June 20, 2018

Game Predictions — Texas A&M

Congratulations to reader AbrHAMLINKHog for the closest prediction last week of 38-17.  His quote: “Too early in the season for this Hog team to win on the road at ‘Bama. Wilson has 2 or 3 interceptions and the running game is not strong.  Defense tries hard but can’t hold the gate all day.”

Honest, Abe…brutally honest.  But we know you had to go with your gut.  You weren’t alone.  And while it may take some time to get over that one…I’m sure we will someday.  Lucky for you, though, you’ve got a new RBN T-shirt as a memento to regularly remind you of the 2011 Arkansas/Alabama game!  Ah yes…every time you put it on to mow the yard or wash the car, you can remember all those missed tackles.  Ha.

Let’s move on…shall we?  Here we go:

Texas A&M AggiesWalking on Sunshine:  I had this one down as a loss before the year started.  Thought the Hogs would have trouble with A&M after spending a lot of emotion vs. Alabama.  But you don’t spend a lot of emotion when you take a beat down like we did last Saturday.  It feels like a rebound week to me…let’s see if the Aggies cooperate.  Arkansas 34, Texas A&M 24.

HogBaller:  I learned last week that I’m not ready to quit my day job and become an Oddsmaker for Vegas.  How the Hogs come out and respond will tell a lot about the character and makeup of this team.  A win gets the Hogs back on track and almost all of the season goals remain within reach.  Look for the energy and focus to be high for this one.  “Welcome to the SEC” 42, “Can we play in the SEC East?” 20.

HogBlogger:  It’s always hard to beat a team three times in a row.  Texas A&M 31, Arkansas 24.

TipsterHog:  Not sure some Hog fans appreciate the job Mike Sherman has done to rebuild this A&M program.  But they will after Saturday.  The Aggies show they are more than ready to compete and win in the SEC.  Texas A&M 28, Arkansas 24.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And feel free to add your own take like “The University of Farmers has a football team?” or “Aggies gigged.  Hogs roll.”

  • Mike in Magnolia

    I have no idea after last week.

    Hogs 21

    Aggies 26

  • ArchHog

    Wow. I was about to start my statement with “I honestly have no idea…”, but Mike in Magnolia already got it. Anyways, here we go:

    I dont think the Alabama beat down will spark the O-line (or most positions) to miraculously become GREAT and get the job done. We got schooled in every aspect of the game last week and TAMU is looking to make a statement this week.

    Hogs – 27

    Aggies – 38

  • Hog At Birth

    Too many injuries to feel good about this one. I’m a Homer though. Another heartache for the aggies, hogs survive 34-33.

  • MemphisHog

    I really don’t know what this week will hold. It will definitely tell us a lot about our team leadership and resilience. Their D looked vulnerable against the short and mid-range passing game, which is almost all we can do on offense right now. However, they also have a great rushing attack and a mobile quarterback, something we struggled against last time we played a team like that (Auburn I think). Our injuries on the D-Line are gonna be hard to overcome, but I think the D really pulls together and stands strong. I think their holes in D open up our running game and I’m hopeful we can get some deep throws for a change. I’m betting our D holds up after facing a much better rushing attack last week, but their dual threat QB finds some running room and they score some points.

    Hogs – 38

    Aggies – 28

  • Ward Hog

    Wow. A lot of negativity. Bama is beastly and they were at home. A&M isn’t Bama! Hogs win in a shootout! Our offense gets it’s swagger back, with our receivers wanting to get that bad taste from last week our of their mouth. Hogs all day! Woooooo Pig Soooooie!!!!

    Aggies 27

    Hogs 45

  • Adam D

    Hogs 25

    Ags 35

  • Andrew

    Hogs 35 ags 24

    We finally get the chance to be the team that’s NOT overconfident. That belongs to a&m this week. Welcome home, fellas

  • uvahog

    Who knows.

    Ark: 24

    A&M: 31

  • T-towner

    Hogs basically gave away 28 points last week. A lot less giveaways this week:

    Hogs 30

    Maggies 20

  • Porter

    After being embarrassed in front of all the hog fan with big expectations, the hogs rebound this week with something to prove. This will be the first game of 2011 we see the hogs with fire in their eyes. Arkansas wins 35-21 over The aggies.

  • Carolina Hog

    Hogs 24-21. Wilson throws for 350+ and Childs gets first TD

  • Jay

    Hogs got dismantled last week. Aggies let one slip away. Big difference, although big difference in opponent as well. Their mindset has to be much better than ours. Hog fans don’t respect Mike Sherman and his team enough.

    Aggies 24

    Hogs 14

  • Everyone seems down on the Hogs. But they ran into the best team in the country last week. And we were playing them at home. The Aggies are not the Tide. Arkansas rebounds.

    Hogs 41

    Aggies 24

  • Collin Stansbury

    Hogs go on a winning streak- the ends in the SEC Championship against Florida

    Hogs 39 A&M 20

  • The Aggies may not be The Tide, but they’re not the team from last year either. Everyone can probably thank me for this one (since whenever I make ‘predictions’, they seem to do the opposite of what I say they’ll do), but this year I think it goes to the guys in maroon. Not by much, but enough to make the hubs a happy man. Since Tipster stole my score, I guess I’ll ‘one dollar’ him. Gig ’em, Aggies! BTHO Arkansas!

    Aggies 27
    Hogs 24

  • HB_NHB

    I honestly think that last years team..mainly on offense was a lot better than this years team. I don’t think our defense is any where near as good as people might think it is, and for that reason..when facing teams with decent to good offenses..we are going to have trouble…Another loss, and another pissed off Saturday for me…

    A&M: 28

    Hogs: 24

  • Brenda

    We beat them the last two years, see no reason why not again this year.

    HOGS 38 Aggies 21

    WPS and GO HOGS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hoglar69

    Living in NC – last week was the first Hog game I was able to watch. I went in very optimistic that some of the early game stats and lack-of-a-running-game concerns were based solely on the fact that Petrino didn’t want to show his ‘hand’ too soon. After watching last week’s game (if you can call it that), obviously that is not the case. I hope I’m wrong, but here it goes –

    Our O-line continues to struggle pass protecting or run-blocking, eventually changing our game-plan to one-dimensional (short-passes). Wilson continues to show heart, but takes a beating again. A&M comes in wanting to prove they belong and pulls out a nail-biter –

    Aggies – 33

    Hogs – 24

    Just a gut feeling.

    Go Hogs!

  • Swineage

    I hate predictions but I’m going for it anyway. Hogs come back. Not that they don’t have trouble with the D line of the Ags but they do come back. My Razorbacks 31 Aggies 24

  • Kentucky Hog

    We saw what we really had last week



  • GolfHog

    Hog’s offense is still a work in progress. It’s past time to run hard and throw deep. We didn’t do either last week. It may take a few quarters to find. Hog’s defense is banged up but ready to handle a college team. Arkansas 24-21.

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  • Roadhog

    Can’t bring myself to vote against my Hogs. Hogs find the handle on the pigskin. Defense saves the day in Dallas.

    Piggies: 35

    Farmers: 28

  • oldskooljt

    Man, we looked bad last week. And A&M SHOULD be due to beat us, but….I just can’t….

    Hogs 31

    A&M 21

  • For sure, the Aggies are nothing close to the Tide. The Hogs are beat up at DE, but they have some good young talented backups there.

    The LBs need to bring it this time. Highsmith didn’t play too bad against Bama, but Franklin played like he had the flu or something. Looked terrible most of the day.

    Aggie RBs Gray and Micheal both run well inside, but the Hog’s interior D-line will be ready for a showdown. If they can hold Bama’s RBs to a goal line stand, they can certainly contain these guys.

    A&M doesn’t play as physical as Bama does, not even for one qr., so I think the Hogs get back on track this week, even without the entire D-line at 100%.

    The Hogs develope an inside running game early, make the Aggie Safetys play up and burn them later in the game with Cobi and Jarius.

    We mix it up a bit with Joe in the backfield and the rest is history.

    Aggies are tough, but Hogs prevail in the end, 38 – 31.

  • HawginSouthBend

    Don’t feel good about this, but being a homer: Hogs 34 Aggies 31

  • FloridaHOG

    It’s hard to have much faith in the Razorback D’s prowess. The Aggies need not be under estimated, but I’ve got faith the Hogs coming out on top 28-14!

  • Little R

    Few teams can match Bama (maybe LSU) and we always seem to take a few games to get warmed up. Don’t think we’ll see a repeat of last week’s performance. Hoping the Hogs give the Aggies a welcome to the SEC 🙂

    Hogs 35

    Aggies 28

  • JayTownHog

    The Farmer’s have been struggling with the pass all season, 109th in nation. After last weeks burn you will see some fire in the eyes of the Razorbacks. Aggie’s want nothing more than to welcome themselves in the SEC with a big win over the hogs, but just like us wanting a big win over Bama some things never change. Hogs say What’s Up in JerryLand with another W.

    Hogs: 38

    Aggie’s: 21

  • soupdhog

    The Ags got tore up by OSUs passing game – and ours is better than theirs. Our D played pretty well in a hostile environment, and Bama has more beef than the Ags. This is a statement game for the Hogs – we have a chip on our shoulder and play with aggression we haven’t seen in a long time. We counter the loss to Bama with a blowout of a ranked team.

    Hogs 50 Ags 17

    • Bleedrazorbackred

      Hell Yeah!

  • pigsooietime

    This one will be close. I think both offenses will do good. Arkansas plays good in cowboy stadium. We should bounce back from last week just like last year. Bama had a stoute d .a&m d dont match up to theirs. We still will have screw ups i think but will be made up for on big plays.



  • Califorina Hog

    I think the hogs will rise up and get a lot lot of support from guy’s we ain’t heard much about..

    Hogs 38

    A&m 17

  • Bleedrazorbackred

    Hogs got dominated and have something to prove. Aggies let one slip away and think they belong in the SEC. Hogs give the Aggies a proper welcome.

    HOGS: 38

    aggies: 23

  • Hogs show a lot of heart and show the rest of america that they are still a team to be reconed with on a national level. O line grows up this week.

    Hogs 30

    A & M 23

  • I Like Pigs

    Us – 39, them – 36??

  • Bean Counter

    A&M is not in Bama’s league (yet) and the Hogs bounce back. I hope…..

    Not Bama. 21

    Hogs. 28

  • OlyWaHog

    The defense comes alive and the offense does enough to win. Same score as last year.

    Hogs 24, Aggies 17

  • Okiehog

    Well last week was horrible ( no reason to beat a dead horse) However as bad as our week was A&M’s was worse. They had the game in hand and let it get away. That is demoralizing!!! Any one remember when Clint Storner fluke triped and fumbled to Tennesee? We had that game won and let it slip away. Completely got us demoralized and the next week we came out flat against Miss. State. Took us half a game to get our heads on right. I predict the same for Texas A&M, they will waste the first half trying to shake the cobwebs out of their head from last week. This will open a huge window for the hogs and A&M cant recover before its over.

    Hogs -31

    A&M – 17

  • OwassoHog

    Hogs pull out a close one 35-33 (just like I did with the posting of this)… just under the wire!