May 24, 2018

LSU 41, Arkansas 17 No. 1 LSU pulls away from No. 3 Arkansas in fourth quarter

Tyrann Mathieu returned a punt 92 yards for a score, LSU punished third-ranked Arkansas with 286 yards rushing, and the top-ranked Tigers secured a spot in the SEC championship game with a 41-17 victory Friday.


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  • Jay

    24-17 at the beginning of the fourth quarter. How did this get away from us so fast? Huge gap between LSU, Bama and everyone else. I don’t see how Okie State, Stanford, etc. don’t have the same outcome against those two teams. To me, though, the Hogs have a lot to be proud of and showed they belong. We HAVE to continue to recruit quality and depth on the defensive side of the ball if we ever want to get to the next level.

    • Defense Wins Champio

      No running game and no defense. Pure and simple “sissy ball”. I had the impression that the Hogs’ defense and running game had vastly improved; however, how wrong could I be! LSU was able to line up and run the ball down Hogs’ throats when it counted in the fourth quarter. Their lines are vastly better than Razorbacks’ lines both offensively and defensively. There are four rungs in the SEC this year. Alabama and LSU; Georgia and Arkansas with Arkansas likely under GA; then the rest except for Ole Miss and Miss State who are in the fourth rung. Hogs do not have near the talent of Ala., GA, or Georgia. Until they do, expect nothing better. However, remember, it is just a game…nothing more and nothing less!

  • Kentucky Hog

    This was to be our dominating defensive year and our year in general, but now you lose Bequette, Franklin, Nelson, Thomas, Ford, Madison, and others on defense plus Adams, Childs, Wright, Cook , Freeman, on offense. We do get Knile Davis back and have some good young offensive and defensive linemen in the wings, but we probably will have to rebuild next year and hopefully get back to prominence. Thanks to those wonderful seniors for almost getting us to the National Championship this year and we will miss them greatly.

    • Jay

      We will miss Bequette, yes, but the other defenders you mention were up and down this season at best, and for a couple, they were downright disappointing considering they were returners with experience. The defensive line is basically intact. We just need another linebcker to emerge to go along with Highsmith. Rasner will be back and played well this season.

      As for the receivers, Hamilton and Gragg will be relied upon heavily next year, and I think with good success. I could see Wade stepping up and the others like Horton improving. I think we’ll be okay there. Freeman really played solid at tackle, but hopefully with competition next spring between Cook, Stringer and Smothers, the best will emerge. With Davis and DJ in the backfield next year we’ll be in great shape there. I really believe we’ll be set to make a leap next year. But, obviously it looks like the Tigers and the Tide are the bar for us and eveyrone else for the very near future.

    • Defense Wins Champio

      Rebuilt? Are you kidding me? We are paying the third highest salary in the SEC! We expect better for what we are paying Long and his coaches! And is it true that our coach complains that LSU is runnning up the score by just kicking a field goal? We expect better our of a so called mature coach. He showed no class at the end of the game. Long needs to fine him and sit him down hard for that conduct. Is this what our coaches have become? I thought that we were rid of toilet mouth when we fired Richardson. Now, we have another one! Coach: Get in counseling for your uncontroled “toddler” temper.

      Danielson has the voice of a clown which is very difficult to listen to his high-pitched voice. He always seems critical of the Hogs but today, he should have been.

      • OwassoHog

        Totally disagree… and by the way, we are paying the 3rd highest salary with the 3rd best team (at least this year)!

  • Coastalhog

    Unbelievably bad coverage by CBS, particularly Lundquist and Danielson. Don’t they understand the audience. They think they are on the View or something. Tough loss. Should have gone for it on 4th down instead of punting when they retuned for a TD. that turned the game a little. We will get them next year.

  • Not too pleased with the lack of sportsmanship Bobby P showed. He can dish it out, but he can’t take it without tossing out a couple f-bombs. Low class, no class.

    • Defense Wins Champio

      You are so right. Got rid of toilet mouth Richardson and now we have another one who has no class. Sad! His offense and defense stinked up the place. And he expects to win a SEC division or SEC championship or national championship with that? We won three divisiion titles with much lesser paid coaches. Now we gouge the fans with higher ticket prices and we get this?

      • Maybe you should go root for OU and Bob Stoops then. They lose to much better competition over there, according to the BCS computers and he says the nicest things after a loss

        He probably doesn’t make very much either.

      • Ward Hog

        No class? Are you kidding? I realize that yesterday’s loss hurt, but you guys are a bunch of cry babies. How about back-to-back 10 win seasons? Who’s to say we won’t win 10 again next year? Winning 10 games a year will always put us in the talks of BCS bowls and CSGs. That’s how you build to become like the powerhouses of ALA and LA in the trenches year in and year out. This was Bobby’s fourth year people. He has done what MANY have said couldn’t be done in a short amount of time here. I for one am stoked about our current posture and future of our program. Stop belly aching and enjoy it! We’re only getting better. This ain’t Ole Miss. Happy Holidays!

      • We also won 3 division titles with much, much less competition within the division, due to their programs being temporarily down or on probation.

        Do you even know what you’re talking about?

      • OwassoHog

        Ward Hog, you are so correct!

      • uvahog

        I’m with Ward Hog, too. And toilet mouth, really. Maybe he was speaking like a pissed off Homo sapien? Grow up!

      • DWC, many things are said in the heat of battle that are not intendend for public consumption. Most adults understand and realize this…aparently you do not.

        To make the leap and to say our coach has “no class” tells me that you have not paid attention to this man or this team in the last week. Anybody that can lead his team through what they have been through, and speak so eloquently at the memorial service of one of his players, has my respect.

        Petrino is a competitor, and I think the last few minutes of the LSU game, things just boiled over a little. I wouldn’t read into it any more than that.

  • Roadhog

    When we lost to Bama earlier this season, for me, like never before, it clarified the adage “Defense wins championships.” The loss to LSU just reiterated that lesson. I never commented in the runup to this game because I expected it to happen. LSU and Bama have, first and foremost, the defense. Then the offensive line. Then the offensive skills players. The Hogs have the skill players but only mediocre linesmen and DBs. It will take years, if ever, for the Hogs to reach the level of Bama and LSU, and I would expect them to move on up by then.

    I quit the game with about ten minutes left in the fourth quarter. If it had been a prize fight the ref would have called the match. The Hogs had already lost their composure, their poise.

    Sorry I missed the Petrino rant. Guess he lost his poise too. Sounds like the most offensive move the Hogs made all day.

    • I missed it too. I’d sure like to know what was behind all that. Anyone know what happened?

  • Hawgfan100

    Crybabies indeed. Whiners also. No wonder this fan base has the reputation it does…

    “…and I would expect them to move on up by then.”

    Well, if you believe there is a ‘top-out’ point (and I do) then we will eventually catch them, won’t we? Of course, that assumes we don’t lose our will and continue to try.

    “The Hogs had already lost their composure, their poise.”

    Don’t remember this at all. Examples?

    I missed the Petrino thing too. Something about him getting worked up over Miles kicking a FG, racking up those ‘style points’? If so, I’m a bit surprised. CBP knows how the game is played (although I wish he would play it more often and run the score up for ‘style points’ when we have the chance). Personally I’d think it was something else he was bothered over which happened to occur around the time of the FG, however…

    Either way, I’m not too bothered over the ‘rant’ myself. Petrino is my kind of coach in every way including temperament and ‘maturity level’.

    Rant on, Bobby. And throw an ‘f-bomb’ out there for me while you’re at it.

    • Hawgfan100

      According to an article from Arkansas News, the cause of the ‘rant’ was Miles taking a shot to the end zone while leading by 21 points (38-17).

      Given that Petrino doesn’t run up the score himself, I can see where he might have a problem with the above (again, though, he knows how the game is played these days so he might want to re-think his more honorable stance on this…).

      • It may have had something to do with LSU not needing the points. They dominated a better Arkansas team than Bama did anyway, so I don’t see where Les felt the need to score again, putting the scoring margin up to par with the Bama game.

        It isn’t like Bama would’ve been voted #1 on Sunday without the FG. That’s probably just Les Miles being a dumbass more than anything else.

      • No they wouldn’t do that would THEY . I mean if the piggies had a say a 34-10 lead in a game late in the fourth these merciful angels would not run up 10 more points would they

      • Hawgfan100

        Our last three scores were FG, FG, TD. On the TD drive, your offense turned the ball over at our 49. What did you want us to do? Take a knee four times and give you the ball back on our 40?

        It took us 5:20 to run 10 plays covering 51 yards. Do you seriously think our offense would take so much time or so many plays if we wanted to run up the score?

        Nice try but no cigar.

    • T-towner

      Does anyone remember what happened last year when we should have had a free TD courtesy of a Jefferson fumble on the goal line? The refs gave us the ball on the half yard line. We took a minus four yard knee———-just sayin!

  • Defense Wins Champio

    I am pleased that some of you guys have now settled for being number 3….actually no. 4 because GA did much, much better against LSU than Hogs did. Hogs would not be able to beat GA.