February 16, 2019

2012 SEC Football Media Days — Arkansas

SECDigitalNetwork.com: John L. Smith Press Conference Transcript (PDF)

Smith: “…I told them, this is one thing we’re going to continue to reiterate, is that this is a program, this is not about somebody leaving, somebody coming, this is one program, okay?  We’re all a part of it, as players, as coaches, as fans, as a student body, we all have to relish our position as being a part of this program.  We have one goal, and we’re not bashful about reiterating that goal.  That goal is to win in Miami.”


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  1. let’s stop beating around the bush and call it for what it is- JLS is an AH. use your imagination for that one. He asks for questions with “intelligence” and then demeans and insults every person who asks him anything; who wants to deal with that? If JLS gets the job at the end of the year, it will be hard for me to root for him. I know that doesn’t sound like much of a fan, and I’ll support the players and assistants as much as it’s possible for a guy in Ohio to do, but JLS is the biggest joke in America.

  2. Jonesboro Hog says:

    I don’t agree with you. Sorry! JLS is the right guy for job this season. There is plenty of evidence that supports it. John L. Smith is a great guy to be around. Just ask anybody who has.

  3. Hawgfan100 says:

    Yep. I’ve never read or heard anyone say anything like what you’ve said about John L. How about some examples of that ‘demeaning and insulting’ behavior you speak of?

  4. Hawgfan100 says:

    This from Knile, in Andy Staples’ article above, made me laugh out loud after a very long day:

    “My hunger level is on ‘starving’.”

    EXACTLY what I wanted to hear. ;^)

  5. I love the fact JLS is relaying the team goal (a NC) and how the team feels about their expectations to the media.

    He may not be the popular choice for any longtime goals, but I think he’s the perfect piece to current puzzle.

    This is gonna be one tough team to beat folks. 😉

  6. I’m talking about in his interviews, some guy was asking him a question, and he says “do they really still put up with you in Memphis?” or during his introductory press conference when he called a reporter “fat and sloppy.” he yells at people like that, and maybe he’s the right man for the job in keeping the ship righted, but there’s so much importance placed on perception and he just gives me a really bad vibe about where he might take us in the future, if given the chance

  7. soupdhog says:

    Andrew, JLS knew those reports – he was yanking their chain. It wasn’t mean spirited.

    The media loves JLS – Watching ESPNU’s coverage last night they were gushing on his messages and how he was the perfect fit for this team. I agree.

  8. soupdhog says:

    Andrew, read this article:


    I don’t care what the media thinks – my concern is that these players are taken care of off and on the football field. that seems to be the case.

    BTW, my piss is getting hot.

  9. Your… Piss?

  10. Did you read the article yet? It mentions the “hot piss”. 😉

  11. Jonesboro Hog says:

    This is off the subject, but why does it seem that LSU has the upper hand in choosing who they play the day after thanksgiving? Why not the Ark vs Texas a&m game the day after instead of LSU. There are probably just about the same amount of televisions in Arkansas as Louisiana.

  12. It’s all about the money my friend. We’re talking about the Houston based media market, which will more than likely proclaim LSU vs. A&M as the bigger draw.

  13. Jonesboro Hog says:

    I had read where the SEC conmissioner had said that he plans to protect the Ark and A&M date. I know that you can’t have everything in this world with the Mizzou, Lsu, and A&M rivals, but I would take playing in Dallas everyear over playing LSU the day after Thanksgiving. Everyone wants to lock in those Texas recruits. That is also a big reason for LSU wanting to play A&M in a game like that. I figure we won’t play A&M in Dallas anymore but another big 12 team. We’ll take it!

  14. I wish we’d play Texas in Dallas. Surely they wouldn’t shy away from playing both OU and the Hogs in Dallas would they?

    Let LSU and A&M do their thing. All we need to do is beat the snot out of both of those teams when it’s our turn. 😉

  15. Jonesboro Hog says:

    Agreed Gonzo! Playing Texas or OU in Dallas would not only be awesome but totally boost our RPI. Which could be a good or bad thing. We’ll just have to let the players and coaches decide on that if the time comes.