June 24, 2018

Alabama 72, Arkansas 66

ESPN.com: Alabama 72, Arkansas 66

Trevor Releford scored 18 points and Alabama snapped a four-game losing streak, beating Arkansas 72-66 on Saturday.


Rickey Scott / Andrew Steele (AP Photo/The Tuscaloosa News, Dusty Compton) Michael Sanchez / Trevor Releford (AP Photo/The Tuscaloosa News, Dusty Compton) Rashad Madden / Andrew Steele (AP Photo/The Tuscaloosa News, Dusty Compton) Mike Anderson (AP Photo/The Tuscaloosa News, Dusty Compton)

  • MemphisHog

    if we don’t win on the road, we won’t get into the tourny. End of story

  • Jeff Edgmon

    Seems like this team has a long way to go offensively before they will become a solid team.

  • Down the stretch, I thought the missed layup by Sanchez, after driving the lane, was huge for Bama.

    I can’t really remember, since I had already drank a few cold Bud Lights, but it seemed like that would’ve cut the lead to something like 3 maybe, with just a couple of minutes left?
    Not sure, but it seemed like Bama came back on the other end and pushed the lead back to 7 or something after that and we never recovered.

    Anyhow, we have to be able to finish games if we’re going to win big games on the road. We HAVE to have Senior leadership.

    Not trying to pick on Sanchez. I love his energy, but his “talents” don’t fit CMA’s style at all. He has no athletic skills.

  • Jim Dogg

    Win or lose Arkansas has trouble finishing games. Get used to it. The problem is probably a fatigue factor (those who have played the game know what I’m talking about). Arkansas is short on the manpower needed for Anderson’s up tempo game. At the end the players have lost their shooting touch and it shows in the lack of 3 pointers and free throw shooting at the end of the game. Anderson needs at leat three more players to make his system work. Key players need more of a blow to get them ready for the final minutes. The loss of Powell was great, but I also wonder that if Clarke had stayed and accepted a role in the offense that these two players would have made the Hogs SEC contenders.

  • Roadhog

    I don’t miss Clarke a bit. Never liked the guy. But losing Glen Bryant was a big blow for the inside game.

    • Jim Dogg

      Odd comment. So you are saying that a reliable 3 point shooter couldn’t have helped this offense down the stretch? Because you don ‘t “like him”?. An outside threat opens up the inside game, in case you hadn’t noticed the last opponents of Arkansas have exploited this weakness at the end of the game by sagging down and daring the Hogs to shoot from the outside. I qualified my comment on Clarke by saying if he had accepted a role in the offense, which would mean he would have to give up playing time and and shooting opportunities. Again, in case you hadn’t noticed, last year, defenses were set up to stop Clarke, something that Pelphrey couldn’t take advantage of. Byant’s loss looks important because of Arkansas’ lack of depth inside, something Anderson is going to have to address in recruiting. The way I se it, with Sanchez leaving, a recruit can be inticed with instant playing time. Seems, tho Anbderson will still have to deal with less depth inside in order to get more of his type of players to run and gun. Just sayin.

      • Roadhog

        No, I’m not saying Clarke wouldn’t have helped the team win games, only that I didn’t like him and that I’m glad he’s gone. I think he would have hurt team chemistry with his attitude. Also he leaves a spot open for another player, one who can play defense, which was not Clarke’s forte, and who can, I hope, score too. Clarke was, still is, I suppose, a great shooter, but he was not a complete player by any means. I think that in the long run we are better off without him, because he thought it was supposed to be all about him. I don’t think he had the athletic skills to play Andersonball full-bore. That’s all I meant. That and the fact we are better stocked at guard than at forward. You are right that MA needs to recruit some big men. (Do you think he knows this or should we give him a call? I’ll let you do it; I’m kinda busy right now.)