January 18, 2019

Arkansas 38, Auburn 14

ESPN.com: Tyler Wilson’s sharp passing helps No. 10 Arkansas beat No. 15 Auburn

Tyler Wilson threw for 262 yards on Saturday night, completing 19 straight passes at one point, leading No. 10 Arkansas to a 38-14 win over No. 15 Auburn.


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  1. I think it’s great AU’s only points came from the 2 Arkansas kids. Once we shut them down, they had nothing.

    The 92 yard TD by Joe Adams was sweet. I’m really glad to see he hasn’t been called for the new taunting rule this season. He’s certainly had plenty of opportunitys. (see LSU yesterday against Florida)

    Love the fact we get Hootie in a couple of weeks. Plenty of rest time to heal up and get fresh before going on the road again.

    I really hope we embarrass those guys down there in Oxford this time. We’re due for a bigtime route in this one.

  2. Excellent analysis by the two TV commentators especially Blackledge*. First, Blackledge elevated Wilson from preseason no. 2 status to best in the SEC. The receiving corps is now getting it’s preseason hype back, not only with Blackledge but with ESPN, as the best in the country (better than OU or OSU). Second, the idea that Auburn had to stay ahead of the curve was spot on. It explained the Tiger’s victory over USC, based on Garcia having a bad day, reversing the field, and not getting behind. Getting behind the Hogs and being forced to pass revealed a serious deficit in Auburn’s offense. Auburn’s oppnents will try to exploit this no doubt but the Tiger kicking game will even things up a bit. I apologize to Breeding for implying that he was just adequate. His performances against Auburn and TAMU were outstanding and helped greatly in the Hog victories. It looks like the special team play has completely turned around from their past years’ performances. Hocker kicking into the endzone certainly has helped kick coverage. That the Hogs didn’t put much pressure on the Auburn QBs was bothersome, and relied more on the inabilities and lnexperience of the QBs and receivers to connect. But the Hogs were concentrating (I think) on stopping the run – at least later in the game – that damn edge again). Another positive: Cutting down on personal foul and celebration penalties. Of course, refs risk ife and limb (or should) if they call personals on the home team when replay

    shows that the visitor obviously intitiated it.

    I don’t believe that Auburn will have any chance, without some kind of passing attack, to beat Bama or LSU and that decreases the chances of the Hog’s winning the West, but not tying. MSU no better, or maybe even worse, having to go to a second string QB against hapless UAB was encouraging if you are going to play them but not for giving Bulldog fans any confidence. Egg bowl may be more competitive than I thought this year. It may end up being called the “Battle For The Bottom”. Or the

    “Mississippi Mud Bowl”. Oddly, as bad as MSU has started, with Tenn-Martin, Kentucky, and Ole Miss left the ‘Dogs may still get to a bowl game. Problem is that when MSU gets to the Rock it may have to win at least one of its last two games to go bowling. But, as Lee Corso has said, Arkansas never loses at the Rock. And Mullens is going have to save something for their arch rivals.

    *Blackledge and friend missed two calls. First, the hit on Wilson was not a late hit as they called it, but a shot to the head with the helmet. Second, the Tate TDs which they said were TDs. They relied on irrefutable evidence to overturn a call on the field. Oh well, how long have they been watching SEC refs?

  3. Mike in Magnolia says:

    I was Traveling overseas yeasterday and missed the game on ESPN. Did out O line do a better keeping their QB from hitting the ground so ofter?

    • The o line did a much better job. I attribute this to better competition the previous 2 weeks, more experience, and a better running attack. We have continued to show improvement since Alabama beat us up. A week off and we will be fresh for HDN. Air Wilson is the real deal and by the time we play LSU we should have an established running game, better o-line and real chance to beat LSU. Glad we have a few more games before we play LSU.

  4. Defense Wins Champio says:

    Good game team! Nice win. Hats off to the coaches for their game plan. And Team, you sure put the AU radio crew in the dumps. I listened to the game via Auburn U network via Bruton, Alabama, while in Florida. AU’s radio analyst said that “this was the worst ‘refereed’ game he had EVER SEEN.” They moaned about AU being banged up….surely they knew Arkansas has been banged up and lost Davis for the season! In spite of “bad refereeing” he said that a good team should have found a way to win. They never, ever gave Arkansas’ team any credit for doing anything. (They praised the crowd.) However, analyst stated that Arkansas’ fans booed their own team at the end and he said “I have never heard fans boo their own team.” I have heard our fans do that many times but the statement that no others ever have done that is probably false. For top football type analyst, he sounded very unprofessional. Hats off to our radio crew for they are superb compared to AU’s crew. AU’s analyst was very little league. He was unbelievably aweful! We obviously have the best analyst with Keith Jackson. He is superb! He is quick in his analysis, correct and funny. And Keith has a good radio voice.

    • Lols! They think the referees were bad? They must be spoiled or something. I suppose that could happen when they’re used to getting ALL the calls.

      • Gonzo, regarding calls, I have a theory. I could be wrong, but I’m usually not, and in those cases I don’t have all the facts. Here it is: Wilson got a call because of a shot to the head. He has been getting those shots previously but they haven’t been called. So what’s new? Tyler has now become the premier QB in the SEC. Others have gone down or have not performed as well as expected (Relf, Bray, Murray, Brantley,Garcia, Jefferson). The two best teams are now being led by game managers. Also, Arkansas is the third best team in SEC in the polls. I’m thinking that the SEC heads have told the refs to be aware of late hits on Wilson since it is not in the best interest, bowlwise or moneywise, for Wilson or Arkansas to go down based on injuring the QB. I’m not saying that Wilson will get controversial calls, but I am saying that he will get the benefit of the doubt and that coaches will have to tell their players to be careful of how they hit Wilson, because I now think that calls will come the Hog’s way. At least at home. Tebow and Newton were both tough hombres but no one was going to get away with trying to take off their heads. I may be wrong but money is a powerful influence. And right now Wilson and Arkanss mean postseason money and honors for the SEC.

    • Your right about our fans not being the only ones that boo. That announcer has obviously not watched other games in person or on TV where the booing was obvious. When a team is doing poorly, the fans get frustrated and think that they know more than the coaches (which might be true in some cases where I think that the coaches have clutched or panicked and had a brain freeze – consider Les Miles and clock management.) When Alabama comes to Auburn and the Tigers get way behind, and they stick with a predictable ineffective running game (remember Bama vs Gators), then said announcer will hear recipricol boos for not going to a passing game. Believe me, staying with the running game will be Auburn’s best chance for avoiding a blowout bigger than with the Hogs.