January 18, 2019

Petrino Reviews 2012 Signing Class

ArkansasRazorbacks.com: 2012 Arkansas Razorbacks Signing Class

The Arkansas football team and head coach Bobby Petrino announced its 2012 signing class Wednesday in the Miller Room at the Broyles Center.


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  1. Could be wrong here, but I think we possibly get Jordan Diamond on Friday.

  2. Walking on Sunshine says:

    Can’t wait to see what Paul Haynes and Taver Johnson can bring in with a full year’s worth of recruiting. I think this class will be remembered for the linebackers and running backs. Love Peters, Ascolese and A.J. Turner.

  3. MemphisHog says:

    Any news on Jordan Diamond yet?

  4. Headed to Auburn.

  5. NashvilleHog says:

    Can I just ask WTF??!! have we picked up anyone that visited on the 20th of Jan? Don’t get me wrong, I have complete and total faith in our coaching staffs ability to develop the talent we have. But how can we plan to compete with Bama/LSU/Florida when they are picking up the best recruits in the country year after year.

    Ok, I’m backing away from the edge now. I really hope that this team responds to being spurned by so many and plays with a real chip on the sholder. It also appears that there is a lot of scuttlebutt on the recruiting trail regarding CBP. This will only get worse as we get better. I can’t wait till spring ball to see how this new defense looks. Here’s to a great upcoming year. GO HOGS and WHOO PIG SOOIE!