January 18, 2019

Arkansas 29, Ole Miss 24

ESPN.com: No. 9 Arkansas rallies from 17 down to edge Ole Miss

Tyler Wilson threw for 232 yards and rushed for two touchdowns and No. 9 Arkansas rallied from an early 17-point deficit to beat Mississippi 29-24 on Saturday.


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  1. Kentucky Hog says:

    Time to get rid of Willy. Most of our defense has had 3-4 years in his system and we look worse this year than when many of these player were freshmen and sophomores. When a horrible offensive team like Ole Miss can come out and do what they did then we definitely need a change. This team is not nearly as good as the Sugar Bowl team that we had last year.

    • I agree. Said so after last game. Free Willy.

    • Hawgfan100 says:

      Then get rid of Petrino as well. That was also a horrible defensive team we couldn’t score at will on, right?

    • Both the offense and the defense sucked in the first half. They both looked good in the second half.

      If we’re going to fire CWR because of that, CGM goes with him, plain and simple.

      Also, CBP is the head coach. His TEAM didn’t come to play after 2 weeks of preparation for a lousy, stinking team like Ole Piss . Is that Willy’s fault too? (Tyler Wilson completed 46% of his passes yesterday.)

      • Too right Gonzo. Bobby has 18 million reasons why he gets to stay and do whatever he wants. They still have some defense to build, and an offensive line. That was the big mistake in August, thinking this defense had improved because it could handle this offensive line. We have a ways to go.

  2. Definitely a troubling start to this one after a bye week to correct things. If the defense just makes two stops in the first half and gets the ball back for the offense, could have been a much different first half. It’s almost as if the defense isn’t quite awake in the first halves of games or something. But, give Ole Miss credit for executing their offense well, too.

    Thank goodness for Dennis Johnson! What a game. We will have to be able to run the ball to have the rest of the season that people think we can. And, Broderick Green unfortunately looked like the Broderick Green of two years ago. On third and one and then fourth and one in the second quarter he tip-toed to the line and just kind of timidly leaned forward. Not agressive runs at all.

    Plenty still to correct. Thank goodness it’s Vandy next week!

    • Nashville Hog says:

      remember though, didn’t Vandy beat Ole Piss this year. I’m beginning to wonder if any of our games are a “lock”.

      • Vandy is pretty salty at home, but they won’t come close to doing to us the same thing they did to Ole Miss in Nashville.

        Georgia beat them in Nashville. We’re much better than Georgia.

        CBP has got to figure out a way to make sure his teams get off to a fast start. All this standing around with your hands in your pocket in the 1st half has GOT to stop.

  3. I hope CBP makes the entire football team sit and watch the replay of Texas Tech/OU before preparations begin for Vandy this week.

  4. I’m so glad OU lost. Now I don’t have to sit and watch those over rated clowns reclaim the #2 spot in the BCS polls after LSU and Bama beat up on one another 2 weeks from now.

    OSU will more than likely claim #3 now, but they aren’t any better than OU, probably worse.

    If things keep going in the current direction for college football this season, nothing should change the top 2, no matter who wins or losses the LSU/Bama game.

    Whoever losses (as long as it’s close) should have a strong case for #2 IMO.

    Both LSU and Bama are much better and would trash OSU. It would be a shame to see either one of those teams rated lower than those guys.

    Winsconsin was undefeated at home this season. They proved this weekend they’re no LSU on the road. That was their 1st road test of the season.

    Stanford vs. Oregon looms big now. Oregon will jump past the Hogs in the BCS polls.

    It also wouldn’t suprise me at all to see OU drop in front of the Hogs.

    One thing we do have going for us though, as lousy as Ole Miss is, we still found a way to win on the road in the SEC.

    OU got man handled by an unranked team in Norman. That could be the difference.

    Anyone have any thoughts on Boise after they survived Air Force? They could drop in the BCS as well.

    • “Stanford vs. Oregon looms big now.” Not quite Gonzo. What looms big NOW is the Stanford-USC game. USC looks tough enough to give Stanford a run for it’s money. Some of the experts are already predicting a possible upset. Luck will have to keep up with Barkley. Important psychological factors here (1) USC is at home and (2) more importantly, this is USC’s season, their league championship and their bowl game. NCAA sanctions prevent the Trojans from actually winning any laurels but if they beat Stanford they will be in a position to win or tie for the PAC 12 theoretical championship. All will be riding on the Cardinal and Trojan games with Oregon, but USC has a chance to throw in a monkey wrench or a turd in the proverbial punchbowl.

  5. While I’m at it, I might as well go ahead and kick OU a little more while they’re down.

    As far as I’m concerned, they should drop down farther than Winsconsin in the polls. I’m thinking Winsconsin at #10 and OU at #11.

    At least Winsconsin lost their 1st road test on a fluke, (unlucky) last second play to a ranked team. OU was down 24-7 at the half in a home game and was down by as much as 41-24 in the 4th qr. at one point to an unranked team. Big difference.

    • I’d be surprised if OU fell below Arkansas in the polls and BCS. We’ll see.

    • Gonzo, I agree. But as to the “fluke”, remember that MSU was behind the Badgers 14-0 and that the Hail Mary pass, if it had been unsuccessful, would not have meant a win for Wisconsin, but preserved a tie and put the game into overtime. It seems that everyone was thinking that overtime would have favored the Gadgers (sic), except Bielma who knew that overtime was unpredictable. He coached it right. Take a timeout to give Wisconsin a chance at a game winning field goal. But what about this? Not rushing the QB and giving him time to heave to the end zone can be as unpredictable as overtime. Sorta like the prevent defense which never prevents a good passing team to get points. I especially agree with you about Wisconsin being above OU. OU had not really been tested (as Tuberville said ) whereas Wisconsin had beaten Nebraska now at 6-1 and still ranked. But what about MSU? They’ve beaten OSU – North, Michigan (ranked), and Wisconsin (highly ranked) in a row. Rationality says that MSU should be ahead of both the Badgers and the Sooners (I think). OU did lose to an team unranked at the time whereas MSU lost to ND which was ranked at the time.

  6. Considering what everyone else did yesterday, along with the sloppy win Arkansas pulled off in Oxford, I think the Hogs will either stay where they are at #9 in the BCS or slide on up to #8. Not sure though.

  7. Being the third best team in the SEC is not that much of an accomplishment this year. Florida, GA, Tenn, and Auburn won’t stay down too long. We still have a ways to go. No. 10 is a pretty good spot for us until we show something. That said, we have great skill talent that is hard to contain. We should go 10-2 at least with a CapOne Bowl. That’s top ten. To get to Atlanta we’ll need better defense and a better O-line.

  8. Defense Wins Champio says:

    Before we get down on the coaches, stop. Ole Miss’s defense was supposed to be better this year; so maybe their HIGH paid coach finally got it going, although when they gave him the big bucks to retain him, seems as if their Defense has gotten much worse. We will see when they play AU. Also, Ole Miss offense has been trying to find their QB and I felt all along that sooner or later the one from Bastrop, LA would step up. And he did and if had not thrown that interception, who knows what may have happened. Games have many different ingredients from week to week. Just ask Bummer and Wisconsin. I actually was not surprised that TT won. Whenever you build a team up as invincible, look out! Media seems to be crying well Bummers were injured..so have the Razorbacks and as far as that goes Ole Miss, too.

    Since the polls are mosty geographical, I would be surprised to see OU drop further than 6. They also may use this as the time to push Boise and Stanford way up. I believe they will want to position teams like that close enough that when LSU and Bama play, they can jump the loser. I look for Arkansas to drop to 12 or 13…but the voters are sometimes unpredictable. They may give Arkansas credit for winning on the road but when on the road means that so many Arkansas fans are there that is was like neutral territory, who knows what they will do. While OU was losing late in the game, one of the announcers still declared that they believe OU is better than LSU or Alabama. So, there you have their mind-set.

    • This has got to stop. I am agreeing with everyone. Defense I agree with everything you said. Furthermore, to add to your mind set theory, which I think is perfectly correct, the rankings of OSU (especially the computers) and Boise State are a mystery to me. Boise may well be a very good team but they’ve played no one and will play no one, so how so highly ranked? Same with OSU. Very good team but have they played anyone of consequence? Texas and Texas A&M are not that highly thought of to put OSU at 1 in the computers. One suspects that the experts are enamored of the big 12 , as you put it , in a mind set, and they are giving more credit than is due. The Big 12 defenses are not that good. All I heard form the experts last week was that Oklahoma’s defense was not being given enough credit. Yeah right. As Tuberville said, OU hadn’t faced a high powered passing attack and neither has OSU (relatively speaking, except at A&M whose defense isn’t that good either). Good comments. I’ve got to quit agreeing. not as much fun.

  9. To bolster my claim that Slack Willy needs to go after this season, I offer an indirect quote from the man himself, indirect because I saw the same comment transposed with slight differences. He said he didn’t game plan well enough in the first half and that fault was on him.

    I was going to point out that this pattern has been there since the Troy game this year, but Jim Harris takes it further. “No question they will wonder why Arkansas’ defense takes nearly a full half to adjust and play harder. Go back even through the Hogs’ 6-0 run to finish the 2010 regular season and the Sugar Bowl loss to Ohio State and notice how the UA defense appeared unprepared early on for what was coming.” He continues, “It’s become a familiar first-half refrain these days” and then he quotes Robinson: “I didn’t game-plan the first half well at all. That’s all on me.”

    It is hard for me to remember a game when the defense did play well all game. If I recall correctly, it seems our best games last year on both sides of the line were the SC and LSU games. We’ve not yet had a complete game this year.

    Anyhow, I just don’t see much progress with this defense. Sure they are better than they were in “08, but that doesn’t say a lot. The offense always has to bail them out by scoring a lot of points. No doubt Petrino knows 100 times more about defense than I do, and so he has his reasons for keeping Slack on the payroll. That or Willy has something ugly on the Petrinos.