April 22, 2018

Bowl Predictions — Kansas State

Congratulations to reader Jeff for the closest prediction last time of 38-24.  His quote: “LSU scores on average a couple points shy of Arkansas and against stiffer competition.”

A good stat to reference, Jeff.  Unfortunately, the Hogs didn’t turn out to be stiff competition for the Bayou Bengals this year.  But either way…congrats on the closest pick.  Like the rest of us, I’m sure you’re ready for the Hogs to get back on the field and put that game behind us.

(Oh…by the way Jeff…we still need to get your email address.  Contact us so we can get your RBN T-Shirt out to you.)

As we prepare to make our final picks of the season, here’s how our own little predictions contest finished up:  HogBaller won 5 games, HogBlogger won 2.5 games, Sunshine won 2 games, and yours truly (TipsterHog) won 1.5 games.  Congrats HogBaller…you pretty much lapped the RazorBloggers field and ran the score up on us!

So here we go:

Kansas State WildcatsWalking on Sunshine:  When they defeated Missouri earlier in the season, the K-State fans laughingly mocked the Tigers by chanting “S-E-C, S-E-C” (see video).  After the Hogs keep Collin Klein in check, we’re sure the 40,000 Hog fans in attendance will serenade the Wildcats accordingly.  Wilson has a record-setting night.  Arkansas 44, Kansas State 34.

HogBaller:  This Arkansas team needs to show up on a big stage and play big.  A Cotton Bowl victory will likely mean a preseason top 5 ranking next season and prove that the Razorback program is not only on the rise, but turning into a top 10 program annually.  Both teams get off to a slow start early, but the Razorbacks have too much offense for the Wildcat defense.  The Hog receivers run wild and the Razorback D-line makes it tough on K-State.  Arkansas 31, Kansas State 14.

HogBlogger:  It’s showtime for Coach Petrino on the national stage.  Hopefully anyway.  Arkansas 42, Kansas State 31.

TipsterHog:  This Kansas State team has earned the nickname “Cardiac Cats” for their heart-pounding, tight victories this season.  But this one won’t be that close.  Arkansas 38, Kansas State 20.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And feel free to add your own take like “When did Bill Snyder learn how to use a cell phone?” or “Reggie Herring ain’t coaching this Cotton Bowl.  Hogs roll.”

  • Travis

    34-24 Hogs.

  • RazorHogs4life

    I can’t wait for the HOGS to dominate and shut that arrogant fan base up.

    I predict the newly found defense under newly minted DC Haynes will stop and contain Klien.

    Without Klien, the wildcats will absolutely shutdown.

    Arkansas-42 KState-10

  • Devan Lawson

    Hogs 45

    Cats 17

  • uvahog

    Ark: 41

    KSU: 28

    Petrino begins what will prove to be the longest consecutive bowl win streak in Hog history (which shouldn’t be too hard since it is currently 1 game).

  • Jim Dogg

    Getting off to a good start is not always a good thing. Just ask Stanford and Georgia. Complacency and conservative play calling set it in and before you know it your it your bend but not break and prevent defenses have you behind the 8 ball, and your usually reliable FG kicker blows it. (Hmm Outback Bowl against Nebraska?), Consistency and not getting away from what you do best as well as taking what the opponent’s defense gives you will be key for the Razorbacks. Naw, coaches will be coaches and will invariably shrink into their turtle shells for security. It’s hard to keep intensity and concentration for a whole game when your ahead (just ask the Razorbacks about Savannah). I’m thinking that the offensive key for this game will be Dennis Johnson and maybe Greene and Wingo too. Running and receiving (get them in space). KSU is going to concentrate on stopping Wilson and the gang, as well as the run between the tackles; but I’m still hoping that the above 3 will be an unpleasant surprise (for the “Cats”). On defense, Arkansas will need to man up in the red zone and hopefully Bequette and Wright can help contain the edges. If the Hogs can’t contain Klein, then it will be a shootout. Go back over films with Richardson in them for tackling clues. Hope they’ve used Mitchell as a standin for Klein in practice. (pretty obvious that). KSU has faced teams which have had one principal receiver but the Razorbacks can spread it out and not worry about double teams. Along with its special teams, the Hogs have too much firepower. KSU will have work on keeping the ball away from the Razorback offense and Arkansas must work on getting the ball back.

    Assuming KSU will not keep the ball long enough: Hogs 45 KSU 24.

  • Roadhog

    Hogs 45

    Cats 35

    Hogs D a little better than Cats D. Both teams rusty and jittery early. Piggies pull away late. Hogfans taunt Catfans, hilarity ensues.

  • pigsooietime

    Hogs 40


    Our seniors play with all the passion and pride they have in themselves and the school .l I believe they wont miss a beat. Wilson gets some big yards on big plays. Thats how we play… is big. He passes for 400 yd +. D comes out and stuffs Klien.

  • hoglar69

    One last go for the season! I believe like others, slow start, but Hogs pull away to make a statement.

    Hogs 38

    Cats 21


  • HB_NHB

    Hogs 35

    Cats 21

    Hogs start off slow, as per their M.O, but then get into a rhythm to pull away starting in the 3rd quarter…

  • tnarch

    Hogs defense is motivated at the start of the game for the first time this year.

    Hogs 44

    Cats 20

  • Mike in Magnolia

    Hogs start slow, ala A&M, but crank it up in the second half.

    Hogs 38

    KS 35

  • oldskooljt

    C’mon Hogs….let’s win a bowl game for a change 🙂

    Hogs 38

    Cats 28

  • slmfromA2

    HOGS 42

    The Kittens 28

  • T-towner

    Statement Game! Time to show the USA that the Arkansas Razorbacks have arrived and do not need to execute a scoop-and-score to win a big-time bowl game!

    Wild Hogs 45

    Wild Kitties 13

  • mike kent

    35-14 arkansas

  • nivloctj

    Everyone is talking up Collin Klein. I doubt these same people know that Jake Bequette is not only the leader of the Razorback D, but that he has watched every KSU game film beginning to end and studied it. It’s his last game as an Arkansas Razorback, and I believe he will have a career game – one that will not compliment Klein.

    The Razorback high-powered offense will be fired up, and I believe they will be taking it to the Wildcats.

    Arkansas – 49

    Kansas State – 17

  • wes taylor

    I just cant over look how we don’t win bowl games very well.. never have.

    Im going to call an upset sadly. cat 35 hogs 24…

    • OlyWaHog

      You’re right about the bowl record. We also haven’t played well in a single game outside of Arkansas this year. We lost, or struggled to win, every away and neutral site game. I hope you’re wrong but I expect the score to be closer than most are predicting.

      • wes taylor

        so glad i was wrong….

  • kirk

    HERE KITTY KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hogs-42 cats-21

  • Hogs jump out to a 24-3 halftime lead and never look back.

    Big, Monsterous, Russian, Boar Hogs – 41, little bitty bob cats – 24.

    GO HOGS GO, BABY!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I love it!!! FUNNY

  • Ann Cunningham

    Arkansas 24 Kansas State 17

  • john stowell

    Arkansas 37m Kansas state 17.

  • Okie Hog

    42 -24 Hogs K-State finds out just how weak the Big 12 really is and why it will soon be a defunct conference

  • Ward Hog

    K St 24

    Arkansas 55

    I look for our great receivers to go off in their last game as Razorbacks. Folks this isn’t Bama or that other team down south. The over achieving Cats wish they were playing Clemson. Happy New Year to all you Razorbloggers! Thank you again for keeping your very informative and entertaining site free.

  • GolfHog

    We’re going to miss Willy. Arkansas 42-27.

  • ArkLunatic

    I consistantly watch and back the Ark. Razorbacks, however, they seem to have 3 teams. 1 team with a high powered offense that outscores whatever the defense allows. Another team has a so-so offense, but the defense stands and keeps it winnable. The last team doesn’t realize there are 4 quarters to every game and sometimes only plays 2 of them. I hope the high powered offense shows up with the defense that stands tough. Leave the team that doesn’t realize how many quarters there are in the game at home.

  • ArchHog

    the inevitable “slow start” strikes again. But, ar-KANSAS is going to have its most complete game of the season…just in time!

    Hogs – 38

    Kansas Trolls – 24

  • Jim Dogg

    Here’s something that has gone under the radar. (At least I haven’t seen it). The outcome of the Cotton Bowl might determine whether there is a split national champion. If LSU wins case closed. If ‘Bama wins, then the Hogs must win to give “Bama the complete championship. If the Hogs win, case closed SEC> Big 12, Bama gets both awards. If the Hogs lose then there will be a case for OSU, and perhaps the vote of the AP will again have a split championship as with LSU and USC before. Now this assumes that that the hatred for the SEC will be great enough for AP voters to think that OSU could beat the Tide. Probably won’t happen but who knows? WVA thrashing of VaTech didn’t help OSU’s cause since it diminishes OU’s victory over Florida State (and indirectly the Big 12’s reputation, thus OSU). It looks as if the ACC is really the weak sister in the BCS conferences. Bottom line: By Friday there will be a lot of Tide fans cheering for Arkansas and OSU fans rooting for ‘Bama, and not because of conference loyalties.

  • wellsj08



    Johnson makes a statement…alongs with Adams

  • Rocksrt

    The Hogs get a good feeding before playing the puttycats, but for some reason they are still hungry. Coach P. Slops the Mighty Hogs, but that is not enough. They literally eat up the kitties.

    My Mighty Hogs: 63

    Puttycats: 21

  • Hogs look to sure up some recruits with an impressive win. Defensive Seniors go out with a bang. Receivers go out with a bang.

    Hogs 40

    Cats 13

  • razorbackzac

    Premium Pork 35

    Chinese Delicacy 17

    This little piggie went home to Dallas to win the game.

  • HognTX-KB

    Joe Adams wants the nation stage, he gets some. Dennis Johnson is here and going. Small does some big things. Jarius does it impressively. Wilson does enough. Defense has up and down day, but enough to hold the win. This is NOT the big(pick a number) and the troops show it.

    Hogs 52

    Cats 34 (I want to say 20 so bad though)

  • Defense Wins Champio

    Yes, we may miss Willie…not sure that our defense is where it should be. Hope for no confusion at the wrong time. We will finally get there in Defense but not in this game. Need more talent…not more coaches.


    Razorbacks – 44

    Yes, with so much homerizm on this site, I have decided to give the Razorbacks a boost by my score. They will need something. Another slow start in the Palace? Better not be or my score will be correct or worse. I could even see an OT game coming.

    Enjoy the game! It is just a game!!! I am ready! Can’t wait to see how these two teams fire up the footballs. I feel just as good after a game as before. Not too high emotionally and not too low emotionally.

  • The Dissent

    K-State 45

    Arkansas 38

    Going the opposite way to try to win the t-shirt. Hope I’m wrong…I could see Snyder coming out with a different look on offense to start knowing that we’ve been working 5 weeks on stopping the running QB. Maybe they’ll throw early, get us on our heels, and then unleash Klein.

  • Robert 80 Alum

    In my crystal ball, I’m looking at a 41 to 21 Razorback win. Thus, the first 11 win season since I gained my business degree from the U. of Ark. all the while enjoying Eddie Sutton ‘s basketball teams in the Barnhill Arena, and the Lou Holtz’s Hogs. To my memory, the last time we enjoyed both top football and basketball teams in the same years.

  • Little R

    I agree with oldskooljt that we need to win a bowl game for a change and also with T-towner (of course!) that this is a statement game. Need to show that we really have joined the big boys!

    Hogs 31

    Cats 17

    • T-towner

      My size is M if you want to give me any credit! Crazy game, but your predication is pretty close.

  • JayTownHog

    Hog Defense plays tough!, hitting hard, playing sound. On the other hand, stopping Klein still remaines too hard, and he has a great game. Too bad our offense plays better. Wilson 200+ yards 2 touchdowns, hopely one to Childs for his first. I believe our backs will play well out of the backfield. Accounting for the three other touchdowns. I would like to see Green out there a lot in his final game. (still believe we should had went with him more against LSU.) Kansas State can’t convert the 2pt conversion and miss out on overtime. Hogs are cotton bowl champs!

    Arkansas: 35

    Kansas st: 33

  • NOLAHog

    Hogs come out fast for the first time all season. Wilson lights up his multiple targets while the D plays better than it has in quite some time. Hogs win in a big statement game thus finally turning over a new leaf for Arkansas football going forward. Top 5 preseason ranking here we come…

    Hogs – 41

    Cats – 17

    My one caveat here goes along with what The Dissent mentioned above… if we have been scheming for run, run, run on defense and they come out throwing, we could look real silly early and get stuck in a hole real quick. I am sticking with my initial prediction above, but will have this fear lurking underneath.

  • Carolina Hog

    Hogs 42-24. Defense will do enough and on offense it will be the Chris Gragg show.

  • Jay DubYa

    Arkansas 27

    K-State 25

    Arkansas wins in a close game with a lot of drama and excitement.

  • OwassoHog

    Ok… I’m having a tough time trying to come up with a score. So, being the 43 comment, I’m going 43-28. Hogs start fast vs. the last time they were here… Defense plays best game yet… making some wonder what if…

  • Defense Wins Champio

    So the winner is Ann? That is quite close to the score!

  • A little rtaoinlaity lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for contributing!