November 21, 2017

2012 Razorbacks National Signing Day

We’ll be updating this post throughout the day with a list of Razorback signees as they are reported.  We’ll also be regularly updating our Twitter feed.

Signee Signee Signee
Taiwan Johnson Jr., DE, Manvel (Tex.) HS Eric Hawkins, WR, Longview (Tex.) HS Jonathan Williams, RB. Allen (Tex.) HS
Deatrich Wise Jr., DE, Lewisville Hebron (Tex.) HS Cordale Boyd, OL, Memphis (Tenn.) Ridgeway HS Brandon Lewis, DE, Memphis (Tenn.) Ridgeway HS
Ray Buchanan Jr., CB, Peachtree Ridge (Ga.) HS Keon Hatcher, WR, Owasso (Okla.) HS Jeremy Ward, OL, Pottsville (Ark.) HS
Donovan Roberts, RB, Norman (Okla.) HS A.J. Turner, LB, East Poinsett County (Ark.) HS D’Arthur Cowan, WR, Olive Branch (Miss.) HS
Jared Collins, CB, Tulsa (Okla.) Booker T. Washington HS Will Hines, CB, Waco (Tex.) HS Otha Peters, LB, Covington (La.) HS
Nathan Holmes, ATH, Port Arthur (Tex.) HS DeFonta Lowe, ATH, Bearden (Ark.) HS Jeremy Sprinkle, ATH, White Hall (Ark.) HS
Vin Ascolese, LB, North Bergen (N.J.) HS JaMichael Winston, DE, Prichard (Ala.) HS Demetrius Wilson, WR, Glendale, (Ariz.) CC
Darius Philon, DL, Prichard (Ala.) HS

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  • Living in the KCMO area, I’m definitely not feeling good about DGB. I hope I’m wrong.

    • seth


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  • MemphisHog

    I know CBP has a history of finding and developing talent that is often overlooked, but the DGB loss hurts. It will be interesting to see how that affects the other guys who were on the fence. I mean, if CBP can do what he does with “3-star” guys, what could he do with “5-star” talent?

    I just don’t see how after the last 2 season we are the 3rd or 4th worst recruiting class in the SEC…nor do I see how we can legitimately contend with the Alabama’s and LSU’s when we can’t recruit their level of talent.

    Sorry to be all “gloom and doom.” Plus side is we have a good class, I just think we should have had a great one.

    • Hawgfan100

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    • Hawgfan100

      You need to spend some quality time at this site and with this article:
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    • seth

      Going into the off-season with a Cotton Bowl win and what should’ve been another BCS bowl (thanks to silly rules) and to end up with a “low-ranked” class is hard to stomach. Yeah, the signing of DGB would’ve been great for the program (in terms of turning heads to Arkansas), but CBP has done well with his “system” of identifying/developing talent. It’s tough on Signing Day because we all want the media to give Arkansas some credit for once. But when looking at the re-ranking of classes, Arkansas does a great job. It’s testament enough to trust in what Petrino is building. For more proof, look at what the team has accomplished the last two seasons while not signing 5-star recruits all over the board.

      I waver on Signing Day, too. I want Arkansas’ name to be up there with all the other great schools. And some argue that by NOT getting loads of 4- and 5-star kids that we’ll never really compete with the LSUs and Alabamas.

      But I do sincerely think that BMFP is doing well and has a system in place. Believe in the system. Don’t believe in all the hype that surrounds the signing of high school seniors. This will be the last week it’s even talked about until next January.

    • Hawgfan100

      You need to spend some quality time at this site and with this article:

      • MemphisHog

        I stand corrected. Thanks Hawgfan100

    • uvahog

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Arkansas football, but I’m more of an Arkansas basketball guy (I guess because I was growing up when the Hogs were winning big). And I say that because I think that’s why I’m pessimistic about Hog football. I’m pretty doom and gloom about our football program turning the corner into becoming a championship team. I think an Alabama, LSU, Florida, or Georgia is pretty much always going to be better than us year in and year out. We might win an SEC championship when the others are all on a down year, but going all the way is something I just can’t see. Recruiting and our defense (and our ability to recruit and develop defense, especially) is going to keep us from getting to a national championship. I mean I don’t want to take those recruiting rankings too seriously but we got out-recruited by Vanderbilt this year. We’re never, no matter how much “development” there is, going to really turn the corner without the talent. And the article that Hawgfan100 linked to is just not as comforting to me as it’s intended to be.

      My doom and gloom, though, has nothing to do with the DGB loss. And I can’t really blame him for passing over us. He’s going to want to be a star as wide receiver and he wasn’t going to have as good a chance to do that in Petrino’s system.

      • Roadhog

        UVA, I’m like you in that I don’t see us gaining on LSU, Bama, GA, FL. We might lead the second tier, but I don’t see us seriously challenging the big boys consistently. We’re too small, too poor, except for that rare class that comes along every few decades.

  • OwassoHog

    FYI – Keon Hatcher is from Owasso not Owassa!

  • soupdhog

    While having a bunch of 4-5 star recruits is great, its all in how you develop talent. CBP has proven he can build a top 5 program with 2-3 star offensive recruits. He’s did it at Louisville, he’s doing it here and he’ll continue to do it. The fact we didn’t get DGB makes no difference to me.

    If we could have stopped one running play that LSU ran over and over we could have finished at least #2 last year. Defensive recruiting and development is where we need help. I excited about getting a good defensive recruiting class, and it speaks to the confidence those kids have in our new DC. If he can develop talent better than Willie (which shouldn’t be hard to beat), we’re in great shape.

  • OwassoHog

    Understand… but also want to treat our new recruits right too! 😉

  • Roadhog

    Here, have some Kool-Aid. It’s sour grape.

    DG-B is probably not all that. He looks like a basketball player to me, 6-6. Go out and recruit an athlete at DB who can defend against him. If track stars such as Bob Hayes and Richmond Flowers can play pro football, why not basketball players? Why not look in the gyms for cornerbacks? Basketball players are smart and they can run, they have good hands. OK, maybe they’re not all smart, but smart enuf to play football. Surely there are athletes out there who could develop into fine DBs with proper training, if they can learn to love to hit.

    Soupdhog: I agree w/u that defense is where we need to improve most. I’m looking for the guy who can shut down DGB. On the bright side, DGB helps us every day we don’t have to play against him.

  • JMHO, but DGB made a huge mistake not coming to Arkansas.

    First of all, an SEC DC cannot predict what plays CBP will call most of the time with playmakers all over the field. This will not be the case at Mizzou.

    Secondly, This is the SEC, not the Big 12 where good, consistant, week to week D-lines are practically nonexistant. Mizzou is in for a big suprise, starting with Georgia at home.

    For reference, look at a replay of the Nebraska vs. SC game in the Capitol One Bowl. Compare the second half Neb. offense to the 2nd half against SC’s D-line.

    This look’s very similar to what Mizzou will resemble in it’s 1st SEC season. You can’t take advantage of a talent like DGB when the QB is laying on his backside.

    • Roadhog

      I agree, Gonzo. DGB would have caught more passes at Arkansas than anywhere he might have played. By the time Mizzou figures out how to play in the SEC, DGB will be hiring an agent. But you can’t blame DGB for his decision–he’s just a teenager, under a lot of pressure from all sides–most likely his parents chose what they preferred him to do.