May 24, 2018

Rutgers Added To Schedule; 2012 LSU Game in Fayetteville Rutgers added to complete 2012 schedule

Arkansas will play Rutgers in a home-and-home non-conference football series set to begin on Sept. 22, 2012 at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

[…] LSU will return to Fayetteville for the second time after playing the Razorbacks on campus in Arkansas’ first SEC season (1992).


  • Razor hog

    Fayetteville is a ghost town during Thanksgiving weekend and also students will be home aka Little Rock and not want to leave their family and travel up to Fayetteville during a holiday weekend. Also the dorms are closed during this weekend. Playing at Little Rock against LSU has been a tradition for almost twenty years and it has been playing in LSU heads of the dread to play in Little Rock considering the last two time we played them in Little Rock we won and ( 5 of the last Seven time we won in Little Rock against LSU) so yes this is horrible move. Being able to tailgate on the golf corse with LSU fans was something of tradition which will be alot harder for them to travel up to Fayetteville because it is a holiday and Fayetteville doesnt have any hotels and they are not going to stay in Springdale or Bentonville compared to Little Rock which has alot more hotels and also an airport that is alot easier to use than the ones in Northwest Arkansas.

    Trust me when it will be alot harder for central ,southern ,and Northeastern Arkansas to make it to this game because of the holiday and Little Rock was alot more convient and closer for them to get to

    so I willing to bet alot less fans show up for the LSU game than you think Mr. Jeff Long

    Miracle on Marham 1 AND two would of never happened up in Fayetteville!!!!!! Way to ruin tradition.

  • Jeff Long: “Playing the LSU game at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium directly benefits our program in a number of ways including most importantly providing an additional 20,000 Razorback fans an opportunity to cheer on our team and in this great rivalry game. By re-arranging the rotation and playing the regular season finale in Fayetteville, it will also prevent our team from a competitive disadvantage of traveling three straight weekends in the most crucial part of the season. Playing on campus will also allow our football program the recruiting advantage of hosting prospects for a game that has traditionally carried conference and national implications.”

    Pretty strong argument.

    • Swineomite

      VERY strong argument. War Memorial has been great to the Hogs and the Hogs have been great for War Memorial, but there are just too many advantages to playing games in Fayetteville. This coming from a resident of central Arkansas….. I love the LR games, but Fayetteville really does make more sense.

  • soupdhog

    I agree – I love the LR games too, but there are many advantages to having these key SEC matchups in Fayetteville. Good move.

  • uvahog

    About damn time!!! The LSU game should have been in Fayetteville when I was in school.

    • uvahog

      In fact, and I know I might step on some toes here, but all home games should be in Fayetteville. It is COLLEGE sports not statewide semi-pro. The students should be able to easily attend all games. The folks with the time, money, and inclination can drive up to Fayetteville from central AR, but let the students watch the home games AT home!

      • Sorry, but I’m not completely in that boat. While I do believe this is the best business decision move for the football program, taking ALL home games away from WMS would be a serious mistake.

        Allowing at least two games at WMS each year, allows the fans in that area and the more southern areas of the state to enjoy going to those games without breaking the bank.
        To do this any other way is to say that if you can’t afford that kind of money, you’re screwed as a Razorback fan.
        Is that really the kind of message you want our athletic dept. to send out to life long Razorback fans?…that only a selected group of fans can attend?

        We’re not as fortunate as LSU and Bama to have the numbers in the fanbase. That’s just the way it is.
        We have to use every resource we have within our population, because financially, we’re a very poor state. Turn your back on those fans, then guess what, you create another problem.
        Are you willing to do that, just to make sure the students get to see EVERY home game?

        Question: Who pays the taxes to our statewide institution?

        • T-towner

          I am not sure that taxes have much, if anything, to do with Arkansas athletics. When I was in school, half or half+, of the home games were in LR, there was no internet and very few games were on TV. Now, ALL the games are available to watch to ALL the people for peanuts.

  • I’m wondering what all the fuss is about so what you want to stay at home for Thanksgiving.That’s Ok.You want the game to be in Little Rock. Why? That’s always hurt us in recruiting,plus a number of other things.If you think that people not going to sell out (All) home games you are very mistaken all the diehard fans that don’t have season tickets,not a student, that usually at work or whatever will have a chance to get your seat and they will take up the slack so don’t worry we’ll be fine.I’m usually back in Ark for Thanksgiving LSU GAME (HINT HINT) let me know I’ll take those tickets and fill those seats for you wouldn’t want them to be empty now would we.