October 17, 2018

Arkansas 66, Michigan 64

ESPN.com: Arkansas jumps out to early lead, holds off No. 19 Michigan

B.J. Young scored 15 points and Arkansas hit its first 11 shots on the way to a 66-64 win over No. 19 Michigan.


Ricky Scott / Rashad Madden / Zack Novak (AP Photo/April L. Brown) B.J. Young / Stu Douglass (AP Photo/April L. Brown) B.J. Young / Devonta Abron / Mardracus Wade (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Julysses Nobles / Trey Burke (AP Photo/April L. Brown)

Julysses Nobles / Jordan Morgan / Zack Novak (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Hunter Mickelson / Rickey Scott / Tim Hardaway (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Mardracus Wade / Zack Novak / Matt Vogrich (AP Photo/April L. Brown) Mike Anderson (AP Photo/April L. Brown) B.J. Young / Tim Hardaway Jr. / Evan Smotrycz (AP Photo/April L. Brown)


  1. Hawgfan100 says:

    As one who has been critical of Hunter Mickelson, let me be one of the first to say, “Well done, young man.” He stepped up and played very well today and it is much appreciated.

    Nice quality win, Hogs!!!

  2. We need to remember that Hunter and 3others were playing high school ball last year. BJ has learned very quickly and Hunter will improve quite a bit by years end. Big demands have been placed on these freshmen and MA deserves the credit for the enthusiasm and player development. I think this team loves playing ball for coach. A fresh idea in the Bud.

  3. I like Mike.

    Beyond expectations for year one. Coaching shows. Just wait til Mike fills out the roster and has a year or two to really polish the system. Nolan may be a fond memory.

    The Year of the Hog is ahead.

  4. It was great fun to experience The Bud atmosphere of old. Now CMA needs to find a way to get them energized on the road in a hostile environment.

    The Michigan kids certainly did not wilt——-we need to do the same next Saturday at Alabama!

  5. This was a great win but… A critical factor here was that Michigan had just beaten a highly ranked Michigan State team. The Wolverine program has been down the past few years and has been losing to MSU consistently. The intensity of this basketball rivalry maybe greater than the two schools football games. Michigan had until recently dominated MSU in football and usually took MSU for granted. That has changed because of the four straight wins by the Spartans which has heated the series up to where the Wolverine fans are now getting more passionate about it. Basketball is a complete reversal, where the Spartans have had a nationally competitive program for sometime whereas the Wolverines haven’t had much since the Fab Four and have generally competed for the celler in the Big Ten, as well as losing consistenly to Sparty. The win over MSU was so big that the fans stormed that court like they had won the NCAA. The let down from this high was probably the reason that Michigan started out so poorly. Playing the Hogs just didn’t give them the juice to work themselves up for this game. Also, beating an SEC team in basketball, unless it’s Kentucky, is not like beating an SEC team in football. Along with this, the Wolverines weren’t expecting the continous pressure (the Michigan coach admitted this) and if your not ready…

    What bothered me was that the Hogs couldn’t put this one away. Michigan sagged back in a zone daring the Razorbacks to shoot anything from 10 ft or more. The Hogs continually missed open 3s where the Wolverines were coming back with 3s. The final free throw shooting was atrocious. Hitting 2 of 4 at the end of the game would have put Michigan away. I thought that the pick and roll by Mikelson was the key to stopping the drought and saved the Hogs (I thought it was more of a give and go since Mikelson didn’t set much of a pick, deliberatly so). The Michigan coach had figured out his best chance was to make the Hogs win from the outside and that the Razorbacks did not have Mikelson in the offensive flow. Right on the first part, wrong on the second.

    This was a great win, but the hogs still have that propensity to play hot and cold with their shooting. Anderson was using less players but making them play more time. One coach I knew used to have his players run hard after a practice and then they had to practice free throws, hoping that they would learn what physical adjustments to make when they were tired. The Hogs play an intense defense which surely must take its toll especially on the younger players.

    Where the Hogs stand now is that they are a dangerous team that no one can take for granted.

  6. HungryHog says:

    The simple man’s look at this game. We came out on FIRE – I mean 11 of 11.. That is hot. Bud Walton is incredible when we are on fire and we busted out to the big lead.. Michigan wasn’t ready for the pressure? Poor planning – it’s Mike Anderson – he has been labeled “40 minutes of hell and Basketball’s fastest 40 minutes – for the past 30 years!…

    Then the shock wore off.. We made it to halftime.. and it was a young team trying to hold on to a lead to beat the number 19 team in the country. We got nervous – we got into playing not to lose.. Playing not to lose is a recipe for loss.. I think Mike was trying to get them to be aggressive – I think the crowd support probably saved this game. Missing those free throws was way too scary and hopefully Mike will use it as a lesson and has those boys practicing from the stripe right now.

    College basketball is a fun game to watch. Those boys are so emotional. That last shot was in and out… WHEW… It was a great win for our program, for the team, for the fans. The fans now remember what it’s like to go scream for the hogs! Hopefully it will continue throughout the season.. They have given us a reason to fill up the seats.

    We need to learn how to win on the road, but like others have said, that will come when these guys gel and become a more cohesive team and can rely on each other. Golf – you are spot on – just wait until Mike has 2 or 3 years of his players.. Get some veteran players helping the new class learn the system.

    And Marshawn Powell is hurt…

  7. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact 19,500 screaming fans filled BWA on Saturday. Just like old times fellas…WPS!!!