May 25, 2018

Ole Miss 84, Arkansas 74 Ole Miss 84, Arkansas 74

Chris Warren scored 24 points and handed out nine assists as Mississippi defeated Arkansas 84-74 Saturday in the regular-season finale for both teams.


  • sg

    The media predictions came true! Now, will another media guy’s (from ESPN)?

  • Kentucky Hog

    The one man team of Rotnei Clarke continues to do well, but with no coach and no other quality players (Marshwan Powell obviously not interested), we are headed towards a grand 1st round loss in the SEC tournament and let us all hope the reign of John Pelphrey will be over for good and we will get the quality coach that will keep our incoming recruiting class coming in and get our program back to where it needs to be.

  • Traffordhog

    How long do we fans have to hear “he deserves to get to coach his recruits”. Has he not coached his recruits for the last 3 years and Stans his first year. He has been paid 1.3 million dollars and we owe him nothing. Please get us a real coach!

  • soupdhog

    Let’s hope the next coach gets more out of Powell than Pel did. To go from All SEC Freshman to disinterested is sad.

  • Jay

    From my view, what I saw was an Ole Miss team that couldn’t miss. Play them tomorrow and they don’t shoot that well again. We did a great job of getting the to basket. One of those nights.

    • sg

      You also saw a team that faltered in the second half, again, by going basket-less for 8 minutes. Unless the opposing team goes scoreless for 9 minutes, that’ll never win you games.

      They did play hard, though. And yes, Ole Miss was shooting very well. But even when an ugly win is a win, a not so good loss is a loss.

      • Early on, for most of the 1st half, it was said Ole Miss shot 82% on their 3 pointers. Who does that?

        Another thing was that R. Clarke couldn’t buy a foul call, even when they were obvious. I think that also had something to do with D. Johnson fouling out near the end. Not using that as an excuse for the team, but those things certainly didn’t help our cause.

        I thought we played through it pretty well though. We fell behind by 15 and come back to cut it to 4 at the half.

        There were some positives in the game, even if we did lose. What I can’t figure out is M. Powell. He seems to be his own worst enemy.

        Personally, I think he has a problem with his dedication to the game.

        He seems to be one of those guys that takes his God given talents for granted. He obviously needs to spend his time in the weight room a lot more often.

  • On a brighter note, you guys need to check out this link. B.J. Young is the man.

  • T-towner

    The parties over——turn out the lights.