May 24, 2018

LSU 70, Arkansas 54 LSU 70, Arkansas 54

Johnny O’Bryant scored 12 of his 18 points in the second half, and LSU pulled away for a 70-54 victory over Arkansas in the opening game of the Southeastern Conference tournament on Thursday.


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  • Kentucky Hog

    Thank goodness it is over. I thought that we had the #5 recruiting class in the country. The only one of this group that looks like a college player is BJ Young and maybe Mickelson in a year or two. Maybe Anderson can get the rest of them to transfer out and bring his athletes in. Let’s just hope BJ doesn’t get frustrated and transfer. Can’t wait for football!

    • Walking on Sunshine

      KY, don’t give up on Madden and Abron. They will look a lot different after a year in the weight room. Good things ahead.

  • Roadhog

    These guys played their hearts out, and my heart goes out to them. They had three victories over ranked teams and set a new record for consecutive wins in the Bud, all with a short roster. Like Sunshine says, these young players will bulk up and toughen up a lot in years to come. I am not at all disappointed in this team, neither players nor coaches. I think we’ll see lots of exciting BB in years to come, and, eventually, national prominence again.

  • Ward_Hog

    I too am a little frustrated in how we finished, but this team really EXCEEDED many expectations for CMA’s first year. Depth really, really hurt us this year. We need some bodies to keep everyone fresh. Abron needs to hit the weights and work on his foul trouble. Mickelson will be a lot better next year. I am really excited to see him progress. Good things are in our future. It just may take another year like this one to really see it though. Go Hogs Go!

  • Swineomite

    This is the first time in a decade I’ve really felt optimistic about the future of the program. Sure, we had another extremely mediocre season with a few games where the team overachieved and far too many games where they took a beatdown. Next year will probably be a LITTLE bit better with Powell back in the fold and some added strength and weight from players on the current roster. Let’s face it, skinny and weak won’t win many games in the SEC. Those rent a win games in the early part of the season can be deceptive and get everyone fired up about what a good team we have. Then the regular season starts and we have to play against young men who have hit puberty, they shave and everything!!! That seems to be where the wheels start falling off the cart. Oh well, let’s get better during the off season and come back next year with the best team we can put on the court!

  • soupdhog

    Mike Anderson deserves coach of the year. The only players that had any significant college playing experience were Nobles and Sanchez. Everyone else was either coming out of high school or saw a few minutes here and there last year. Taking a team of newbies and going over .500 is amazing. There is a lot to look forward to, and once these guys get in the weight room and get a little more confidence it’s gonna be a fun ride. Mickleson and Madden are gonna be beasts!

  • I’m not worried at all about this team. They will be fine.
    Before you can strive as a program, the components have to first be in place. CMA is a winner and every Sophmore and True Freshman on this team with significant playing time (all of them) are used to being the best.
    They won’t quit striving to be the best. That’s what they do and will continue to get better over the next few years. The future is bright.

    I watched Missouri beat Baylor in the Big 12 Championship yesterday. All the gurus giving their tourney analogies on TV were saying the only thing standing in the way of their quest for a NC is a good team with a big front line, which causes matchup issues. Sounds a lot like Nolan’s old teams.