May 25, 2018

Alabama 79, Arkansas 68 Alabama 79, Arkansas 68

Rodney Cooper scored 17 points Thursday night as depleted Alabama held on for a 79-68 win at Arkansas.


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  • Hawgfan100

    Whew. Nothing like getting embarrassed by a bad team on your home floor.

    Since I’ve come to believe this team isn’t making it to the postseason in any meaningful way, only four more games to go.

  • Swineomite

    This is a team that should have lost more games than it has so far this season. The highly touted freshman class is not as good as their national ranking suggested. The freshmen do seem to be solid enough that they can provide a good foundation upon which to build. Alabama had a depleted roster when they came into Bud Walton and then lost another key player early in that game. Yet still the Tide found a way to win on the road. I can’t help but think that in a similar circumstance the Hogs would get blown out by 40 or more points on the road. Time to face reality…. these guys really aren’t that good and might have already overachieved for this season. Maybe next year will be better.

  • Kentucky Hog

    It lookd like these freshmen are out of gas. They have been short handed all year and it looks like BJ Young is the only person we have that can score eand that really cares about what is going on. It looks like the highly touted Mickelson, Madden, and Abron are 2 stars at best and let’s just look forward to getting a football champiosnhip.

    • Swineomite

      The worst part is watching long stretches in games where the effort seems to be absent. It’s like they are just going through the motions. Then when the game is pretty much out of reach, they step up the effort again. Not much heart and not much talent is not a good combination. The Hogs have been down right “out hustled” in several games this year. Teams with a lot of talent might can overcome that, but it is a recipe for disaster for teams with little talent.

      I agree with your assessment on the freshman class Kentucky Hog. Young makes a lot of mistakes, but he is the only freshman that can be counted on to be a major contributor so you have to overlook most of the mistakes. Madden and Abron have been disappointing. Mickelson looks like he might develop into a pretty good player, he just isn’t there yet. Wade has been a pleasant surprise this year and it is good to have Rickey Scott back, but those guys are really pretty average players as is Nobles. Will be glad when Sanchez finally graduates and frees up a scholarship. I think this is his last year.

    • uvahog

      I’m with GolfHog; don’t give up on the freshmen. They performed, for most the season, better than I expected without much to speak of in the way of help. Until of late, or on the road, they over-performed.

      And I’m pinning my hopes on us getting to the final four before we get even an SEC championship in football let alone to the national championship game.

  • GolfHog

    This bunch has hit the wall. We haven’t had a full roster in years and freshman can’t be expected to thrive on an SEC schedule. I really thought they would look more like this in January. Mike has done a wonderful job. They will get there next year of the year after. Don’t give up on the freshmen yet.

    I did think Mike missed a chance to outcoach Grant. We should have played against form and set back in a zone. They wanted to run with us and we are the ones with tired legs at this point in the season.

  • MemphisHog

    I know that the season is tough, but at 18, on 5 days rest, I’m not buying the “tired” excuse for this one. I would have bought it for the Old Piss game in a few days because it would be the 3rd game in 5 or 6 days. But on 5 days rest, with Mike “turning down” practices this week, it just isn’t good enough for me.
    We can’t expect too much out of these freshman. Honestly, there aren’t that many freshman who can carry a team, unless they’re a 1-and-done. Nobody said any of these guys would be a 1-and-done, so to say they are a 2 star class is harsh. Give them a couple years to develop. To me, Ky has been the biggest disappointment. I mean, he’s like 1 or 25 in the past three games and consistently turns it over. As much as I hate saying this, it’s just gonna take time. Mike has a consistent record of drastically improving teams within the first 3-4 years, and I highly doubt any of his former teams have over-achieved as much as this Hog team has. Just give him some time. Hopefully this weekend will give us a win on the road, but I won’t be holding my breath.

  • I really don’t understand all this talk about our Freshmen class being over-rated. They have no Sr. or Jr. leadership on the floor, capable of taking over a game. They’re short on talent with the upperclassmen, not the underclassmen…geez.

    Throw in the fact they’re short on depth as well and how could we expect anything more with the style of play CMA runs?
    They’re TIRED and FLAT people. Quit trying to act like they’re supposed to be super freshmen, capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound, run, run, run forever with little rest and just completely take over the team in a few short months?…rediculous.

    This style of play is predicated on both talent AND depth, with a good mixture of SEC experience thrown into the pot.
    Nolan failed early, then succeeded with virtually the same kind of system, so why is it supposed to be different now?