeah, that’s it, the cold weather translated into cold shooting for the Hogs.

    Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for Hawgball.

  • GolfHog

    The Pelphry Era Marches On.

    A perfect night in Nashville gave Opie one last chance to show that maybe he could coach after all. Last night’s effort and focus are bewildering but, in fact they reflect pretty clearly the leadership that you see from Opie when he speaks to the media. This is a man with no energy, no ideas, no real committment to excellence or winning. And, his team plays just that way.

    There is talent on this team. There is no focus or plan to be seen anywhere. It’s almost like Opie is waiting for the team to motivate him. We should have had these guys down 20 in the first 5 minutes and coasted home to a win. But instead we simply played down to our competition and wasted any momentum gained by our recent good fortune.

    And, from the administration only silence. There is no effort by Opie to explain the mess or any effort from his boss to motivate or direct him or set a standard that they claim to believe in.

    Just Pitiful.

  • soupdhog

    I’d agree this one is on the players – to a degree. Playing exactly to the LSU loss script, they follow an outstanding win with a big goose egg. You could see that we were running the same sets, but Clarke was running wide on screens and not taking an inside out approach. That’s his fault. No one was looking for Sanchez to get him involved (although his stupid fouls didn’t help matters). Peterson and Nobles dribble too much. No consistent double team help on defense. Poor blocking out or out of position for rebounds – the exact opposite of what they did on Saturday.

    While player execution was weak, Pel is ultimately accountable. He is obviously not consistently motivating this team. Seems almost like Houston Nutt – can win the big games but struggle or lose the easy ones.

    Incredibly frustrating when you see what we’re capable of with consistent focus from the players.

    • soupdhog,

      I agreed with everything you just said, right up to the part where you stated “…but struggle or lose the easy ones.”

      Make no mistake. Geogia is a good team, regardless of what their record indicates. They have been in every single game they’ve played this season so far, and was 12-2 before they faced some of the better easten division talent in the league.

      Don’t be suprised if they go on a run and make the dance.

      • soupdhog

        Good point Gonzo. I guess with all the opportunities we had to put it away it seemed like an easy win.

  • sg

    I struggled through watching the game on last night – partly because of the feed continuing to suck and partly because I completely expected the team to not step on the gas and run Georgia out of the gym.

    As for the outcome, coaches can’t shoot free-throws for the team. Coaches can’t grab rebounds for the team, either. They can teach both, but not execute.

    The offense looked like it moved a LOT better than it had earlier in the season, but apparently Georgia had more of a lock-down defender than Vandy since Rotnei wasn’t able to get going at all.

    And, honestly, I think I heard the “Pelphrey wants the players to overachieve” story like 50 times. My question is two-fold:

    1. What is the goal of “achievement” in the eyes of Pelphrey?

    2. And what exactly is overachieving?

    Is it “we were going for 18 rebounds and got 19!” Or maybe, “we wanted to shoot 75% from the line and shot 90%!” Or is it, “we aimed to play a good game and ended up winning!” Right now, it sounds like a bunch of hyperbole and rhetoric.

    Another thing that bothered me was that one of the announcers quoted Pel as saying (I’m totally butchering this, but this is the gist), “we play a sloppy kind game and that gives us a shot to win a lot of our games.” After 3.5 seasons, Pel has defined our style of play as sloppy?

    Oy vey.

    • GolfHog

      I think the over-achieving remark is supposed to be a clever way of saying these players aren’t very good. I guess the sloppy play remark must mean these players aren’t very smart. If they have been coached in the fundamentals of basketball it certainly doesn’t show. I assume that that is the Long/Pelphry position, “Once we get better, smarter players in here we will look like we know what we are doing.”

      I fear that they are only kidding themselves. They stopped fooling us some time ago.

    • Roadhog

      sg & GolfHog: I think the “overachieving” label, one that Pelphrey has used every year, means that a player or team tries, works, plays harder, at a higher level than they are capable of maintaining. You can do this for a short period, a few games at most, then fatigue sets in and you go into a slump. That might help explain the bi-polar nature of this team: they beat a very good team through sheer exertion, then they revert to form, because they are exhausted.

      The truth is that this team is not very big, not very athletic, not very tough, and not well coached.

  • Mike in Magnolia

    I have not be able to comment for a few days because I’m out of the country but when I finally got on line and saw the score I just shook my head. Since I couldn’t watch the game I cannot comment on it at all but to say FIRE CJP!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • soupdhog

      Mike, you didn’t miss anything you haven’t seen before. The Hogs play sloppy, get a lead, give up the lead, frantically play well enough to tie, then lose the game in the last 10 seconds.

      I just saved you two hours of your life. You’re welcome.

      • Roadhog

        Sui generis.

      • Mike in Magnolia

        Thank you Soupdhog you are now my new best friend.