December 12, 2018

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly — Kansas State

Some random thoughts after the Razorbacks’ win in the Cotton Bowl over Kansas State.

The Good

  • [singlepic id=728 w=240 h=180 float=right]New defensive coordinator Paul Haynes is off to a good start.  The Arkansas defense, holding a decisive advantage in team speed, tackled better and stopped the run as well as we’ve seen them all season.
  • Bill Snyder, why in the world would you kick it to Joe Adams?  The senior put on another show, taking a line-drive punt back 51 yards giving the Hogs an early second quarter 10-0 lead. The return broke Lance Alworth’s 49-yard Cotton Bowl record (1961), and solidified Adams’ legacy as the best punt returner in school history.
  • Honorable Mention:  In his final game as as Razorback, Broderick Green came in and finished off the Wildcats in the fourth quarter.  Green had 60 yards on seven carries in the second half.  ….  Bobby Petrino’s early third quarter decision to punt on fourth-and-2 from the Wildcat 41 might have been his best call of the night.  After a timeout, Dylan Breeding’s sand wedge checked-up at the 2-yard line, putting the Wildcats in a horrible hole.  Had to be a tough call for Petrino after…

The Bad

  • …Watching the Wildcats take the ball and drive 60 yards for an easy touchdown to start the second half.  The score, which made it 19-16, was aided by Zach Hocker’s kickoff out of bounds that gave a short field to a struggling K-State offense.
  • [singlepic id=746 w=240 h=180 float=right]Even though it was great to see them go out on a high note, it’s going to be tough to replace these 17 seniors.  Adams, Bequette, Childs, Franklin, Nelson, Thomas, J. Wright…what a great run.  The foundation and level of success that this senior class has established will set the bar high in the coming years.
  • Honorable Mention:  The struggles out of the gate by the offense — no first downs and only 37 total yards in the first quarter — manifested again versus K-State.  After the first quarter sack/fumble recorded by Jake Bequette and Tenarius Wright, the Hogs went three-and-out, settling for a Zach Hocker 26-yard field goal.

The Ugly

  • Allowing K-State’s Raphael Guidry to block an extra-point was disappointing.  It was Guidry’s fifth blocked kick of the season, something that the Razorbacks and new special teams coordinator Steve Caldwell should have been more than prepared for going into the game.  Credit Guidry for making a great play…but it was yet another special teams snafu in a big game for the Hogs.
  • The number of construction zones in and around Dallas and Arlington is absolutely staggering.  Exiting the stadium southeast on Division Street took well over an hour just to get to a freeway.  Maybe it’s for the best that the A&M game is (likely) moving to a home-and-home series…at least until some of the orange barrels are picked up.

Of course, we can’t possibly mention everything that was “Good, Bad and Ugly.”  What did we leave out?


  1. Defense much more aggressive, running game was weak again, effort was superb!

  2. HungryHog says:

    Totally agree Dee – aggressive defense was so much fun to watch. We looked really strong, fast, and aggressive – like the two defenses that are playing tonight. I don’t know if it was Haynes, or being at the bowl game, but I liked it.

    Wilson starts off slow – he is antsy in the pocket at first, but when that kid finally settles in and finds his groove – gets in that zone where he is going through his reads – he is fun to watch. Joe Adams will be missed, hopefully Wade will remember the excitement and attitude Adams brought to special teams and can try to emulate that next year.

    Speaking of special teams… another thing not to take for granted – Hocker and Breeding.. Those two boys have just become so dependable that we forget how it was before them. A great kicking team can really make an impact on the season. Many games come down to special teams.

    The Ugly – I don’t want to whine too much about this because it sounds petty – but for national recruiting purposes – and for final ranking purposes – the Fox Sports Team’s love fest with the Big Strong Kansas State Wildcats got old. I understand they are a Big 12 network, and being an SEC team, and Arkansas… we aren’t going to get crews loving on us from other networks – but winning that game on National TV should have been a great recruiting tool for us around the country – and all I heard Friday night was how great Kansas State was. That’s all.

    The win against #8 Kansas State solidified our year. Sure we play in the toughest conference and only lost to #1 and #2 – but the conference was a little down this year. Were our wins really good wins? Friday night showed that we really are that good. Kansas State is a good team – and we really could have beaten them worse. – And we were without #7 all year. (I heard he dressed for warm ups?)

    11 wins.. I will take that every year. I know one man that isn’t satisfied though… BMFP!

    Last note on football – I totally agree that Bama deserves to play in the NC game tonight – they could win this game.. BUT – I wish that Oklahoma State would have to play either of those teams – just to shut everyone up about it. LSU or Bama would take OSU to the woodshed. My opinion. I am sure others disagree..

    Go Hogs.. It’s going to be a long winter – until spring practice starts.. At least we do have Mike Anderson.

  3. The Good: Winning 11 games for the first time since 1977.

  4. Carolina Hog says:

    Another good is the way Jerry Jones has just decided that the Cotton Bowl is a BCS game. No other non-BCS game that I saw shoots off confetti and acts like you just won the national championship. They have done a hell of a job with bringing back the Cotton Bowl

  5. Defense Wins Champio says:

    I like this new D coach. Enthusiastic and well spoken. Things are looking up. Now if he can recruit which I am betting that he can, Razorbacks will be off to the races. Wonder if QB willn be able to hold on to no. 1. Mitchell may make some noise in spring game but our QB is now seasoned and should be even better next year. Need a barn burning RB.

  6. The good: Wow, what a defensive performance. The seniors played their hearts out, especially Bequette and Franklin. We will really miss them. And Joe Adams, what more can you say about the best kick returner I have ever seen in 50 years in Razorback Red.

    The ugly: Fox sports team barely did any kind of a pre-game and their post game was almost non-existent. They didn’t even tell us who the players of the game were. Obviously Fox had their ‘A’ team on the NFL games this same weekend so they sent their ‘C’ team, who loved talking about K St.

    Congrats to Bobby P., his crew, and one of the best senior classes I can remember in some time.

  7. Joey patrick says:

    If wilson and davis return next year, our offense will be just as good if not better. I believe we will be more balanced. As far as our defense goes, we may be alright. I think our defensive front will be better. I believe rasner will fill the loss of nelson. Hightower is consistant and we had 2 you.g guys in the secondary that were too bad. So w the help of a hard nose linebacker and a couple head hunter saftys, id say our defense is gonna be fine. So id say u add three guys on defense and we r in the hunt next year as well. Odds r even better w lsu breaking in a new qb and alabama losing alot on defense and a few key guys on offense. Im basically saying our offense will be the same or better. Our defense cant get worse. Will just get better. We probably played lsu and bama at their best at their home fields. My oppinion they cant get any better. And they come to our house.

  8. ……worst job of game commentary..i have ever witnessed….shame on you Fox Network…! May hog breath…blow in your

  9. Good: tough D … Bowl vic …11 wins and moving in the right direction! 5-8-10-11 … Win 12 and/or more and its the NC Baby! Bad: still starting slow from offensive LOS … need to focus on breaking that trend this offseason. U-g-l-y … Fox Network’s coverage of the only Bowl for the viewing that night. If that’s its best shot, then its broadcast lincense should be revoked …LOL.! Get ready for MA and BKb WPS GHG!!!

  10. I enjoy Gus Johnson on play by play, miss him in the NFL, but Charles Davis on color commentary is horrendous at times. And, the pregame and halftime crew were, as another poster already put it, Fox’s B-team at best, if not their C-team. Don’t know how much longer Fox has the contract for the Cotton, but I’m ready for it to be on ESPN. Then maybe ESPN will actually acknowledge the Cotton is being played!! Shame on ESPN, too…….

    • Speaking of ESPN: on Friday I watched to see what ESPN had to say about the Cotton Bowl. Nada (well almost). I was puzzled but then it hit me. The Cotton was on Fox and ESPN was not going to give a competing network any face time. Too bad. ESPN talked about everything else, much of which was mundane and not of general interest, and left out the #8 vs #6 match. Inosfar as the bias by Fox was concerned, I think you should have watched the Arkansas State game. The announcer was a cheerleader for Northern Illinois. The refs gave the Huskies a first down on a fourth down run that was clearly a yard short and Coach Gunn was told it was not reviewable. In an earlier play the kickoff return man did not put a knee down to signify a touchback and tried to run it out. There was also the question of whether the receiver had touched the ball, which seemed to be the case otherwise the ball would have gone out of the endzone. Gunn was told it was not reviewable but what was worse the TV people did not question the call nor replay the play close enough to see if he had touched the ball or not. I didn’t see a knee. The announcer was constantly talking about NI and then revealed that he had done previous NI games. I said to heck with it, ASU didn’t stand a chance, so I went to bed.

  11. The Best is yet to come. Graduation will bring many new faces, but this coaching staff has developed bench stength and with Kniles back and Bama and LSPU at “home” it is time to step up to the plate. It is a great time in HOG nation if our student athletes tow the line and keep thier snouts clean!

  12. MemphisHog says:

    Defense stepped up and played like they were supposed to play all year. If that D had showed up against Bama and LSU, they would have been different games; maybe not wins, but different games for sure.

    Offense squandered opportunitites to make that game ugly, much like last years Sugar Bowl and most of this season. If this trend continues, we’ll have trouble putting away good teams and winning big games (Alabama at home two years ago…)

    Obviously, commentators were pitiful at best. To be honest though, doesn’t surprise me much. I mean, we have to listen to Vern and Gary…

    Excited for next year. We have a lot of spaces to fill, but I’m hoping that the bench has had time to learn what it takes from those seniors and will pick it up next season. I’m hoping that we can catch Bama breaking in lots of new players with a game only a few weeks in. If we beat them, I think it catapults us to an undefeated season until the LSU game, where we will be playing for the SEC West championship.

  13. I rated the Hog’s performance a B overall. Three errors led to KSU scores. Arkansas should have won by at least 10 more points. Petrino can use this as an object lesson in that errors can cost you a game even though you dominate your opponent. However, the effort was A+. The Hog’s seniors showed their stuff and probably caught the attention of NFL scouts. Several of the players might go in the first or early second rounds. Hocker and Breeding are special. They will be one reason the Hogs will be ranked in the preseason top 5. I give KSU fans credit, their lungs are almost as strong as TAMU’s. At times Jerryworld sounded as loud as Tiger Stadium. Bill Snyder should be coach of the year. KSU was ranked about 68th and Klein 78th in the preseason polls. Arkansas beat a good team that wouldn’t quit.

    This was hilarious: We were sitting in the endzone next to the Razorback band. My grandkids were holding up signs. My grandson’s said, “Call me” and gave his phone number. By the time we got back to the car, he had more calls than he could count. They were from as far away as California and Florida. Most congratulated the Hogs on their victory. One, however, said she was a girl, 28 years old, living in the Dallas area, and wanted to meet him for a drink!! I would assume she didn’t know he was only 16 or maybe it wasn’t a girl. But it shows why go to a dating service, just go to a televised Razorback game and hold up a sign.

    • I agree, if K-state could have completed some of their dropped passes, we may have not covered the mistake points. With all of the coaching changes, I guess we are going to find out if Petrino is the mastermind behind the program. Lost of his supporting cast has changed.


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