January 18, 2019

Arkansas 42, Texas A&M 38

ESPN.com: Arkansas prevails after Texas A&M wastes another big lead

Tyler Wilson and Jarius Wright shattered school records for passing and receiving, and Broderick Green ran 3 yards for the go-ahead touchdown with 1:41 left as No. 18 Arkansas gave No. 14 Texas A&M a rude preview of what it can expect from the SEC next season in a 42-38 victory Saturday.


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  1. Roger Stephenson says:

    Who dropped the coverage for this game with the Hogs driving late in 4th, ESPN or Dish Network? On PO’ed Hog fan!

    • Hog at Birth says:

      It wasn’t ESPN. My Cox connection never went out. I was so close to making the decision to go to Buffalo Wild Wings too. I feel for all you that lost that connection.

  2. I’m with you Roger!!! DVR’d it and got stopped when the Hogs were about at the ten on the last drive.

    Looking back, guys, we WAAAAY underestimated the impact of replacing three offensive linemen. Hopefully Bobby gets the message and runs Dennis Johnson a lot more….Wingo is really soft. Literally dove in front of defenders against Bama instead of trying to bull his way for an extra yard. But, overall, our line play is bad. What were we thinking? Our replacements at tackle were a true freshman and a fifth year senior who up to this point had barely seen the field. What does that say? It says the cupboard is bare on the line.

    And somehow, everyone really overestimated this defense. I don’t get how we could actually look worse than last year. Bottom line is the win, but some major issues to work on going forward.

    • Hog at Birth says:

      Don’t underestimate the value of this win. It took a great team to pull together and come back as the Razorbacks did in this second half. A&M is five points away from being a top 5 team and wouldn’t be an imposter if they were up there. Inexperience and injuries have plagued our lines, they will get better.

      • I wouldn’t overestimate it either. But, we found some things to work on. That’s what September is all about; establishing identity, chemistry, and confidence. We can move ahead. A&M must regroup.

      • Well, thankfully for us, this is a definite down year in the West compared to last season.

      • Jay, are you all there? What does this mean? Like, LSU and Alabama are having a down year?

    • shadowwarrior says:

      You said it. Defense is overated. Can’t tackle which is basic little league. All this reaching for air. Keep your eyes open wrap up and drive thru! Offensive linejmay as well have swinging doors with an invite to hit my qb! Tyler they must not like you very much. Dj showed heart. Bench soft slow wingo please and start dj. Take the win but wow a lot of work to do

  3. Carolina Hog says:

    Defense is decimated with injuries and o-line isn’t devoid of talent. It is young and if we can buy time with a win and a off week, I think we’ll be ready for a run. And as we speak Fla. is beating Bama which puts us completely back in play.

  4. Arkansas should have lost this game. They were not predicted to win in the first place so they need to be quiet because they won by 4. Plus they got blown out by Alabama because Bama is way better than Arkansas. The Razorbacks need to stop telling everyone why they lost to Bama because I can tell you the reason… Bama is a way better team than Arkansas. Too bad we barely get to see inner state rivals in Arkansas because Arkansas State is willing to play Arkansas any time any day. But someone is too afraid that they might lose in the interstate rival. Arkansas is the only state that doesn’t have an inner state rival but has two D1 schools in it. So let me see what you have to say about that.

    • Jaytownhog says:

      I’m not even wasting my time on you, and I’m from Jonesboro. Got a long drive back from Dallas, WPS!!

    • Literate Hog Fan says:

      1. Every Hog fan realizes/understands that on 9-24-11, Bama was a better team and deserved to win.

      2. “Inner State Rivals” – Get a dictionary. You were trying to say “interstate rivals,” which would still be wrong. Inter = between/amongst two or more different entities, as in interstate highways which connect two DIFFERENT states. You meant to say “intrastate,” which means within a single entity, as in within the state of Arkansas in this case.

      3. Acknowledging all of your ignorance, I must say that I agree with you. It is incomprehensible that UA doesn’t play ASU. We paid Troy $900,000 to play us in Fayetteville. Instead of paying that money to the state of Alabama (via Troy), I would much rather pay it to the state of Arkansas (via ASU). A win is a win, and if we’re going to warm up on Sun Belt teams, we might as well keep the money within the state.

      4. I’ve spent time in Northeast Arkansas, and there actually are ASU fans that care about the program as if it were the only show in town. Finally playing them would end this nonsense that UA is scared to lose. Play the game at War Memorial and get it over with!

  5. From a hog fan stuck in the middle of Aggieland, today’s comeback was SWEET!!! But can someone explain why Joe Adams is not getting the ball anymore?

  6. Hawgfan100 says:

    What do I have to say about that?

    Take a hike, troll.

  7. Hawgfan100 says:

    Joe Adams got dinged in the ribs, is what I heard.

  8. Hog way out west here. Incredible to see how the national media doesn’t like us. We have been hit with the worst possible injuries to the key players on offense and defense, and have had to completely revise our approach to the season. And today, you saw that approach take shape. Throw out the Bama game, and the first half of this one. And yet, the media is acting as if we were over rated from the start.

    Until we build a system of re-loading like Bama has (one Trent Richardson – like back after another) we are either going to have to adjust on the fly.

    10 yrs. ago, a year like his would have meant 4 or 5 wins. Not anymore. A bad year means a new years day bowl. And BCS is going to be the expecation. I guarantee you that we, at least, go to a New Years Day bowl, and if we can 1. stay adjusted as we did in the 2nd half today and 2. stay healthy, we very well could end up back in the BCS.

    We have L.S.U’s number. We are in their head. They are the only major road block in our way of going back to New Orleans, at the least.

    • Hawgfan100 says:

      Don’t get cocky, man. We have to find a way to stop teams from racking up all those rushing yards, otherwise we’re going to find ourselves in a game like this almost every week for the rest of the season.

      Also, we simply have to find a tackle that can pass block or Tyler will literally be killed before the bowl game. Finding a running game with a pulse (finally) will help but someone, somewhere has to pass block.

  9. What I can’t understand is all the untimely penalties we had against our most experienced O-linemen.

    I understand that Peacock and Smothers have issues in their very 1st year in the system, but dang, right after Peacock jumps off sides, here goes Grant Cook and Travis Swanson doing the exact same thing.

    We have got to clean this up and pronto! Like Hawgfan 100 said, we’re going to get Tyler killed before too much longer if our O-linemen don’t gel and come together.

    I loved the way D.J. played RB yesterday. He was a bad boy in all phases of the game. Running with authority, finishing at the end and being physical. Loved the block he made for Tyler in the backfield on the blitzing, A&M OLB. (#10) Was that a WWF take down or what?

    I hope Dennis starts from here on out. He should be our #1 back now.

    As for the Troll, (Aaron) if you’re an Aggie fan and can’t stand the fact the Hogs still own your pathetic butts, you had better start getting used to it. We will be even better next season.

    As for the comment on Bama being waaay better than us goes, you bet they’re better. They’re waaay better because they’re the best team in the country. They would beat Texas A&M worse than they beat Arkansas. Did you happen to watch the Bama/Florida game in Gainsville?

    • I can tell you exactly what the problem was – the Aggie fans on their student end. We were at the game and they had the Aggie student/alumni section in the end zone. In the 1st and 2nd Q, when the Hogs were deep in their territory you couldn’t hear anything – it was ridiculously loud. I’m sure the false starts were due to that. Notice that most if not all of those happened when we were on the Aggie end. I agree that this has to be cleaned up,but I think our O line wasn’t used to operating with that noise.

  10. Bleedrazorbackred says:

    It’s an understatement to say that I’m happy about the way the game ended. I am hoping that the team has finally woke up. Along with the first half, there was alot about the game that really annoyed me.

    11:00 am kick-off: It sucks! That game usually draws the bottom of the barrel commentary crew ie Urban Meyer. I really can’t stand him.

    Is it me or was the officiating really bad. I saw at least one very blatant block in the back on one of our kick-offs (never called), pass interference in Gragg should have been called, never ending false-starts. Was A&M mimicing the QB calls or something?

    Good news is that we are only going to be better as the year goes on. We will get Jake and Tank back by LSU. It looks like DJ is back in game shape. And how about Green, he is the man. I really hope we don’t see Wingo by himself in the backfield again. He is a great receiver, but lacks the heart to take a big hit. It would be interesting to see him and DJ lined up together as a run/pass option.

    • Bleedrazorbackred says:

      Another bright spot I forgot, Tevin Mitchell. He looks like he is going to be a serious player.

      • Seriously….Mitchell and Gatson came in and played better than Madison and Winston. Wonder if there will be any changes there.

  11. We snatched this one from the jaws. Coulda gone the other way. One upside is that our next opponent, Auburn, beat USC on the road and moved back into the rankings. So we have a chance to beat them at home next week and solidify a position in the top-ten. Next Saturday we shall see whether the team has grown or no. Hogs not too solid right now, but found a way to win, as we have seen a number of times from Petrino’s Porkers.

  12. Defense Wins Champio says:

    What a game! I did not expect the Hogs to win since the law of averages could have but did not kick in. We have always had A&M’s number and it appears to be holding still. It is a good rivalry and I welcome them to the SEC. I know that the SEC is better for Arkansas but I miss a few of the rivalries from those years. However, Broyles made the right money choice in moving the Hogs and likewise I believe A&M is also making a wise choice. Once the Aggies get a solid coach, they will be BIG again. They have been down way too long considering the support that they have. I cannot understand them always going for an unseasoned coach. You would think that their supporters would get tired of the bad picks that they continue to make in hiring football coaches. There is probably a good chance that Tubberville will be their next coach if he does well with TT. Now for another good test with AU that appears to be slowly doing what they did last year; however, Alabama and LSU are too strong for them this year. Arkansas will have a battle on their hands come Saturday. Gotta get a much stronger running attack out of this team. And yes we did under estimate how our offensive linemen would do this year. They will get better but wo will most of the remaining teams improve.

  13. AU will pay special close attention to the defense of Bama and A&M on the game tapes. They will try and bring the heat to Tyler Wilson once again, at least until he burns them enough times to back them off.

    The O-line needs improvement for the Hogs to continue winning, but some of the continuity of the offense depends on the execution of Tyler Wilson.

    sadly, he’s learning the hard way by taking a crash course of reality to the tune of Bama & Texas A&M on the road in consecutive weeks.

    He and the O-line really needed a couple more New Mexicos under their belts before tackling those guys, but what can you say? Such is life in the SEC. We’ll come around and play consistant football eventually.

    Glad to see D.J. back out there performing again. He’s a beast when healthy, and the depth we gained at RB with B. Green coming back was huge. He’s our guy inside the 5. He could be the difference in scoring a few more TDs this season, compared to FGs.