January 18, 2019

Arkansas 44, Mississippi State 17

ESPN.com: Arkansas gears up for No. 1 LSU by routing Mississippi State

Tyler Wilson had a school-record 32 completions as No. 6 Arkansas defeated Mississippi State 44-17.


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  1. Wow… what a night (actually, weekend) of football! LSU #1, Alabama #2, Arkansas #3 in BCS or system is BEYOND busted!

  2. Get ready Hog fans. The SEC West will make history tomorrow evening…..

    (#1) LSU

    (#2) Alabama

    (#3) Arkansas


  3. Nashville Hog says:

    I heard a good one on ESPN this morning. They were floating Va Tech out as #3. Thier bias is beyond blatant at this point.

    • That’s a joke, right?

    • Regarding bias. My wife watched the game at home but I went. I didn’t see the telecast. But she was so upset when I came home as to what she perceived as bias against the Hogs that she mentioned it on facebook. And she received a lot of confrimation. Did anyone reading this blog detect this also? My wife also said she’s waiting for any telecast that’s nice to the Hogs. I reminded her that in the Tennessee game that one announcer said that Tennessee had an exellent defense but that they hadn’t yet faced an offense as explosive as Arkansas’. Sounded complimentary to me.

      I remembered that said telecast was a CBS production and not necessarily a SEC Network production. So who were the guys in the booth? And again did anyone else detect a bias for the ‘Dogs?

  4. Unbelievable night. The path is clear now. Lane Kiffin and Robert Griffin III just made our RBN Christmas list. 😉

  5. Looks like my “magical thinking” just became two of the three most realistic scenarios for the national championship game. SI’s Andy Staples: “Now, a rematch seems almost unavoidable — only there are now three possibilities, not two, and one of them hasn’t even been played yet. They are: LSU-Alabama, Arkansas-Alabama or Arkansas-LSU.”

  6. Let me start by saying that I love the hogs, but if Arkansas jumps OSU in this week’s polls it shows the BCS system is a farce. The argument for Arkansas being ranked behind OU for the past few weeks was that OU’s strength of schedule was ranked #15, while Arkansas was #61. Even though OU lost to a two win team at home, it gave some integrity to the process by focusing on “a total body of work”. Now OSU loses to a bowl eligible team on the road and has a strength of schedule of #10 in the country. If OU truly deserved to be ranked over the UofA with one loss, then OSU should be as well. But they probably won’t. This shows that its not ESPN that is biased, its the voters. The voters always vote for “traditional” powers, of which neither Arkansas or OSU is…yet. Until Arkansas consistently wins big games we will be jumped, just like we will likely jump OSU.

    • Your points seem pretty rational, but I do believe you left out a few key points the voters should take into account as well.

      (1) When OU lost, they were #1 and dropped 6 spots in the BCS poll, landing at #7 in front of #8 Arkansas.

      (2) If the same logic apply’s when OSU drops in the polls, they would only have to drop 3 spots in the polls, assuming the Hogs stay at #6. Does that seem fair?

      (3) The best college football teams should be playing their best football in the month of November.

      Taking all that into consideration, I don’t see how it would be possible for OSU to stay in front of Arkansas.

      The Bama blowout was a long time ago now. They can only hold on to that dog and pony show for so long.

      The one thing that certainly goes against Arkansas is quality road wins, but it’s certainly not like OSU has set the world on fire in that catagory either, unless you’re a Big 12 fan.

    • HOG4EVER, Oklahoma State’s loss was crippling…they were 27-point favorites!!! This late in the year, that’s hard to fathom, and for that matter, impossible to overcome. They will have earned their fall from #2.

      • SB Nation news contributer Jeremy Mauss has these projections:

        (1) LSU

        (2) Bama

        (3) Arkansas

        (4) OSU

        (5) Stanford

        (6) Virginia Tech

        (7) OU

        (8) Oregon

        I can’t remember who 9 and 10 were supposed to be, but he had South Carolina at 11.

      • I went back and looked. He had Boise St. projected at #9 and Houston #10.

    • The strength of scheduale is supposed to be a objective factor in the computer analysis but is probably highly subjective. You can take that analysis with a grain of salt since it hasn’t made any sense. That OSU’s previous strength of scheduale was greater than LSU and ‘Bama was a joke simply based on common sense. The only way that I could figure that this could occur is that there is a weighting of the data based on the perceived strength of the team’s conference and at the moment I would say that the programmers have rated the Big Twelve as the strongest conference and have given extra points to a team from that conference for that reason. Weighting can be very subjective.

      Now the human polls in the BCS can be subjectively baised toward each voter’s preference whether it be scheduale or personal prejudice. And as Wally Hall has pointed out, although differentrial scores (style points) are not supposed to to be used in the computer results (hah) they most assuredly impact the human pollsters which is 2/3 of the BCS.

      All that said the reason that UA should jump OSU is simple to understand. Arkansas lost to the number 2 team in the country which was 1 at the time and OSU lost to an unranked team that is just barely bowl eligible. To ignore this would make the BCS* look more foolish than it is. Be not afraid, every sportscaster I have heard says Arkansas no. 3.

      *I have seen a blurb on TV but have not read anything about it but it said that the BCS is not going have BCS bowls but just a championship game between their designated 1 & 2. This makes sense because of the fiasco last year of UConn and Oklahoma which is going to be repeated again this year with one of the major bowls being stuck with a “Big” East winner that may not even sell their own tickets and even their opponents fans will show little interest in going away to play a much lower ranked opponent. The shakeup of conferences makes it too difficult to decide which one should get an automatic bid. One scenario this year is if LSU, “Bama, and the Hogs end up in top ten this year and one of those can’t go to a “BCS bowl” because of the rule that no more than two from one conference can go, that’s stupid on the basis of interleague competition. I’m sure the bowls and the top conferences (and more importantly, the TV networks) are not happy with the present arrangement and that it will go back to letting the Bowls decide who they want.

  7. Terrible news guys. Garrett Uekman was found dead last night. Possibly related to a family history of heart issues.

    Condolences to his family. Our prayers are with them.

  8. Defense Wins Champio says:

    Condolences: Condolences indeed for the family of Garrett Uekman. Such a young man. Football certainly taxes the heart.

    One never knows how these games with Miss. State will turn out, even though the series is totally with the Razorbacks. This is a solid, nice win in November. As Broyles always says……they always…

    Of couse, LSU will be favored, with their tough defense, and a dangerous set of QBs, I certainly would not bet on LSU winning that game. There are too many intangibles. It should be very interesting since Arkansas’ defense appears to have improved. Low score LSU wins. Middling score could go either way. Hopefully, Dr. P. will be able to open up some runs along with passing. And hopefully LSU does not run the Hogs’s defense to death.

  9. my condolences to the UKeman famil.y …never will man reach his human potential but every now and then God gives a person the chance to realise his dream…from what I read :..Garrett…got to realise his dream…..realiy starts with a dream…